Your own partner program

Add value to your workspace membership by offering customers more for their money. Assemble discounts, special offers, and coupons—all in one place for your community members. Unlock potential new revenue streams for your workspace business.
Benefit catalog on Spacebring coworking space management software
Benefit Catalog

Boost member value with a benefits program

Create a compelling member benefits program by curating local discounts, organizing benefits for easy access, promoting top offers, simplifying applications, and tracking member preferences.
  • Curate exclusive discounts and offers from local partners. Enhance member value, generate leads for partners, and boost your membership's appeal.
  • Organize benefits with categories and search to help members quickly find what they need.
  • Give high-demand offers prime visibility for increased engagement with pinning.
  • Manage benefit access across locations to tailor offerings to suit different geographic areas.
  • Receive benefit applications to simplify the process for members and ensure they easily secure their desired benefits.
  • Track benefit popularity to understand member preferences and make data-driven decisions to optimize future offers.
Spacebring is a simple and high quality instrument to deliver benefits to our tenants. The app is easy, intuitive, and significantly simplifies the process of applying for a membership benefit. We experienced a positive change in customer satisfaction.
Anna Kostenko, Creative States
Anna Kostenko
Creative States
Benefit analytics on Spacebring coworking space management software
Application Analytics

Know your customers

Understand what benefits are popular, track applications, and stay in the know who applied for what. Applicant tracking opens up new partner program opportunities — now you know how many referrals you made to your partners.
  • Track every email application and get referral reports.
  • Measure application performance with Analytics.

Add value to workspace membership. Start benefiting today.