Unlock your coworking space office potential

Visualize office space, track occupancy, make data-driven space decisions, and offer flexible hybrid work solutions.
Office availability on Spacebring coworking space management platform
Office Availability

Attract leads and showcase your office space

Create visually appealing office space listings, leverage interactive floor plans, and simplify tour requests for optimal space utilization.
  • Showcase availability for effortless inquiries: Brokers and potential tenants instantly view open office spaces, streamlining the lead generation process.
  • Enhance listings with compelling visuals: Attract clients with high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and clear pricing on your office spaces.
  • Visualize space potential: Interactive floor plans create a dynamic understanding of available offices.
  • Drive conversions with tour requests: Allow interested parties to request office tours directly within the app, boosting engagement and efficiency.
How Village Workspaces Simplified BillingI was impressed with the Spacebring app when I first tried it out. It's user-friendly and affordable, making it an excellent option for anyone looking to build a successful coworking space.
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Office occupancy analytics on Spacebring coworking management software
Occupancy Insights

Optimize your office workspace with data insights

Track occupancy, visualize lease expirations, and analyze booking patterns to make informed decisions about your office space.
  • Track Occupancy with Precision: Effortlessly assign offices to companies with subscriptions, gaining real-time occupancy insights for optimized space utilization.
  • Proactive Lease Management: Seamlessly visualize lease expiration dates, empowering your sales team to proactively manage renewals and secure new tenants.
  • Data-Driven Space Optimization: Analyze member seat booking patterns to reveal trends, identify underutilized areas, and maximize the efficiency of your workspace.
Thanks to Spacebring’ efficient platform and simple occupancy tracking, we have increased our occupancy by 52% in a month.
Michael Gorski, Campfire CoWorks
Michael Gorski
Campfire CoWorks
Hybrid office solution on Spacebring coworking space management software
Hybrid Office

Unlock new revenue with hybrid office solutions

Attract new clients, maximize space utilization, and increase tenant satisfaction with flexible office solutions.
  • Expand Revenue Streams with Hybrid Workspaces: Attract larger companies by offering smaller private 'team offices' within your coworking space, enabling employees to book seats as needed for collaborative workdays.
  • Maximize Space Utilization & Boost Tenant Satisfaction: Transform vacant offices into flexible day offices or on-demand desks, enhancing productivity for tenants with varied work schedules.
  • Offer Location Flexibility & Convenience: Empower your customers with on-demand seat booking across your locations, supporting proximity to clients, colleagues, or home depending on their needs.

Office management and hybrid office solutions made simple