Automate parking booking to save time and elevate customer experience

Provide members with an easy way to book available parking spaces independently, offer long-term parking subscriptions, and optimize parking based on occupancy analytics
Parking Management for Shared Coworking Spaces with Spacebring
Parking Management

Effortless parking lot management

Simplify your parking management, making it seamless from creation to tracking. Maximize coworking space revenue through parking booking and subscriptions.
  • Create appealing parking lots with photos, descriptions, pricing, and parking spaces.
  • Set up public parking visibility for booking lots by anyone who logged into the app, even non-members.
  • Maximize revenue by monetizing unused parking spaces through on-demand booking.
  • Complement company subscriptions with a parking add-on. 
  • Assign parking lots to specific customers so only they can book parking spaces.
  • Set up instant notifications for new parking bookings.
  • Easily track parking lot occupancy using analytics.
Several of our members drive to our co-working space and pay a fee for parking. We spent a lot of time managing the parking situation. Now that parking has been given a prominent place in the app, our members find it much easier to use, and we save time that we can better spend on our community. Thanks Spacebring for this feature!
Marc Redmeijer, Werkplek
Marc Redmeijer
Booking parking space or lot on Spacebring coworking space management software
Parking Booking

Parking space booked in a few taps

Improve your members' parking experience by visualizing real-time parking space availability, simplifying the booking process, and offering flexible payment options.
  • Make daily parking lot bookings easy and quick for customers.
  • Let users pay for parking lots using both money and credits.
  • Provide users with convenient parking lot lists, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

Parking space bookings made simple