Make data-driven decisions

Spacebring coworking space platform assembles your booking, payment, invoicing, member, and other data, to help you recognize trends and make informed decisions based on evidence.
KPI dashboard on Spacebring coworking space management software
KPI Dashboard

Leverage your data to gain insights

Data can be overawing—all those numbers, rows and columns. With Spacebring, understanding your coworking space data is simple. Our reporting and analytics gives you instant access to your coworking insights that can make your business better—no statistics degree required.
  • Access easily on web and mobile apps without complicated set up.
  • View up to one-year real-time and historical data. Act on current insights and understand past trends.
  • Utilize pre-built dashboards for coworking space metrics, covering daily, weekly, and monthly trends.
  • Effortlessly monitor payment volume for enhanced financial insights.
  • Get consistent analytics for every location.
  • Visualize space availability with floor plans.
Understanding the data we collect through Spacebring is nothing short of essential to our coworking space business. In this regard, Spacebring analytics exceeded all our expectations. We get a comprehensive overview of platform activities, updated in real-time, which helps us make faster and smarter strategic decisions.
Kumushai Urmanbetova, ololo
Kumushai Urmanbetova
Custom reports on Spacebring coworking space management software analytics
Custom Reports

Drill down with a full potential of your data

If a customer asked for a special meeting room booking report, accounting requires a list of paymentstransactions, or you want to retarget visitors with ads, Spacebring got you covered. Download your data into a CSV file for further analysis and processing.
  • Export any of your data: members, room bookings, payments, and visits.
  • Customize exports by date range, company, room, and other filters.
  • Use CSV format to easily open your custom report in any other program, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
The Lab on Dexter Gets Up and Running QuicklyI think analytics is a pretty big benefit. I'm an accountant or CPA by trade, so I love data. Spacebring analytics tied with Stripe allows us to see a lot of things. I knew it was there, but I didn't realize how robust it was. It is showing us everything.
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automated billing and payments
Spacebring coworking space management software analytics integrations

Measure and analyze without losing the thread

Useful insights could be anywhere. You need a coworking analytics solution that can keep up. Spacebring platform integrates with other powerful tools, so you can track how customers interact with your apps.
  • Monitor user interactions with Google Analytics, so you can improve the overall experience. Spacebring supports Google’s latest GA4 for the most comprehensive web and mobile app analytics.
  • Gather and act on a user’s real-time location, devices and activity information with IronWiFi.

Unlock the full potential of your workspace