Drive recurring revenue at your coworking or shared space

Create membership plans for seamless online sign-up and swift assignment, leveraging subscription management tailored exclusively for coworking and shared spaces.
Invoices on Spacebring coworking space software

Generate stable income and save time with subscriptions

Automate invoicing and payment collection, while synching to your accounting app, to get stable revenue income and save time.
  • Generate invoices automatically with auto-invoice. Pro-rate subscription-based invoices automatically to avoid human error and simplify accounting.
  • Collect regular payments automatically with auto-pay. Your client’s payment method is saved and auto-charged with due fees (availability varies by region).
  • Let members consolidate expenses into a single upcoming invoice with the “Pay with Invoice” feature.
  • Assign rooms and desks to track occupancy.
Workps Triples Capacity and Boosts RevenueSpacebring has transformed how we operate at Workps. With its seamless automation, we've saved over 20 hours monthly on invoicing and payment collection alone. No need to hire extra hands—it's like having an extra team member without the added costs. We love their native solution for hassle-free subscriptions!
revenue increase in one year

of payments are now made in-app

of invoices are automatically paid
Membership plans on Spacebring coworking space management software
Membership Plans

Convert leads into customers and organize your offers with plans

Craft membership plans to help your customers effortlessly discover available options online and sign up with just a few taps. You can swiftly assign membership plans to members and companies, saving valuable time and effort in the process.
  • Create membership plans with detailed descriptions, pricing, credits, day passes, and discounts to inform your potential customers of available options.
  • Let potential customers quickly sign up for membership plans and get credits, day passes, and even door access instantly.
  • Let potential customers request a membership plan for the plans that require administrator verification and do not allow immediate independent user sign-up.
  • Add membership plans to assign subscriptions manually quickly and easily.
Brilliant service that helped us bridge the gap between our website and shared space. New members are instantly invited to download apps upon signing up for a membership plan successfully.
Stephen Carrick-Davies, Hatch Hubs
Stephen Carrick-Davies
Hatch Hubs
Subscriber experience on Spacebring coworking space software
Subscriber Experience

Distribute subscription benefits and control access automatically

Give credits, day passes, discounts, and physical door access, and automate the customer journey for a seamless subscriber experience.
  • Allocate temporary credits for booking meeting rooms for free and getting other services.
  • Distribute day passes for booking hot desks.
  • Give discounts for your products and services to differentiate pricing between members and nonmembers.
  • Grant door access to your shared space without having to open your access control system dashboard.
  • Let members connect to Wi-Fi only if they have a subscription.

Unlock a steady revenue stream at your coworking or shared space with Spacebring