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A huge makerspace goes from staffing scramble to smooth sailing with Spacebring's automation magic!
monthly savings
The Residence Coworking's experience with Spacebring has been incredibly positive, resulting in a significant boost to their membership and bookings, while also making life easier for both staff and members.
member base growth
Spacebring's user-friendly interface, automated invoicing, seamless member booking, and engaging community app solved Culture Co-Working's space management challenges.
weekly time saving
Spacebring replaced Mox.E's outdated software with easy booking, automated payments, and a member-friendly app, driving revenue growth and efficiency.
saved daily
Generator Hub gained efficiency and ease-of-use with Spacebring's effortless bookings, automated memberships, and convenient door access.
membership growth
Hustle replaced paperwork and multiple apps with Spacebring's all-in-one solution for automated invoices, effortless bookings, and a user-friendly member app.
of invoices are now automated
Workps streamlined operations with Spacebring's member app, automated payments and bookings, saving significant time.
revenue increase in one year
Spacebring automated FoundrSpace's bookings, memberships, and door access, saving hours of manual work.
bookings are done by customers
Spacebring saved Hatchworks from manual tasks with automated bookings, payments, and access, fueling their rapid growth.
to double in size
Village Workspaces gained efficiency and a better member experience with Spacebring's automation of invoicing, room bookings, and access control.
to issue and pay for invoices
Ìpàdé improved member experience and gained operational efficiency with Spacebring's friendly app and automated tools.
< 1d
to setup
The Lab on Dexter gained operational efficiency and a better member experience with Spacebring's fast setup, automated payments, and streamlined bookings.
< 6h
entire workspace management system setup
LAMB built a unique space with Spacebring's app for events, wellness, and easy bookings, setting them apart and saving the team time.
people attracted in 6 months by events
Embassy House streamlined operations and boosted member satisfaction with Spacebring's all-in-one platform for bookings, payments, and communication.
super-fast setup
Path Cowork upgraded to Spacebring's streamlined bookings and automated payments, freeing up time to build a strong community.
member adoption rate
Campfire ditched their outdated software for Spacebring's streamlined booking, member app, and smooth access control, saving time and boosting member satisfaction.
desk bookings
Spacebring simplified CitySpace's bookings and payments, saving time and increasing revenue with a user-friendly system.
admin time saved monthly
MY WORKSPACE streamlined messy meeting room bookings with Spacebring – now members book independently, payments are automated, and the team saves time.
self-service booking
Hatch Hubs shifted from manual bookings to growth focus thanks to Spacebring's member app for bookings and automated payments.
of bookings are now self-service

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