Hatchworks: Effortless Growth

Hatchworks was doing everything manually, and as they grew, this became overwhelming. They chose Spacebring hoping to automate, streamline, and improve security.

Hatchworks: Effortless Growth
Asheville, US
to double in size
day pass sales increase
saved each month

Key Challenges

  1. Booking Chaos: Bookings were done over email and tracked on a separate calendar, creating a lot of work.
  2. Too Many Admin Tasks: Managing memberships, payments, and more by hand took up tons of staff time.
  3. Payments Took Forever: Collecting payments involved tons of manual emails and follow-ups.
  4. Security Worries: Hatchworks Coworking needed a way to control building access and keep members safe. 
  5. Community Disconnect: They wanted better tools for members to connect and stay informed about events.
Our administrative tasks were a nightmare. It was overwhelming, especially as we started to grow. We knew we needed a better solution.
Erika Gifford, Co-owner at Hatchworks Coworking
Erika Gifford
Co-owner at Hatchworks Coworking

Spacebring Solutions

  1. Automated Bookings: Members book rooms, desks, or day passes directly in the app, saving staff tons of time.
  2. Auto Invoices & Payments: Spacebring creates invoices and collects payments automatically, so Hatchworks doesn't have to.
  3. Secure Access Control: The Spacebring + Kisi integration lets members unlock doors with their phones, improving security.
  4. Stronger Community: The app's feed and chat features help members connect and stay informed, building a sense of belonging.
  5. Easy Event Management: Spacebring lets members view events, RSVP, and get tickets directly in the app.
  6. Online Store: Members can buy merch and more with a few taps in the app, boosting convenience and revenue.
  7. Smooth Onboarding: New members activate their accounts with an invitation link and have access to all features and info right away.
Spacebring has really automated everything. I don't know how I ran this business before without having the system at hand.
Erika Gifford, Co-owner at Hatchworks Coworking
Erika Gifford
Co-owner at Hatchworks Coworking

Key Achievements

Spacebring helped Hatchworks grow a lot and made their work way easier.

  • 6 months to double in size
  • +163% day pass sales
  • $1000+ saved each month
  • Managers save tons of time each week
  • Almost all invoices get paid on time
  • Most members now book rooms themselves

Spacebring lets customers book and pay on their own. This means Hatchworks has more time to focus on what matters.

Our day pass sales have increased by 163%. It's a testament to the benefits that Spacebring has brought.
Erika Gifford, Co-owner at Hatchworks Coworking
Erika Gifford
Co-owner at Hatchworks Coworking

In conclusion, Spacebring made it easier for Hatchworks to grow and do a great job.

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