Coworking Space Desk Booking & Management Made Easy

Effortlessly manage your desk space, increase revenue through easy booking, and gain valuable insights into desk usage with analytics.
Effortless hot desk booking with Spacebring' desk booking system for coworking spaces
Hot Desks

Effortless hot desk management and booking

Advance your coworking space and make members happy with an easy-to-use desk booking system. Spacebring platform is the best way for your customers to find available desks, book them in real-time, no matter if they have a membership or just occasionally need a desk to work at.
  • Create appealing hot desks with photos, descriptions, pricing, and real-time availability. Convenient lists and floor plans ensure a seamless viewing experience.
  • Make booking hot desks easy and quick for customers.
  • Offer diverse payment methods, such as bank cards, electronic wallets, credits, and day passes.
  • Analyze booking heat maps and detailed analytics to optimize space utilization and revenue.
Managers at CitySpace don’t have to micromanage desk bookings anymore. They can just supervise a self-service booking system at work. The hassle of Google Calendars and Google Docs is left in the past. Today members book desks through the app and instantly pay for bookings with credits, banking cards, or invoices.
Jakub Bawol, CitySpace
Jakub Bawol
Desk booking software with invoicing & payments
Dedicated Desks

Easy fixed desk management and extra revenue

Attract tenants with appealing listings, simplify dedicated desk assignments, maximize space utilization, and gain data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Showcase dedicated desks with clear descriptions, pricing, and real-time availability.
  • Effortlessly assign desks to clients to manage occupancy and keep track of dedicated desk availability.
  • Maximize revenue by converting unused dedicated desks into flexible hot desks.
  • Visualize space availability with intuitive occupancy diagrams and floor plans for informed decisions.
Hatchworks: Effortless GrowthThe automation of desks and memberships has been amazing. It's so easy for people to set up their membership and book a day pass, and it's all seamless.
to double in size

day pass sales increase

saved each month
Day passes on Spacebring coworking space management software
Day Passes

Flexible booking options with day passes

Introduce flexible membership plans that provide members with a specific number of days to work in the space. Members choose the days that fit their schedule effortlessly, as the app automatically tracks limits, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.
  • Offer membership plans with included day passes.
  • Bill users additionally if they run out of day passes.
  • Let customers easily view day pass balances and spending history.
  • Maximize your coworking space revenue by selling more memberships than you have desks. With flexible plans and day passes, you'll increase space utilization since not all members come every day.
  • Eliminate the need for manual tracking with automatic day pass allocation and convenient analytics.

Efficiently manage desks and generate income through bookings