Customer support and mailroom management for coworking spaces

Improve customer care at your coworking space with an integrated issue reporting solution that tracks and fulfills inbound requests. Streamline mail management and send delivery notifications for a seamless experience.
Ticketing & support system on Spacebring coworking space management software
Issue Reporting & Tracking

Issue tracking for member satisfaction

Empower members with easy issue reporting, transparent tracking, real-time updates, and centralized management for efficient support and improved satisfaction.
  • Simplify issue reporting by giving members an easy way to report problems directly to support.
  • Track issues with tickets, visible to both the requesting member and admins, including attached photos and videos.
  • Keep members informed with updates on assigned admins, ticket status, and resolution progress, for transparent communication.
  • Provide real-time updates with push notifications on ticket progress for both members and admins.
  • Take advantage of a single inbox to manage all member issues, streamlining resolution.
  • Gain valuable analytics on issue frequency and types to optimize support strategies.
With the support feature provided by Spacebring, customer support became way more efficient. Now members just tap the "Support" button in the main coworking app on their smartphones and get answers to their questions in a blink of an eye.
Xavier Bertschy, Innovation Lab Fribourg
Xavier Bertschy
Innovation Lab Fribourg
Mailroom management on Spacebring coworking space management software
Mailroom Management

Simplify mailroom management

Send members push notifications for incoming mail, effortlessly scan and attach images, and let customers respond how to handle mail. It’s a user-friendly solution that enhances efficiency of mailroom management, keeping customers satisfied and mail organized.
  • Inform members about incoming mail with push notifications.
  • Scan and send images to members with the web and mobile apps.
  • Let members reply how to handle your mail: open and scan, forward, or discard.

Build great customer relationships. Without leaving your seat.