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Behind the Scenes — Our News

April 24, 2024

andcards Becomes Spacebring

andcards transforms into Spacebring, expanding its reach to over 500 spaces across 50 countries. With a focus on sustainable revenue and enhanced user experiences, Spacebring empowers diverse shared spaces worldwide. Discover the evolution and benefits of this innovative platform today.
April 23, 2024

Spacebring Joins the Fun at CWSC24

Spacebring is offering a special discount for the Coworking Spain Conference 2024 (CWSC24). Join us in Madrid for expert insights, innovative tech, and valuable networking opportunities in the coworking world.
March 20, 2024

Introducing Spacebring’s Brand Identity

Spacebring unveils its new brand identity, reflecting its commitment to guiding shared spaces to success. Partnering with gram, a renowned design agency, the rebranding effort focuses on unity, flexibility, and the magic of modern technology. Explore the transformative journey and cohesive design elements in the article.

Hot Off the Press

March 28, 2024

andcards Announces Rebranding

Andcards transforms into Spacebring, expanding its mission to revolutionize shared spaces. The company promises a more connected and streamlined experience for those embracing flexible work environments.
July 13, 2023

Where to hear the results of the Ukrainian Coworking Association's coworking market research?

The Ukrainian Coworking Association will tell about the results of the Second All-Ukrainian Coworking Market Research. This was reported to us by the ACU.

About Spacebring

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The coworking space management platform in a pocket


Spacebring platform is the beating heart of your coworking space operations to save time, boost efficiency, improve customer retention and experience — all in your pocket.


Spacebring is the coworking space management platform in a pocket to automate operations and empower clients to be self-reliant. Your clients enjoy a seamless experience: sign up for memberships, book rooms and desks, use credits and day passes, communicate, and open doors autonomously, simplifying the onboarding process, enhancing customer satisfaction, and enabling 24/7 business availability. Spacebring allows you to manage the business on the go and take care of bookings, invoicing, payment collection, and integrations for seamless ops, saving time, reducing admin burden, and facilitating business growth and efficiency.

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