Make it easy to pay for your shared space services

Let clients pay for one-off products and subscriptions with various payment options, including cards, electronic wallets, bank debits, and even credits.
Payments on Spacebring coworking space management software

Effortless payments for coworking space products and services

Members can use multiple payment methods, such as bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, direct debit, and other local payment methods, and pay for your services straight through your coworking space apps. Bookings are instantly confirmed upon a successful payment in a seamless self-service process.
  • Improve member payment and booking experience with simple and straightforward in-app payment processing.
  • Choose your preferred payment gateway to acquire bank cards and other payment methods, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Keep track of all customers and booking payments in one place.
  • Route payments to a correct payment gateway depending on a selected location.
  • Make sure all your bookings are paid by simply requiring a successful payment to confirm a booking.
Managing payments is a breeze with Spacebring. If somebody missed a payment you can search through Spacebring' intuitive interface to find the specific transaction. With just a click of a button, you can be directed straight to the Stripe transaction, saving you valuable time and effort.
Jazz David, FoundrSpace
Jazz David
Auto-pay feature on Spacebring coworking space management platform

Payment collection on auto-pilot

With automated payments for invoices, administrators can finally stop wasting their time on payment collection and subscription management, because invoices are automatically paid using the default payment method on file.
  • Let members enjoy quick and easy payments, since they only need to input their payment details once: after that, all the payments are processed automatically.
  • Full support for a variety of payment methods, such as bank cards and low-cost bank debits (ACH, SEPA, BECS, Bacs).
  • Payment details are securely stored by your payment gateway.
  • No additional charges for payment processing on top of your payment gateway provider’s fees.
  • Several payment accounts can be associated with a single user so that your members can choose to pay as an individual or as a company.
How Hustle Found Freedom from InvoicingSince embracing Spacebring, we've reclaimed over 15 hours of administrative time every week. 90% of our customers book rooms and desks without needing constant administrator involvement, and our invoicing is now fully automated, simplifying our financial processes.
of invoices are now automated

hours saved on admin work each week

of members book without needing help
Use credits for better member experience

Easy and fun way to pay

Whether you offer free meeting room hours or want to use prepaid credits at your coworking space, Spacebring credit system is here to help. Save hours of manual work with fully automatic credit assignment. Members easily check credit balances, use credits to book facilities, and view spending history — all without the need to contact the administrator.
  • Accept credits for room and desk bookings, events and services.
  • Give credits to individual members and companies.
  • Give credits manually or automatically with subscriptions and plans.
  • Allow cross-location booking with credits.
  • Consolidate credit spending history for members and companies.

Simplify and automate payments at your shared or coworking space