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Spacebring and Brivo integration allows effortless management of smart access control in real time. Brivo’s advanced features, such as occupancy tracking, trend analysis, mobile credentials, visitor management, video surveillance, and identity & access management, help ensure the safety of people and spaces.

Spacebring - Brivo integration

For Coworking Space Owners and Administrators

  • Seamless operations: With the Spacebring-Brivo integration, you can grant instant access to your members, from user registration to sending mobile keys. This saves time and enhances the overall member experience.
  • Efficient management: The automatic registration of Spacebring user data on your Brivo dashboard reduces the potential for human error and streamlines your operations.
  • Smart access control: easily grant or revoke access based on membership plans. Once a membership plan expires, access is automatically removed, ensuring optimal security.
  • Enhanced security: Unlocking doors using the Brivo mobile app is now at your members' fingertips. What's more, you can manage access, lock and unlock doors remotely, track activity data, and upgrade the security of your coworking space.

For Members and Visitors

  • Instant access: As soon as you sign up on the coworking space app, you get immediate access to the shared workspace. No waiting, no complications.
  • Mobile convenience: With the Brivo mobile app, you can unlock doors using just your smartphone. It's that simple and user-friendly!

The integration is coming soon.

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