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Spacebring integration with Tapkey mobile access platform ensures automatic and real-time access to your shared space. Members benefit from 24/7 access, while administrators can easily manage access based on customer subscriptions and bookings.

Spacebring + Tapkey for Members

  • Instant Workspace Access: Members can swiftly access the coworking space upon sign-up through the Spacebring app, utilizing Tapkey's mobile application.
  • Smartphone Door Unlock: Utilize the Tapkey app installed on smartphones to unlock doors seamlessly, enhancing accessibility within the shared workspace.
  • Time-Bound Access: Members can enjoy time-bound access to designated rooms and desks, aligning with their booking schedules for increased flexibility.
Spacebring coworking space software integration with Tapkey access control system

Spacebring + Tapkey for Administrators

  • Instant Member Access: Administrators can grant immediate access to members, facilitating seamless entry and reducing wait times.
  • Automated User Registration: Simplify user registration by automatically syncing Spacebring user data with the Tapkey dashboard, minimizing manual efforts and potential errors.
  • Subscription-Based Access: Access privileges are aligned with membership plans, ensuring that members retain access for the duration of their active subscription.
  • Mobile Unlocking: Enable mobile unlocking capabilities through the Tapkey app, empowering members to unlock doors using their smartphones.
  • Automated Invitations: Automate the process of sending invitations to Tapkey, providing members with instructions for utilizing the system upon joining the coworking app.
  • Easy access management: Utilize the Tapkey dashboard to manage access, monitor activity, and enhance security within the coworking space, ensuring comprehensive access control.

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