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Available via Zapier

HubSpot integration allows to easily sync data between Spacebring and HubSpot, enabling multiple use cases:

  • Easy handoff from the sales team to the customer team by auto-creating companies and users using HubSpot data.
  • Enriching HubSpot contact data from Spacebring.
Spacebring - Hubspot integration

Spacebring + HubSpot for Administrators

  • When a deal is won or updated on HubSpot, invite related contacts on Spacebring. This saves time and simplifies customer onboarding, allowing you to build a smooth customer journey.
  • When a contact is updated on HubSpot with "Customer" tag, invite the contact on Spacebring. Similar to the above, this automation allows to speed up onboarding, saving time and reducing manual work.
  • When a new member is invited on Spacebring, create a contact on HubSpot. This automation helps to keep customer data in sync, so the sales team works with the most recent customer data.
  • When a booking is created on Spacebring, create note on HubSpot person's timeline. This helps sales team to have a full context of customer interactions from within the CRM.

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