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andcards Partners with Mercado Pago for Latin American Coworking Payments

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards Partners with Mercado Pago for Latin American Coworking Payments
  • andcards customers—coworking spaces in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, Perú, and Uruguay can now accept payments through Mercado Pago.
  • Mercado Pago on andcards makes payments effortless for coworking space customers with fast and familiar bank card or Mercado Pago Wallet checkout.
  • The integration speeds up revenue and saves time for administrators by empowering customers to pay without anyone’s assistance.

andcards releases integration with Mercado Pago, the most popular online payment platform in Latin America. Now, coworking spaces in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, Perú, and Uruguay can receive payments from customers through a seamless and secure checkout process directly on their apps.

Billing members and collecting payments are probably the most time-consuming yet the most important operations performed by coworking space managers. That’s why it is vital for a shared workspace to implement a convenient online payment system to automate these routines. This is exactly what andcards-Mercado Pago integration does. It allows coworking spaces to accept in-app payments from members through a familiar local payment gateway.

Here’s how it works. Managers just connect Mercado Pago with andcards and point members to the app. Members pay for invoices, bookings, credits, event tickets, and shop items with credit and debit cards as well as their Mercado Pago Wallets. Administrators don’t need to create payment links manually or remind customers to pay — everything is automated. In a world where convenience is key, andcards-Mercado Pago integration is a welcome addition that will make life easier for everyone involved.

Having Mercado Pago in the app allows us to collect payments for all services we offer. There are no limits for members who book rooms, buy products in Shop, or pay their monthly bills. Customers quickly find how to pay, download receipts and track the success of the payment. For our team, it's a relief to let our customers be completely independent in obtaining what and when they want,
Maria Cecilia Santos Popper, Bioma Cowork
Maria Cecilia Santos Popper

Benefits of andcards-Mercado Pago Integration for Coworking Spaces in Latin America

Mercado Pago payment gateway in andcards coworking space app
  • Self-sufficient customers. People quickly pay for all coworking space services through web and mobile apps using a simple and familiar payment method (Visa, Mastercard, Mercado Pago Wallet, etc.). No questions asked!
  • Saved admin time. andcards-Mercado Pago integration generates payment links automatically and immediately. Transactions on Mercado Pago and payment statuses on andcards are synchronized in nearly real-time, so managers always have up-to-date information about all pending and paid invoices.
  • New upselling opportunities. Coworking spaces can earn more by providing a fallback payment method for customers who ran out of free credits. They can complete their booking or purchase and pay with a card instead. Also, andcards allows selling credit packages with an instant top-up.

The integration is available to all andcards customers today. andcards doesn’t take any fees or commissions on top of Mercado Pago payment processing fees. Are you running a coworking space in Latin America? Give andcards a try by scheduling a personal demo call with our product expert.

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