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andcards Partners with Syncaroo to Open up New Opportunities and Task Automations for Workspace Operators

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards Partners with Syncaroo to Open up New Opportunities and Task Automations for Workspace Operators
  • andcards is presenting new integration with Syncaroo aimed to boost the reach and revenues of flex workspaces around the world.
  • Syncaroo-andcards integration is the next step in automating time-consuming marketing, lead generation, and sales tasks for coworking space managers.
  • Coworking operators can easily sync data on their andcards accounts with aggregators, widgets, Google Business Profiles, and even streamline their partnerships with boutique flex brokers.

andcards has joined forces with Syncaroo to create an innovative integration that will streamline the way you operate your coworking space. The new technology allows for task automations, which means less work and more time spent on what really matters: creativity and community building.

“We're big fans of andcards' community-focused approach to building software for managing flex workspaces. It's really exciting that we get to work together to provide a growing set of powerful automations and tools to workspaces powered by andcards.”

Hector Kolonas

Hector Kolonas, co-founder at

Now, with just one integration shared workspace managers will be able to access a growing list of tools and automations that can help boost their reach and earn more money.

Here’s how it works:

Flex workspace administrators can now easily connect their andcards accounts to dynamic website widgets, Google Business Profiles, flex space brokers, and aggregators such as Upflex to enable syncing of data, listings, and bookings across all platforms.

The innovation has a huge practical significance as it eliminates manual administrative operations at coworking spaces.

For instance, if you have dozens of meeting rooms and hundreds of desks, recreating and maintaining them manually on multiple booking platforms is a tedious task. But after activating Syncaroo-andcards integration, all info will be synchronized and updated automatically.

Benefits of Newly Released Integration for Coworking Spaces:

  • Less time spent by administrators on manual copy-pasting. Syncaroo-andcards integration pushes your changes across all resources automatically, so you don’t have to spend time on manual edits and replacements.
  • All your essential data is in sync. By activating the integration you enable live-syncing to your Google Business Profiles, brokers, widgets, and aggregators like Upflex, Flow, and CloudVO.
  • Continuous automation of your coworking space routines. Syncaroo is adding new automations all the time, which allows you to streamline multi-platform workflows and automate as many manual tasks as you wish.
  • Bookings all synced back into andcards. Have full control and insights over who your guests and customers are, and where they’re booking your space from, within andcards.
  • Effortless upgrade for coworking spaces in Ukraine. Coworking spaces located in Ukraine are automatically upgraded to Grow tier for free (and for a year after the war ends) so they can start syncing to any/all the profiles created during the withinUkraine campaign by Syncaroo. This will make updating participating platforms with critical information effortless for operators during the dark times and business recovery period.

Do you find this integration awesome and want to use it along with other benefits andcards gives but you are not an andcards customer yet? Schedule a demo call with one of our product experts and get to know how to become the one.

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