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andcards Launches Tap Payments for Middle East

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards Launches Tap Payments for Middle East
  • andcards customers in the Middle East can now seamlessly accept payments through Tap, a widely-used online payment platform in the region.
  • The free integration enables coworking spaces to effortlessly receive one-off and recurring payments from customers through a secure and streamlined checkout process within their apps.
  • The integration accelerates revenue and saves time for administrators by empowering customers to choose from multiple payment options and make payments without any assistance.

andcards is delighted to announce the integration with Tap, a widely-used online payment platform in the Middle East. This integration empowers coworking spaces in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Lebanon, and Oman to conveniently accept payments from customers in various currencies directly through their apps.

The integration of andcards with Tap empowers coworking spaces to seamlessly accept both one-off and recurring in-app payments from their members. Through this familiar payment gateway, managers can automate the billing process and effortlessly collect payments from their members. By connecting Tap with andcards and directing members to the app, managers can streamline the payment experience. Members gain the flexibility to pay for invoices, bookings, credits, event tickets, and shop products using a wide range of payment methods supported by Tap, including Mada, KNET, Fawry, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Tabby, and 18 other preferred gateways.

The Benefits of andcards-Tap Integration Include:

andcards - Tap integration on andcards coworking space app
  • Self-sufficient customers who can effortlessly settle payments for all your coworking space services through web and mobile apps leveraging a simple and familiar payment method they are already comfortable with.
  • Enhanced payment flexibility for consumers as coworking spaces are free from solving the dilemma of choosing between Tap and other payment gateways. They can effortlessly connect multiple integrations simultaneously.
  • ​​Saved valuable admin time with integration automatically generating payment links and immediately synchronizing payment statuses on Tap and andcards, providing managers with up-to-date information on pending and paid invoices.
  • Unlocked new revenue opportunities by offering a fallback payment method to customers who have depleted their free credits.
  • Effortless expansion for coworking spaces across the region. Tap operates in 8 countries, allowing you to accept payments seamlessly throughout the entire Middle East.

The integration is seamlessly accessible to all andcards customers, completely free of charge. Rest assured, andcards does not impose any additional fees or commissions on top of Tap's payment processing fees.

If you haven't joined andcards yet, we invite you to schedule a personal demo call with our product expert. During the call, you can discover firsthand how we simplify the utilization and administration of your coworking space.

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