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Managing Finances Made Easy: andcards Integrates Xero

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Managing Finances Made Easy: andcards Integrates Xero
  • andcards customers can now fully automate accounting with Xero integration.
  • The integration eliminates manual operations by syncing financial records on andcards and Xero.
  • The automated system allows operators to effortlessly prepare for financial audits with readily accessible and well-documented transactions.

Billing and invoicing can be a pain for coworking space administrators, often bogging them down with time-consuming manual tasks. andcards-Xero integration is designed to streamline accounting processes and let operators focus on what truly matters.

What Does the Integration Do?

This integration takes the hassle out of managing finances by seamlessly syncing invoices between andcards and Xero, the cloud-based accounting solution tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.

Here's what it does:

The system generates Xero draft invoices for both one-off and auto-invoices from andcards, allowing operators to review them before finalization. All essential invoice details from andcards, such as recipient information, item descriptions, prices, and more, are seamlessly transferred.

The integration even smartly matches tax rates and accounts, ensuring uniformity across platforms. Invoice attachments include PDFs of andcards-generated invoices for quick reference, while a 'Go to andcards' link on Xero invoices takes you directly to the corresponding entry on the andcards platform for additional actions or cross-referencing.

andcards - Xero integration

Benefits for Coworking Space Administrators

The andcards-Xero integration offers numerous advantages for coworking space managers:

  • Effortless Accounting: Trim the manual invoice transfer process, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Enhanced Control: Invoices stored as drafts allow for meticulous manual review and fine-tuning before finalization.
  • Consolidated Data: Achieve uniformity in data across platforms through real-time synchronization of invoicing details.
  • Simplified Workflow: Generating and matching invoices is streamlined to a single click, minimizing complexity.
  • Streamlined Revenue Tracking: Real-time invoice creation simplifies revenue monitoring, paving the way for clearer financial analysis and predictive modeling.
  • Seamless Audits: Automated documentation ensures accessible and well-organized financial records, simplifying the audit process.
  • Adaptable Scaling: Scale your coworking space effortlessly as the automated invoicing system seamlessly grows with your needs, eliminating the need for drastic accounting overhauls.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay up-to-date with accounting standards and local regulations by maintaining accurate financial records through Xero integration.
Karen Tait, Founder & CEO , The Residence Coworking

"Thanks to andcards, we've got this awesome automated invoicing system now. It's been a total lifesaver – payments happen automatically! We used to waste so much time on accounting, but with andcards - Xero integration, all our invoices sync up like magic."Karen Tait, Founder & CEO , The Residence Coworking

Available Now for Free!

Elevate your coworking space management with the andcards-Xero integration. Automating complex financial tasks gives you more time to focus on productive growth. This integration is available immediately in beta to all andcards customers at no extra cost!

Not an andcards customer yet? Sign up for a demo call today and see how the system can transform your coworking space's management.

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