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Introducing Sign-Up for Plans

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Introducing Sign-Up for Plans
  • andcards makes it easier than ever to sign up for a membership plan on the web and even mobile apps.
  • Coworking space operators can minimize operational load by automating hot desk, fixed desk, and other membership subscriptions.
  • Operators can increase recurring revenue streams by making customers more independent and reducing friction on their journey.

andcards is thrilled to announce a massive upgrade to our Membership Plans feature. It allows users to sign up for plans through on the web or mobile apps. The latest coworking trends indicate that it is more effective to fully automate microtransactions such as room bookings, day passes, and hot or dedicated desk subscriptions. By empowering customers to sign up for membership plans by themselves, coworking spaces reduce the friction on a customer journey therefore increasing conversion rates and improving customer experience.

How It Works

Getting started with the self-signup for plans is effortless.

Administrators go to Locations > Community > Plans and activate the “Sign Up” property for the desired membership plans. The plans become available for self-signup immediately through your mobile and web apps. Also, you get a convenient direct sign-up link for your marketing website, WhatsApp or Instagram shop.

People go to your web or mobile app, hit the "Sign Up" button, select the available plan (for example, hot desk, fixed desk, or any other option), and check out. No more time-consuming back-and-forth by email or chat!

Sign up for plans on andcards coworking space software

Once customers sign up, they get all the membership benefits, including credits for room booking, Kisi or SALTO KS access to unlock doors, and Wi-Fi. Administrators won’t miss a new customer thanks to the handy real-time notification.

Benefits of Plans Purchase Feature for Coworking Operators

  • Hours saved for admins: Since customers have full control of their plan selection and sign-up process, admins no longer need to handle the task, resulting in a seamless and efficient experience. No more missed leads or time-consuming communication.
Edwin Guembes, FoundrSpace

By introducing plan sign-ups in our app, the entire process of selling memberships is automated. This makes it easier and more efficient for us to offer membership plans without any hassle—our clients can choose their desired plan, pay the invoice instantly and become a member with just one click! Having this seamless experience not only saves time but also boosts sales as everything happens automatically.

Edwin Guembes, FoundrSpace

  • Recurring revenue growth: With self-sign-up plans, it's easier to generate consistent revenue streams that are key to a thriving coworking business. Removing additional steps such as messaging or calling the administrator makes customers closer to purchase and increases conversion rates.
  • Happier members: Today's generations – Millennials and Gen-Z – prefer a fast and convenient subscription process rather than traditional messaging or phone calls. Introducing this feature at your coworking space will help you engage target customers better, make the sign up process smoother and more professional.

What’s Next?

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to explore the new feature that can revolutionize your coworking space. Join us for a free webinar on February 23 and learn to sell plans in three simple steps, as well as get the best practices on selling memberships. You will also get an answer to any questions you might have in real-time!

Not an andcards customer yet? Let’s fix that! Schedule a free personal demo with our product expert to see how the app can benefit your unique business model.

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