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Introducing Visitor Management: Speedy for Guests, Easy for Members, Hassle-free for Administrators

Igor Dzhebyan
Igor Dzhebyan
Introducing Visitor Management: Speedy for Guests, Easy for Members, Hassle-free for Administrators
  • Visitor management is coming to andcards coworking space platform.
  • The system enables express check in and check out for visitors using a reception tablet.
  • Members easily preregister their guests, approve visit requests, and get arrival notifications — all integrated with the main coworking space app.
  • All existing and future subscribers get the feature at no extra cost.

Members often invite visitors for a meeting at a coworking space. Unorganized preliminary registration and visitor check in could result in long waiting times and a poor experience for everyone involved. It’s crucial to ensure a positive first impression on visitors as often it’s their first touch with your coworking space brand.

andcards is introducing Visitors — a new product feature designed to speed up and enhance visit experience at coworking spaces. It comes with numerous benefits for visitors, members, and administrators.

andcards visitor management system for coworking spaces - welcome message on the check in tablet

andcards visitor management system for coworking spaceswelcome message on the check in tablet

1. Tight integration with existing coworking space platform. Administrators don’t have to use a separate application for managing hosts and visitors. andcards Visitors is seamless in taking advantage of existing coworking space infrastructure, fully acknowledging existing member databases, apps, and permissions.

2. Ultimate convenience for members. Your coworking space members discover a new “Visitors” page to preregister guests for speedy check in. If visitors come unannounced, members can approve or reject a visit request in a tap. Guest arrival notifications come into the same app members already use for booking, communication, and events.

3. Express check in experience for guests. Preregistered visitors check in within seconds using a tablet at the reception desk. Unannounced visitors can self-register and get member’s approval immediately. In any case, visitors don’t need to wait for the receptionist’s assistance and overall enjoy a simple and stress-free experience.

4. Hassle-free visitor management for administrators. Freedom from manual visitor management, counting check in and out times, notifying members of guest arrival — all processes are fully automated through self-service.

5. Fascinating first-touch brand experience. Visitors get a positive first impression of your brand, its highest standards of hospitality, and advanced technology, which is extremely important for making a positive first impression on guests.

Visitors feature comes at no extra cost and is included into the main subscription. andcards customers around the world appreciate the new visitor management feature.

“Visitor management feature from andcards is really cool. It simplifies visitor preregistration by members, significantly speeds up visitor check in and reduces administrative hassles related to manual visitor management. All stakeholders are happy.”Anna Ivanova, Kooperativ

“It’s better to use andcards to manage visitors at a shared workspace. It's great for our members because it's a part of the Moco app used for booking, events, and Feed. As administrators, we also appreciate the ability to speed up visitor check in, avoid managing a disconnected visitor management app and having to pay extra for it.”Deja Mack, World of Moco

andcards visitor management system for coworking spaces - scheduled visits list and in-app host notification about guest arrival

andcards visitor management system for coworking spaces. Left to right: scheduled visits list, in-app host notification about guest arrival.

In addition to enhancing member and visitor experience, and saving time for administrators, andcards creates new opportunities for coworking space businesses:

  • Potential cost savings. andcards Visitors feature is included in the coworking space management package, which saves managers from additional expenses and compatibility problems with third-party apps.
  • Through the roof visitor experience. All stakeholders benefit from the automated visitor system. Members freely invite guests for meetings through their workspace apps and get notifications on their mobile phones as soon as they arrive. Guests self-register at the help desk. No redundant back-and-forth communication, no need to ask for anybody’s assistance. It just works.
  • Improved safety. Only members of your coworking space can invite guests. Only authorized visitors can enter the workspace. Administrators get a detailed timestamp record of who’s in and out.
  • New leads sources. The system collects visitors’ contact details, so after making a positive first touch impression you can start building relationships. Get a list of visitors for sending your promo materials and newsletters.

Find out more on visitor management and its benefits for flexible workspaces on andcards website or book a demo call with product experts to see how it works.

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