Know what happens at your coworking space… before it happens

Who said you couldn’t know everything? With Spacebring, you know your customers' activities in real-time and assist them on the fly.
Notification center on Spacebring coworking space management platform
Notification Center

Be the first to know what’s next

Don’t worry about missing opportunities, unpaid invoices, or external customers showing up at your door. Get an easy-to-use and detailed overview of relevant customer activity straight in your coworking space app. Reduce administrative hassles and level up customer experience by being the first to know who booked a room, paid an invoice, or made an order in Shop.
  • Сonsolidate all customer activity on a single easy-to-use Notifications page.
  • Drill down into any activity with all details available a tap away.
  • Fine-tune notifications by choosing a product or service type and a target audience.
  • Control the notifications at a user level, so every administrator gets only relevant notifications.
We are excited about the notification system. This new system saves a lot of time for our team. We no longer have to go in and manually check when our external customers booked a room or desk or joined the event. This feature takes the stress off of feeling like you missed something.
Nicole Parks, Campfire Coworks
Nicole Parks
Campfire Coworks
Reminders for members on Spacebring coworking space management system
Reminders for Members

No more endless reminders to pay

With automated notifications for members and Smart Delivery, Spacebring keeps your members informed and engaged without you lifting a finger. Auto-remind your members to pay for invoices, leave meeting rooms on time, and much more.
  • Double your read rates with Smart Delivery — Spacebring’ intelligent push notification routing technology.
  • Configure custom email notifications for events with calendar links and ticket details.
  • Remind coworking space members of upcoming invoices, events, and bookings.
  • Inform your people of the time to leave a meeting room to reduce overstay.
Our team is very pleased with the ability to receive instant notifications about customer actions, such as invoice payments or bookings. The notification center significantly improves the operational efficiency and convenience of administrators in all our locations.
Tilek Babykov, ololocity
Tilek Babykov
Infinite customization opportunities for Notifications on Spacebring coworking space management software
Custom Notifications

Custom-tailored notifications

Choose who you want to get notified: administrator, location members, network members, or even nonmembers, and on what actions. The customization possibilities for notifications are infinite with Zapier, and other apps you integrate with Spacebring.
  • Set up custom email notifications for shop orders and benefit applications to notify service providers and customers.
  • Level up with Zapier for enless multi-step notification possibilities: send transactional email notifications to members; configure custom notifications for administration team (e.g. Slack).

Never miss anything important at your coworking space