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9 Tools to Connect Your Coworking Community

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
9 Tools to Connect Your Coworking Community

In today's dynamic workspace landscape, building a strong sense of community is a fundamental goal and a key advantage of coworking spaces. This shared community not only empowers individual creativity but also strengthens the collective bond within the organization.

We've previously explored various strategies for community-building in our blog, and in this article, we'll delve deeper into the topic by introducing efficient tools that can help you establish robust connections with your coworking community.

A thriving community hinges on effective communication and interaction among members and managers. Maintaining these connections is vital, regardless of external circumstances. While it's easy to foster relationships when everyone is physically present under one roof, the dynamics change when members can't meet in person.

Today, coworking spaces are adapting to the evolving work landscape, which may involve more remote work or flexible arrangements. It's essential for workspace managers and operators to nurture strong connections within their communities to ensure cohesion and support for members, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Tools That Connect Your Coworking Community

This section will help you discover some new ways to get in touch with members and make sure that your community is securely linked.

1. Feed

Feed is probably one of the most important communication means. This is your exclusive branded channel for corporate needs only. It works much better than any third-party media because members know that everything published in the Feed is related to a coworking space. This is the most convenient way to know the latest community news, perks, services, events, welcome new members, and give feedback.

Newsfeed and communication channel for coworking spaces - Spacebring workspace management software

2. Member Support

Efficient member support is a cornerstone of managing a coworking space, and having the right tool is essential. In this context, Spacebring provides a robust solution for issue reporting and tracking. It offers members a simple way to report concerns to support managers.

Each query creates a dedicated ticket, visible to both the creator and administrators. Members can also attach relevant photos and videos to expedite issue resolution. Real-time updates and push notifications keep customers in the loop about their ticket's progress, providing peace of mind. For administrators, Spacebring offers a unified inbox, handy categorization tools, and valuable insights through analytics, making issue resolution seamless and efficient.

3. Chats

Connecting with your coworking community is a breeze with Spacebring' chat feature. One-on-one messaging simplifies communication, making it easy to reach out to anyone in your community without the hassle of searching for contact details. It's a straightforward way to ask questions, network with fellow members, and connect with visitors, all while staying within your customized apps. This tool streamlines communication within your coworking space, making it simple to build connections and stay in touch.

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4. Social Media

In today's digital age, a strong social media presence is essential for every coworking space. With the widespread use of social networks, it's vital to meet your members where they already spend a significant amount of their time. Take note that, as of the latest available data, people were spending an average of 2.5 hours per day on social networks and messaging apps.

To effectively engage with your community, focus on the platforms your members frequent the most, such as Facebook and Instagram. Share images, stories, and videos, and foster discussions. However, remember that social media complements, rather than replaces, your corporate newsfeed.

5. Blog

A coworking blog serves as a potent tool for community-building. With shared interests and ideas among your members, finding engaging topics for blog posts becomes a breeze.

Unlike social media, your blog offers limitless space to provide valuable content. By addressing your members' pressing questions and concerns, you not only capture their attention but also establish your authority within the community. This, in turn, strengthens the bonds within your coworking community as readers return for fresh insights and engage in discussions with their fellow coworkers.

6. Community Membership

a group of coworking space members communicating at the pool

Your community-building efforts may even affect your subscription plans. For instance, some entrepreneurs don't need a workstation but still need a community. You can tailor a special community membership subscription for such members. They will get all networking, support, and events attending opportunities, and you will save the connection.

7. Virtual Coworking

Virtual coworking is an innovative solution that enables coworking spaces to adapt to changing circumstances while preserving the essence of community. Much like a physical coworking membership, virtual coworking extends several benefits. These include providing a virtual business address, managing mail receipt and forwarding, offering access to meeting rooms, desks, private offices, and even live receptionist services. Members of virtual coworking experience a sense of community as they work from anywhere, virtually occupying specific workspaces on a digital floorplan, interacting with other residents, and accessing virtual amenities like phone booths and meeting rooms. Essentially, they live the coworker's life without physical presence.

What's particularly appealing about virtual coworking is its limitless potential. You can connect members worldwide and accommodate as many contracts as needed within the virtual realm, ensuring there's ample space for everyone.

8. Online Hang-outs

There is no event that can't be carried out online. You probably figured that out during the quarantine. I advise you to continue this practice and run some events online even when public gatherings are allowed. This will give members a kind of choice whether to take part in the online event or come to the workspace. They will get used to staying connected and living active community life even when they are out of space. Besides, the opportunity to join online will make your events more accessible.

9. Coworking App

Implementing coworking software is a vital step in keeping your community connected. This technology places the entire coworking space with all its services, benefits, and community, at users' fingertips. Opt for a solution that includes mobile apps for members, ensuring easy access to all your offerings from a single platform, regardless of where each community member is located.

Over to You

Members choose your coworking space for the unique blend of positivity, creativity, and support it offers. Their desire to belong and feel a sense of togetherness transcends any situation.

As a leader and manager of the coworking space, it's your role to continually share uplifting messages within your community and provide residents with various ways to connect, whether it's online or offline. By nurturing these bonds and connections, you not only contribute to your members' happiness but also ensure a bright future for your business. A content, engaged community is more likely to remain loyal to the brand that fostered it.

To learn how Spacebring can assist you in managing your coworking space and maintaining a connected community, schedule a demo call with our product expert today.

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