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Commissary Kitchens: Expand Your Coworking Offerings

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Commissary Kitchens: Expand Your Coworking Offerings

Coworking is booming! But to stand out in this competitive market, it's time to get creative. One exciting opportunity is focusing on food entrepreneurs. Shared commercial kitchens or commissary kitchens offer a perfect solution for chefs, caterers, and other food-focused businesses.

Let's dive into how you can transform your coworking space into a culinary hub and attract passionate food professionals.

Shared Kitchens: Your Recipe for Coworking Success

Shared commercial kitchens or commissary kitchens offer a unique opportunity for coworking spaces. They attract a dynamic group of food-focused entrepreneurs, unlocking exciting benefits for your space:

  1. Diverse and passionate members: From innovative bakers and caterers to creators of unique food products, shared kitchens draw a dedicated crowd excited to build their businesses.
  2. Enhanced revenue streams: Offer tiered membership options based on kitchen usage, equipment needs, and storage requirements, creating a new income source for your space.
  3. Vibrant atmosphere: The sights, smells, and energy of culinary creation cultivate a sense of community and excitement that's contagious throughout your coworking space.
  4. Partnership potential: Foster collaboration between food entrepreneurs and other members (think designers, marketers, etc.) within your space, leading to innovative projects.

A Brief History of Shared Commercial Kitchens

The idea of shared kitchens has been around for decades, starting as a way for small businesses to access licensed spaces without breaking the bank. In recent years, the focus has shifted towards entrepreneurship. Think of platforms like KitchenShare as the Airbnb for chefs, making it easier than ever to find the perfect kitchen for any project.

Who Calls Shared Commercial Kitchens Home?

Picture a diverse and vibrant community within your coworking space:

Food entrepreneur at a shared commercial kitchen

  • Bakers and chocolatiers perfecting their signature treats.
  • Bold entrepreneurs ready to launch the next big food trend.
  • Food trucks and caterers whipping up delicious dishes for their customers.
  • Supper club hosts testing out exciting menus and building a following.
  • Even community groups using the space for cooking classes and food-centered initiatives.

The Perks of Coworking Kitchens

Here's why shared commercial or commissary kitchens are a game-changer for food businesses and coworking spaces alike:

  1. Affordability: No need to invest in a full commercial kitchen of your own—pay only for what you use.
  2. Professional Tools: Access top-of-the-line equipment without the hefty price tag.
  3. License & Compliance: Operate with peace of mind knowing the kitchen meets all health and safety regulations.
  4. Community & Collaboration: Imagine the knowledge-sharing, the networking, and even the potential for exciting partnerships within your space!

Taking it to the Next Level

The best food coworking spaces go beyond the kitchen. To truly empower their members, they offer:

  • Mentorship: Connecting entrepreneurs with experts in everything from food safety laws to marketing and branding.
  • Community Events: Fostering relationships through workshops, tastings, and fun gatherings.
  • Innovation Hub: Providing space for recipe testing, experimentation, and maybe even a taste of friendly competition.

Special Amenities at a Coworking + Kitchen Space

You're right; a kitchen coworking space is more than just a place to work—it's a place to connect and create. Just like the kitchen is the heart of a home, a shared commercial kitchen or commissary kitchen becomes the heart of your coworking community.

Members at the coworking kitchen

Here's how to make that space feel inviting and inspiring:

  • The Essentials: Of course, you'll need the basics: high-speed internet, comfy workspaces (think hot desks, private offices, even conference rooms for meetings).
  • Community Vibe: Encourage a welcoming atmosphere with a café-style lounge area and maybe even a ping-pong table for fun breaks. Offer complimentary coffee, tea, and fresh fruit to fuel both creativity and conversation.
  • The Kitchen: This is the heart of it all! Equip your shared commercial kitchen with professional-grade equipment and ample storage space.
  • Beyond the Basics: Consider offering a food pantry for shared ingredients and a large event space where members can host tastings, workshops, or pop-up dinners.

Lively Events: The Secret Sauce for Your Kitchen Coworking Space

A thriving food coworking space isn't just about the kitchen—it's about the community!  Regular events with exciting guests are a fantastic way to foster connection, knowledge-sharing, and a whole lot of delicious fun.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Showcase Your Stars: Host member demo days where entrepreneurs using your shared commercial kitchen can share their creations and get valuable feedback.
  • Skill-building Sessions: Organize workshops and classes focused on the needs of businesses using commissary kitchens (food safety, packaging, etc.).
  • Industry Insights: Invite chefs and food industry experts who understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing businesses that rely on shared commercial kitchens.
  • Flavorful Fun: Celebrate diverse food cultures with tastings, themed events, and maybe even friendly cooking competitions specifically for commissary kitchen users.

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Inspiring Shared Kitchens from Around the Globe

Get ready to be inspired! These innovative coworking spaces prove that shared commercial kitchens and commissary kitchens are a global trend for food entrepreneurs. Let's dive in:

Members at the commissionary kitchen

1. The Food Loft (Boston)

  • Their Focus: Empowering food startups and food tech innovators.
  • Why It's Cool: Community-driven space with learning, networking, and mentorship opportunities.

2. Cook Beyond (Hong Kong)

  • Their Vibe: A "coworking-inspired kitchen" built on sharing, connecting, and building food businesses.
  • Why It's Cool: Their focus on community and collaboration makes them unique.

3. Amped Kitchens (Los Angeles, Chicago)

  • Their Model: Exclusive rental kitchens for growing businesses, adaptable to different needs.
  • Why It's Cool: They handle the operational complexities, so you can focus on your food!

4. Food Tech Campus (Berlin)

  • Their Mission: Revolutionize the future of food retail with innovation and passion.
  • Why It's Cool: They merge food startups, retailers, and experts for cutting-edge ideas.

5. HERD (Vienna)

  • Their Offering: Fully equipped commercial kitchens, plus shared knowledge and support for sustainable growth.
  • Why it's Cool: They help entrepreneurs avoid the risks of building their own kitchens.

6. Mission Kitchen (London)

  • Their Mission: Simplify the food startup journey with shared resources and expertise.
  • Why It's Cool: They understand the challenges food entrepreneurs face and offer tailored solutions.

7. Capital Kitchens (Austin)

  • Their Model: Launchpad for food concepts with shared kitchens, a nurturing community, and minimized startup costs.
  • Why It's Cool: They remove barriers to entry for food businesses in Austin.

8. Kitchen Republic (Amsterdam)

  • Their Space: Combines kitchens, offices, and events for a complete food business ecosystem.
  • Why It's Cool: They welcome diverse entrepreneurs with impactful business plans and a love for good food.

9. The Hatchery (Chicago)

  • Their Focus: Supporting all types of food businesses, from caterers to food trucks, with kitchens, coworking, and expert guidance.
  • Why It's Cool: Their comprehensive approach makes them a true food and beverage incubator.


The coworking industry is constantly evolving, and food-focused spaces are at the forefront of this exciting change.  By offering shared commercial kitchens and commissary kitchens, you're not just providing space—you're fueling a whole new generation of food entrepreneurs.

Here's what coworking spaces and shared kitchens offer:

  • Empowerment: Cost-effective solutions that make starting a food business accessible.
  • Shared Resources: Access to the tools and equipment entrepreneurs need to thrive.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable spaces that grow alongside businesses.
  • Community: A vibrant network of support, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration.
  • Efficiency: Streamlined operations with the latest technology and space management tools.

As shared kitchens transform the food industry, keep this trend at the forefront of your strategy. Are you ready to take your coworking space to the next level with a shared commercial kitchen? Or, perhaps you want to optimize your existing kitchen operations?

Discover how Spacebring's shared kitchen management software can help you streamline and grow your space with ease. 

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