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Complete Roadmap for Making Great Coworking Space Events + 20 Ideas

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Complete Roadmap for Making Great Coworking Space Events + 20 Ideas

In the bustling world of coworking, the community is the beating heart that makes it all click. And guess what? Events are the secret sauce that brings that community to life.

But hold on, even though hosting stellar networking events might sound a tad intimidating, especially if you're just dipping your toes into the coworking waters, fear not! We've got your back with some nifty ideas to kick-start your journey.

Why Should You Care About Coworking Events Anyway?

Events in coworking spaces are pivotal in fostering community and collaboration. The Global Coworking Survey reveals that 82% of members expanded their professional networks in these shared spaces. Deskmag reports that spaces hosting over one event monthly see a 13% higher member retention. Whether virtual meetups or in-person gatherings, coworking events are the ultimate tool to cultivate that unique sense of togetherness.

These events can:

  • Catapult your business growth through smart marketing.
  • Fuel networking connections that are pure gold.
  • Sharpen your members' professional toolkits.
  • Infuse your coworking space with a vibrant social spirit.

Types of Coworking Space Events

Types of coworking space events

Coworking spaces offer many event options to cater to diverse interests and foster a sense of community among members. Here are some key event categories that add vibrancy to the coworking experience:

1. Casual Events

These laid-back gatherings encourage spontaneous interactions among members. Coffee breaks, impromptu discussions, and get-together lunches create a relaxed networking and idea-exchange atmosphere.

2. VIP Events

Exclusive events are usually reserved for premium members or special guests. VIP events can include private workshops, personalized networking sessions, or access to industry influencers.

3. Networking and Professional Events

These events are designed to connect professionals and entrepreneurs, ranging from speed networking sessions to structured meetups. They facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations.

4. Night Events

Evening events bring a different energy to coworking spaces. These events allow members to unwind and socialize, from after-hours mixers to themed parties.

5. Themed Events

Themed events revolve around tech innovation, sustainable practices, or personal development. They offer focused discussions and learning opportunities.

6. Work-Life Balance Events

Promoting well-being, these events encompass fitness classes, mindfulness workshops, and stress-relief activities. They encourage members to prioritize self-care alongside their work.

7. Learning Workshops

Interactive workshops on various subjects, from digital marketing to leadership skills, empower members to acquire new knowledge and enhance their professional capabilities.

8. Pitch and Demo Sessions

Entrepreneurs can showcase their startups and receive valuable feedback from peers and mentors, fostering growth and refining their pitches.

9. Artistic and Creative Events

Events like painting sessions, writing workshops, and photography contests encourage members to express their creativity and engage in non-work-related pursuits.

10. Community Service Initiatives

Collaborative efforts for social good, such as volunteering at local charities or organizing donation drives, allow members to contribute positively to their surroundings.

11. Industry-specific Meetups

Tailored events catering to specific industries or niches provide a platform for professionals to discuss industry trends, challenges, and innovations.

12. Skill-sharing Sessions

Members can host sessions to share their expertise or learn from others, creating an atmosphere of collaborative learning and skill enhancement.

13. Wellness Retreats

Intensive wellness events that might span a full day or weekend, offering a comprehensive retreat focused on physical, mental, and emotional rejuvenation.

14. Entrepreneurial Workshops

These workshops that delve into the nitty-gritty of launching and growing a business, covering topics like funding, marketing, and scaling.

20 Ideas for Coworking Space Events

Spice up your coworking vibe with these awesome event ideas.

  1. Brainstorm Brews: Unleash creativity with a casual brainstorming session over coffee, where members share and refine ideas.
  2. Startup Spotlight: Provide a platform for startups to pitch their ventures to a supportive audience and gain valuable feedback.
  3. Yoga & Chill: Host relaxing yoga sessions to help members destress and recharge during their workday.
  4. Lunch Roulette: Randomly pair members for lunch, fostering new connections and networking opportunities.
  5. Tech Talks: Invite experts for short tech-focused talks, offering insights into the latest trends and innovations.
  6. DIY Workshop: Organize hands-on workshops where members can learn a new skill or craft.
  7. Industry Insights: Bring in industry leaders for panel discussions on relevant topics, sparking meaningful conversations.
  8. Book Buzz: Start a book club where members discuss and analyze thought-provoking reads.
  9. Happy Hour Mixer: Wind down with after-work drinks, encouraging informal networking and camaraderie.
  10. Health Hustle: Arrange fitness challenges, like step counts or mini-workouts, to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  11. Coding Cafeteria: Create coding sessions for tech enthusiasts to collaborate and solve coding challenges.
  12. Freelancer Forum: In an open discussion, address freelancing challenges, from time management to client relations.
  13. Art Attack: Tap into creativity with art sessions that allow members to paint, draw, or create.
  14. Pitch Perfect: Teach members the art of a compelling pitch, enhancing their communication skills.
  15. Global Tastes: Celebrate cultural diversity with a potluck featuring dishes from different countries.
  16. Hackathon Hustle: Organize an intensive hackathon where participants collaborate to solve real-world problems.
  17. Mindful Moments: Lead meditation sessions for mental clarity and relaxation amidst busy workdays.
  18. Green Office Initiatives: Promote sustainability through workshops on recycling, upcycling, and reducing carbon footprint.
  19. Language Swap: Facilitate language exchange sessions for members interested in learning new languages.
  20. Pop-up Bazaar: Showcase member businesses with a pop-up market, boosting local entrepreneurship.

How to Get Started with Events for Coworking Spaces?

Embarking on your coworking event journey? The key lies in understanding your members' desires. Start by directly asking them through a coworking survey, uncovering insights that pave the way for crafting events tailored to their preferences. Let's explore how to kick off your event planning process!

Coworking space event preparation scheme

1. Coming Up with the Topic

Generating standout coworking space events begins with understanding your members' preferences. Start by unlocking their desires, a secret easily unveiled through direct communication. Send out a friendly coworking survey and pose queries like:

  • What events have you relished before? Any that didn't resonate?
  • What event types would amplify your coworking experience?
  • Do you fancy virtual meetups or face-to-face gatherings?
  • Which areas of learning intrigue you? (Select from our exciting options!)
  • How do you envision networking? (Speed chats or perhaps wine and cheese mingling?)

Armed with these insights, sculpt coworking events that cater to your members' tastes – whether it's a virtual happy hour or a captivating networking soirée.

2. Analyzing Target Audience

Look beyond professional roles when fostering community bonds. Instead of another work-related event, consider diverse interests. Members might prefer a wine tasting or relaxing yoga over a marketing workshop. Blend professional and personal interests for variety.

Consider their lifestyles too: family responsibilities, sports routines, or commutes. Events must fit into their lives. Parents juggling chores might need advanced planning. Fitness enthusiasts might opt for workout-related events.

Adapting to members' lifestyles and interests creates a more appealing and well-attended event experience.

3. Defining Prices, Dates, Venues

Creating successful events requires careful consideration of pricing, timing, and venue selection. Keep it simple and engaging by following these tips:

  • Balanced Pricing: Set event prices that strike a balance between affordability and perceived value. This ensures that attendees feel they're getting their money's worth.
  • Strategic Timing: Avoid Mondays and Fridays, when energy levels might be lower. Consider members' work schedules; events should align with their availability.
  • Venue Alignment: Choose venues that match the event's ambiance and purpose. A cozy workshop might benefit from an intimate space, while a networking event thrives in an open environment.

By harmonizing pricing, timing, and venue selection, you create accessible, convenient, and engaging events that resonate with your community.

4. Events for Members vs. Events for Everyone

Nurturing an inclusive and vibrant coworking community involves finding the right harmony between events exclusively for your members and those that welcome everyone. Let's explore how these two approaches play out:

  • Benefits of Member-Centric Events: Focusing on events exclusively for members cultivates a strong sense of community and belonging. These gatherings deepen relationships, foster collaboration, and enhance the tight-knit coworking family feeling.
  • Drawbacks of Member-Centric Events: While exclusive events strengthen connections, they can limit exposure to your space's unique culture. Open events invite new faces, fresh ideas, and potential new members. This expansion enriches interactions and brings diverse perspectives.
  • Striking the Right Balance: Hosting a mix of both types of events creates a well-rounded coworking experience. It maintains the bond among existing members while also welcoming newcomers, creating a dynamic and diverse community.

Enable members and non-members of a coworking space to join events with a few taps

How to Organize Community Events in Your Space?

Ever put effort into planning a coworking event only to have a handful of attendees show up? We get it – it happens.

Coming up with exciting ideas and managing all the logistics isn't a cakewalk. Plus, getting people to attend can be a challenge.

Why do some events fall flat? Maybe your members didn't hear about it, or they were too tired after work to join. Don't worry; we've got you covered with tips to increase attendance.

Speaking of solutions, ever considered using an event management system? If it's part of your coworking software, you're in luck. No extra apps, just a one-stop solution for all your coworking needs, including boosting event participation.

Ready to create engaging coworking space community events? Let's go!

1. Automating Event Booking and Ticketing

Managing event booking and ticketing is crucial for smooth operations. To simplify this task, an events management system comes to the rescue. Let's take the example of Spacebring.

Community managers can effortlessly curate an appealing event feed within the coworking space. Members immediately discover upcoming events, access all necessary details, and join with a simple click. The checkout process takes just two taps, providing members with beautiful passes for quick event entry.

Events management system on Spacebring: joining option and ticket

Importantly, this process remains equally simple for members across various locations. Even non-members can participate if you choose to make your event visible to the general public. It's an effortless way to enhance engagement and streamline event attendance.

2. Using Credits vs. Currency

Now that you've automated event booking and ticketing, the next step is enabling smooth payment processing. on Spacebring, this becomes effortlessly seamless. When setting up your events, you have the flexibility to accept payments in either credits or real-world currency, providing an added layer of convenience for your members.

Here's how it works:

Coworking space events management system on Spacebring: buying event tickets with credits
  • Flexible Payment Options: Create paid events with the option for attendees to use their earned credits or pay with money.
  • Streamlined Event Setup: While crafting your event, simply assign a credit and money price. This flexibility ensures your members can choose the payment method that suits them best.
  • Member Empowerment: By offering the choice between credits and currency, you empower your members to make payment decisions that resonate with them, making event attendance more appealing.
  • Expanding Credit Use: Spacebring takes the credit concept further. Beyond just booking meeting rooms, members can now utilize their credits for event tickets, enhancing the value they receive from their membership.
  • Universal Convenience: What sets Spacebring apart is the universal nature of its credit system. Members can use credits not only for events but also for various other aspects of your coworking space, simplifying their experience.

By integrating the option to pay with credits, you're not only simplifying payments for your events but also enhancing the overall member journey within your coworking space.

3. Using Online Communication Tools

Once you've settled on your coworking event plans, the next step is to spread the word effectively. A well-executed promotion strategy can make all the difference in the success of your events.

The approach you take for event promotion will depend on factors such as the event's scale and whether it's open to the public. Here are some creative ways to promote your events:

Feed on Spacebring coworking space management software: event announcement
  • Member Notifications: Send messages, push notifications, or emails to your members. This ensures they're directly informed about upcoming events.
  • In-Space Signage: Place visible signs within your coworking space, catching the attention of members as they work.
  • Website Banners: Display banners on your website to capture the interest of website visitors.
  • Social Media Blitz: Use both organic and paid posts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to maximize event visibility.
  • App Announcements: Utilize your in-app feed or events calendar to notify members about upcoming gatherings.
  • Personal Invitations: Engage in direct communication with members, personally inviting them to events during casual interactions.

Remember, the success of early events might not always be massive in terms of attendance. Focus on delivering a remarkable experience for your members, and word-of-mouth recommendations will eventually play a significant role in drawing more attendees to your future events.

4. Keeping an Event Calendar

Consistently updating your event calendar is essential to keep your members engaged and informed about the latest happenings. With the help of events management software, this process becomes seamless. Here's how you can ensure a vibrant event calendar:

Events showcase on Spacebring coworking space management software
  • Easy Discovery: Integrate upcoming events into an appealing event feed for convenient member access.
  • Engaging Descriptions: Craft descriptions that captivate with enticing cover photos, formatted text, and highlighted links.
  • Across Multiple Locations: Extend event availability across all your coworking locations, offering inclusivity to all members.
  • Public Visibility: Enable both members and non-members to view and purchase passes for public events directly within the app.
  • Attendance Optimization: Set attendee limits for safety and an enriched event experience.

By consistently updating your event calendar and leveraging the features of your events management software, you create an environment where members can effortlessly discover and participate in exciting events.

5. Keeping in Touch with Participants After the Event

Maintaining those post-event vibes is easy when your coworking app seamlessly integrates event management. Thanks to this integration, you've got a direct line to all attendees. You can effortlessly stay connected, gather insights, and keep that sense of community alive even after the event wraps up.

Event attendee list on Spacebring coworking space software

But here's the thing, don't just rely on surveys. We get it, everyone's got a busy schedule, and surveys often end up buried in the digital abyss. Instead, shoot for face-to-face chats. Whether it's over a cup of coffee or a quick chat in the hallway, real conversations bring out the best insights.

And hey, being specific matters. When someone tells you they loved the last event, dig deeper. Ask them what exactly hit the right spot—was it the friendly atmosphere, the intriguing talks, or the new connections they made?

Discover how hundreds of spaces worldwide unlock success and grow better with Spacebring

Case Studies of Coworking Space Community Events

To give you an idea of where to start, we collect case studies of efficient approach to events. These examples offer a closer look at the planning, execution, and impact of successful events in coworking spaces across the globe.

Fueling Community Engagement through Dynamic Events at Ìpàdé

Ipade app developed by Spacebring

Ìpàdé, a pioneering Black-owned coworking space nestled in Washington DC, thrives as a hub for Black women, women of color, and gender-expansive individuals of color. With a focus on collaborative growth and positive change, founder Elizabeth Gay established a haven that nurtures a vibrant community.

Since its inception in April 2022, Ìpàdé's mission has been clear. Elizabeth aimed to cultivate a meticulously managed space that placed events at its heart. Her objectives included:

  • Event Management Ease: Streamlining event organization, promotion, and member participation for seamless experiences.
  • Member Empowerment: Equipping members with intuitive tools to connect, engage, and participate in events effortlessly.

Spacebring partnered with Elizabeth to enhance her vision through dynamic event management. Here's how Spacebring transformed Ìpàdé's event landscape:

1. Simplified Onboarding

With its user-friendly interface, Spacebring required no special training. Elizabeth swiftly integrated the platform, enabling swift event management from the outset.

2. Member-Centric Engagement

Members embraced the app's intuitive design, readily adopting its features for event discovery, RSVPs, payments, and seamless communication.

3. Amplifying Community Connection

Leveraging Spacebring' suite of tools, including Event Showcase and Community Feed, Ìpàdé cultivated a thriving community hub centered around impactful events.

4. Seamless Administrative Automation

Administrative tasks were streamlined, from event creation to attendee management. Members could easily navigate event participation, leaving administrators with more time to focus on event innovation.

The results of this collaborative effort spoke volumes:

  • Events That Elevate: Ìpàdé's event calendar flourished, fostering a diverse range of engaging events that resonated with its community.
  • Event Participation Surge: Members eagerly embraced event opportunities, resulting in increased attendance and active engagement.
  • Community Enrichment: The event-centric approach propelled community interactions, enriching member relationships and sparking valuable discussions.
  • Empowered Engagement: Members took charge of their event experiences, using the app to discover, RSVP, and participate with utmost convenience.

By aligning with Spacebring, Ìpàdé's event strategy has transformed into a cornerstone of its vibrant community. The Ìpàdé journey underscores the pivotal role of innovative solutions in reshaping coworking spaces into dynamic event hubs, fostering deep connections and sustainable growth through impactful experiences.

Read full success story of Ìpàdé: Spacebring Helps Ipade Automate Workflows & Make Members Self-sufficient

Elevating Community Engagement through Seamless Event Management at Hatchworks Coworking

Events on Hatchworks Coworking app developed by Spacebring

Nestled in Asheville's vibrant landscape, Hatchworks Coworking transcends conventional workspace boundaries. More than just a place to work, it serves as a community hub that thrives on cultivating connections. Set in the South French Broad neighborhood, Hatchworks is a haven of natural light, lush greenery, and complimentary local coffee. But its true essence lies in its ability to unite members and the local Asheville community.

Hatchworks embraced Spacebring as their tech partner, harnessing its power to reshape their event landscape:

1. Event Empowerment: Among other community-centered features, Spacebring automates ticketing, community feeds, and direct chat with members.. This allowed Hatchworks to amplify its event offerings, catering to both members and the broader community.

2. Effortless Engagement: Members seamlessly discovered, joined, and managed events through the intuitive Spacebring app. The platform's notifications ensured no participants slipped under their radar.

3. Eased Administration: Spacebring simplified event management for administrators. Tracking attendees, managing capacities, and automating ticketing streamlined the process.

4. Inclusive Reach: The platform's public event feature opened doors to non-members. This expanded their reach, fostering engagement while generating revenue.

5. Seamless Onboarding: Hatchworks effortlessly onboarded members into their event ecosystem, enabling them to seamlessly explore and register for activities.

6. Vibrant Community Interaction: Spacebring' community feed feature kindled interaction among members. It became a hub for sharing insights, coordinating meetups, and nurturing a sense of belonging.

Hatchworks' partnership with Spacebring illuminated a path of remarkable outcomes:

  • Event Diversity: The Spacebring solution enriched Hatchworks' event repertoire, becoming a magnet for members and the wider community.
  • Increased Participation: Events saw heightened engagement, with members and non-members participating more actively, driven by the platform's intuitive event discovery and seamless registration.
  • Revenue Uplift: The public events feature attracted a new revenue stream as non-members enthusiastically joined events hosted by Hatchworks.
  • Enhanced Member Satisfaction: Attendees reveled in the streamlined event experience, deepening their satisfaction with Hatchworks' community-centric approach.
  • Strategic Focus: Automation of event management freed administrators to focus on strategy and growth, amplifying the value Hatchworks delivers.

Read full success story of Hatchworks Coworking: How Hatchworks Coworking Doubled in Size in Just Six Months

Elevating Community Engagement - FoundrSpace's Successful Event Strategy

Events on FoundeSpace app developed by Spacebring

FoundrSpace, a dynamic coworking community in California with locations in Rancho Cucamonga and Pasadena, has masterfully harnessed the power of events to foster a sense of belonging, drive innovation, and enrich their members' experiences. By strategically using events to strengthen their community, FoundrSpace has elevated itself beyond a traditional workspace provider.

Empowering Connection: The Event-Centric Approach

FoundrSpace recognized that events go beyond mere gatherings; they're catalysts for collaboration, learning, and networking. To differentiate themselves, they embraced an event-centric approach that blends professional development, networking, and entertainment.

To streamline event management and enhance the attendee experience, FoundrSpace turned to Spacebring. With Spacebring, they simplified event registration, communication, and coordination, ensuring seamless operations.

  • FoundrSpace leverages their member community to promote events, using various channels such as the Spacebring app, newsletters, and social media. FoundrSpace experimented with virtual events, hybrid formats, and interactive workshops that encourage participation and collaboration.

FoundrSpace's event-centric strategy has yielded impressive results:

  • Increased Member Engagement: The diverse events portfolio has led to higher member participation and engagement, resulting in a more vibrant community.
  • Enhanced Brand Identity: By offering unique and valuable events, FoundrSpace has solidified its position as a community-driven workspace provider.
  • Positive Member Feedback: Members consistently praise the quality and variety of events, highlighting their impact on personal and professional growth.
  • Expanding Community: Through events, FoundrSpace attracts new members who resonate with their values and offerings, contributing to sustained growth.
  • Promoting Collaboration: Events facilitate networking and collaboration, enabling members to forge meaningful connections and partnerships.
  • Elevating Value Proposition: Events have become a central component of FoundrSpace's value proposition, setting them apart in the competitive coworking landscape.

FoundrSpace's strategic approach to events, powered by Spacebring, has transformed it from a traditional coworking space into a thriving ecosystem of collaboration, growth, and meaningful connections. By prioritizing events, FoundrSpace has set itself apart, creating a vibrant community that resonates with members and continually reinforces its position as a leader in the coworking industry.

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Looking ahead, the future of coworking space events is promising. As the demand for flexible work environments continues to rise, events will remain a cornerstone of coworking culture. They will evolve to cater to diverse interests, facilitating deeper interactions and collaboration among members.

As coworking spaces adapt to changing needs, events will continue to shape the coworking community, nurturing an environment where professionals can learn, grow, and thrive together. If you're eager to explore how technology can streamline your event management and enhance your coworking space experience, schedule a demo call with an Spacebring product expert today. Discover the possibilities that await your coworking space's event journey.

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