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Hackerspace or the Best Coworking Spaces for Developers in the US

Costanza Tagliaferri
Hackerspace or the Best Coworking Spaces for Developers in the US

Working from home has many benefits, as we all know. However, not everyone has a private office at home or a designated workspace. And because of this coworking spaces are a perfect solution. It’s not surprising to hear that there are currently 3.1 million coworkers spread across 49,500 flexible workspaces worldwide. Especially following restrictions and quarantines, coworking has become a global phenomenon.

Working remotely doesn’t mean working alone. Especially in the tech field, coworking spaces for developers are the best starting point to meet like-minded people and training on new skills.

Reasons Why Developers Move to Coworking Spaces

Now the office can be anywhere. The recent embrace of the digital nomad lifestyle encouraged people’s desire to discover different coworking spaces around the world. Though there are various reasons why developers may seek them.

Shared workplaces bring numerous benefits, from tech equipment to networking opportunities. Here are the four primary reasons why developers look for regular memberships in coworking spaces:

1. Flexible Schedule and Unlimited Access

Working from home means working under a flexible schedule. Whether people don’t like to work a 9-5 schedule or need long nights to meet deadlines, unlimited access is the first reason to subscribe to a coworking space. Indeed, Deskmag’s survey counts 59% of respondents that prefer 24/7 access. Rather than another office, these statistics point out how developers see coworking hubs as a second home dedicated to work tasks. For this reason, unlimited access and a flexible schedule are the top reasons to subscribe to regular membership.

2. Coworking Technology

Another reason why developers seek a coworking space is tools and technology equipment. First, from 3D printing to dual monitors to webinar software and maker spaces, coworking spaces offer the opportunity of sharing expensive tools and software while working on multiple projects.

Developers are also attracted by comfort, seeking ergonomic chairs or standing desks. And some coworking spaces offer Skype and conference rooms to hold meetings and private video calls. Setting up a home office with such amenities is expensive, which is why most developers prefer a coworking subscription.

3. Mentoring and Training

Unlimited access and tools aren’t the only reason why hackers seek a shared workstation. Working as a developer means regularly upgrading skills and keeping track of new software and tools releases. In the same vein, building a remote business has many challenges, and being part of a community helps to find solutions. For these reasons, most developers look for mentoring and training programs. Events like coding jams, meetups, and workshops are an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and learn about new technologies. So, when developers subscribe to a hackerspace membership they want more than expensive amenities. They want to be part of a wider network of like-minded people to grow professionally and learn new skills.

4. Networking Opportunities

Finally, 56% of people move to a coworking space for network opportunities. From finding new clients to partnerships, most people are attracted by the chance of creating new opportunities. Whether a professional works alone or in a company, the hackerspace networks are a point of attraction for most professionals.

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List of the Best Coworking Spaces for Remote Developers


HackerLab coworking space and its members

Location: Sacramento, California

HackerLab is an innovative coworking space for developers. The coworking offers a shared workplace with desks and private offices with regular community events and meetups in two locations. In addition, the space provides classes on 3D printing, CNC machine operation, wood and metalworking, laser-cutting, Arduino, and business strategies.

Amenities: 24/7 access for Coworking and Makerspace, 2 hours/month conference room, 1 Gbps Internet, discounted Hacker Lab classes.

Membership pricing:

  • Monthly Subscription: $124.99/month
  • 6 Months Subscription: $674.99/month
  • Year Subscription: $1,199.99/year
  • Private Desk in shared office: $200/month + membership
  • Private Office (14' x 9.5'): From $600/month + membership
  • Private Office (19' x 12'): From $900/month + membership


CO+HOOTS coworking space for developers

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

It has 7 different offices, 5 private rooms, and flex open space, Co+Hoots is the largest coworking space in Phoenix. The venue hosts around 250 location-independent entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote professionals. Members can access different business development programs such as the Success Lab program or Midweek Lunch and Learns. In addition, the space offers Hoot Hour networking and monthly meetups promoting mentorship programs.

The CoHoots Foundation supports coworking and organizes regular events dedicated to startups and small businesses. For example, the Foundation’s PERCH initiative gathers health technology leaders to discuss topics around the health tech community. Bringing together professionals for business workshops and meetups, Co+Hoost is one of the best coworking to extend and create a solid network.

Amenities: Corporate and non-profit events, retreats and social events, workshops, high-speed Wi-Fi.

Membership pricing:

  • Open space daily access: $35
  • Working days 10 am-6 pm: $79/month
  • Illimited access: $350/month


Workbar coworking space for developers

Location:  Boston, Massachusetts

Located in Boston’s Financial District, Workbar was the first coworking space in the city. Since the first workplace, there have been locations in Cambridge, Somerville, and Arlington. Members can access meeting rooms and event spaces while attending social meetups and workshops. In addition, the area provides a corporate office, a gym, and a cafe for networking and socialization.

Amenities: onsite team, 24/7 access, high-speed Internet, nursing room, meeting and huddle rooms, event programming, technology platforms.

Membership pricing:

  • Full-time: $399/month
  • Part-time: $139/hour
  • Dedicated Desks: $599/month
  • Virtual offices: $69/month


GeekDom hackerspace

Location:  San Antonio, Texas

Built on the three floors of the historic Rand building, Geekdom is the heart of San Antonio’s tech scene. The hackerspace is spread over 40,000 square feet for innovation and collaboration. With open space, private offices, and conference rooms, the coworking provides 3D printers and different tech equipment. In addition, Geekdom offers ping pong tables and free beer to promote socialization, relaxation, and networking.

Amenities: 24/ access, kitchen and free coffee, Skype room, maker spaces, personal lockers, standing desks, ergonomic chairs, wheelchair accessible.

Membership pricing:

  • Private Office (4 people): $800/month
  • Dedicated Desk: $250/month
  • Open Plan Seating: $25-50/month

The Bridge

The Bridge coworking space for developers

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Bridge creates a collaborative environment between independent remote workers and companies. In this coworking, education and training are top priorities. The space regularly organizes talks, seminars, and workshops around specific topics. The location promotes a strong sense of community and offers open space desks, private offices, and conference rooms.

Amenities: High-Speed WiFi, chill-out area, kitchen and free coffee, ergonomic chairs, dual/single monitors, and other equipment.

Membership pricing:

  • Open Plan Seating: $20/day or $150/month
  • Unlimited Membership: $200/month
  • Dedicated Desks and Private Offices on enquiring


Stoke hackerspace

Location: Denton, Texas

Stoke is a coworking space for developers, innovators, freelancers, and startups. The space combines technological innovation and open spaces to stimulate collaboration and networking.

Amenities: 24/7 access, conference rooms, tech equipment, high-speed Wi-Fi, mentoring programs, educational opportunities, free coffee, and tea.

Membership pricing:

  • One Day Pass: $20
  • Membership: from $105/month

Work in Progress

Work in Progress coworking space for hackers

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Work in Progress is a dynamic and dog-friendly coworking space with two different locations for independent-location entrepreneurs and startups. In addition to unlimited coffee, the organization offers mentoring programs, events, and workshops.

In addition, coworking provides high-quality features and equipment. Each spot comes with ergonomic chairs, high-speed Wi-Fi, and free access to tech equipment - Dual/single monitors, video recording equipment, 3D printer, projector, Apple TV, photo and recording studio. Finally, members can have private calls in multiple Skype rooms or relax in the common area playing ping-pong.

Amenities: 24/7 access, standing desks, ergonomic chairs, Bosu ball chairs, free coffee and snacks, kitchen, personal lockers, phone booth, bike parking, and plug for electric cars.

Membership pricing:

  • Dedicated Desks: $324/month
  • Open Plan Seating: $30/day to $150/month (reception hours)
  • Private Offices on enquire

Beyond Buzzwords: Why Developers Need a Solid Tech Foundation

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  • Community Connections: Members discover each other and forge strong collaborations through detailed profiles.
  • Administrative Automation: Say goodbye to tedious paperwork! Spacebring takes care of invoicing, payments, and access control.

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The article was written by Costanza Tagliaferri, a Writer and Content Marketer at She has covered a wide range of topics, and now she is focussing on technology, traveling, and remote work.

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