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andcards Is The Best Value Coworking Space Platform

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards Is The Best Value Coworking Space Platform
  • andcards is recognized with the “Best Value” coworking software award by Coworking Resources.
  • andcards is especially praised for community and event management features along with seamless non-member booking and competitive pricing.
  • Thanks to this award it will be much easier for coworking space owners to choose a management system addressing most of their needs without breaking the bank.

andcards has been recently awarded as "Best Value" coworking software in 2022, which is highlighted in this years’ Coworking Resources report.

We're really proud that our product exceeds expectations and provides great value for money, so accept the nomination with the greatest pleasure!

"andcards has emerged as the "Best Value" solution thanks to an extensive set of powerful features and an attractive pricing model. These factors make it a competitive option for flexible workspaces of any size".

Alberto Di Risio, Editor at Coworking Resources

Alberto Di Risio, Editor at Coworking Resources

Now, let us spell out what is the best value and why it means so much to us.

We Put Customer on Top of It All

andcards empowers managers and administrators to provide outstanding member experience, be more productive, save time, foster the community, and grow the coworking space brand by automating operations and introducing a modern and seamless member-first user experience.

To cover all the above points, it is not enough to include a standard set of solutions that simplify coworking space administration, such as:

  • space booking,
  • billing,
  • members management and support,
  • analytics, etc.

That’s why we walk the extra mile and provide a whole lot of advanced and even futuristic features that will surely delight members and make them stay with your brand longer.

For instance:

  • Sleek and intuitive members’ apps that make all services of your coworking space instantly available to customers.
  • Collaborative community features that help you build strong bonds and loyalty to your brand, such as corporate newsfeed, events showcase, visitor management system.
  • Contactless door access, passwordless Wi-Fi login, cloud printing, and more WOW functionalities that make a deep impression on customers and make them choose your space among the competitors.

Besides, we strive to give each customer (no matter their plan) a bunch of extra value for free:

  • 24/7 lightning-fast and extremely helpful chat support.
  • Extensive onboarding training.
  • Regular educational webinars uncovering the newly developed product features and teaching how to use them to your advantage.
  • A dedicated account manager who is always there for you to discuss and resolve any issues should you encounter them.

Here’s what our customers say about the value they get with andcards:

"Brilliant service and a team who walked us through not just the registration of our app, but the teething challenges we had. It helped us bridge the gap between our website and mobile apps: new members are instantly invited to download apps upon a successful coworking membership purchase. They produced our workspace app on time, on budget, and on value! Would definitely recommend this coworking software to all coworking businesses based on our experience."

Stephen Carrick-Davies, Hatch Hubs

Stephen Carrick-Davies, Hatch Hubs

Why Is It Important for Us to Help Customers Be Member-Centric

A perfect space is where members want to live rather than make a living. It consists of multiple components that operators must take into account. That’s why it is not enough for us just arm administrators with proper tools to automate their routines. This approach will never make members happy. And members’ happiness is key to coworking business success.

Our last customer survey showed that 79% of andcards clients prioritize better service for members in their use of technology and operations, which supports our member-first philosophy and encourages us to focus innovation through the prism of value for the end-user.

“Our clients, just like us, are 100% sure that the success of a coworking space directly correlates with its customer focus. For example, seeking to create a perfect workplace for a member, operators equip their centers with advanced technologies. Using those self-service platforms, the client gets all necessary services in a single touch. This applies to literally everything—from opening doors to booking meeting rooms, paying for membership plans, communicating with the community, and attending events.”

Igor Dzhebyan, CEO & Co-Founder of andcards

Igor Dzhebyan, CEO & Co-Founder of andcards

Motivated By Recognition

Serving more than 100 successful coworking spaces that unite 40K+ happy members in 35 countries worldwide, we can confidently confirm that we know what it takes to offer top-notch products and outstanding service. We're really honored and highly motivated that our efforts are recognized by such an award-winning publication as Coworking Resources!

"Our partners at andcards have done a great job with their coworking solution and we are happy that their value is being recognized".

Bernhard Mehl, Co-founder and CEO of Kisi

Bernhard Mehl, Co-founder and CEO of Kisi

However, the restless and dynamic andcards team is not going to rest on laurels. These days, when the flexible workspace industry is soaring, we feel energized and full of ideas like never before.

Curious to find out why andcards was designated as the best value? Book a demo with us today and learn more about how the platform provides excellent value for your buck!

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