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Automated Payments in andcards: Payment Collection at Coworking Spaces Has Never Been Simpler

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Automated Payments in andcards: Payment Collection at Coworking Spaces Has Never Been Simpler
  • From now on, andcards apps allow for adding credit cards and secure automated payment processing for bills, which makes payments for coworking space services even more seamless for members and hands-free for managers.
  • Members don’t have to submit credit card details every time they need to make a payment. They just choose one of the saved payment methods and proceed immediately.
  • Managers don’t have to spend time and effort creating invoices and collecting payments. Members’ cards are just charged automatically.

Payments at a coworking space can drive you up the wall. Tracking expenses, crafting invoices and chasing members to collect the due fees take a lot of time and energy.

The good news is that andcards is going to take most of the above tasks off the administrators’ shoulders. Our solution keeps the records of all membership fees as well as other members’ expenses, creates bills, sends them, and now even allows for recurring payments to charge members for their membership plans and other services automatically.

andcards is introducing credit card saving and automated payments for invoices to make the payment experience even smoother for customers and simpler for managers.

At Pluto, we are continually striving to give our members the very best experience: from sign-up, through to becoming a customer. Being able to offer secure automatic payments through the andcards app is a great way for us to improve that experience and make it seamless. Not only that, but automating this process saves us time and makes us more efficient.

Claire Hughes, director of Pluto coworkig space, comment about andcards' automated payments for bills feature release

Claire Hughes, Director of Business Development at Pluto

Let’s get to know about the main benefits of this great addition to andcards:

  • Saving cards for quick payments.

Members only need to input their banking card details once. After that, their payment information is securely stored by a connected payment gateway (such as Stripe). If a member is paying with a new card for a bill, andcards will offer to make that new card a default payment method for bills. andcards saves all card types supported by your payment gateway, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay, and others.

Managers don't have to prepare invoices every time they need to charge members. All recurring and one-off fees are included in members' bills and charged automatically.

Credit cards saving and automated payments for bills on andcards coworking space software
  • Automated payments for bills.

Payments collection is probably the most troublesome part of an administrator’s job. Sometimes even when the invoice is sent, you have to wait until the members find a few minutes to pay it or even remind them multiple times about it. With automated payments for bills, administrators can finally stop being payment collectors, because membership fees and other payments are charged automatically to the default payment method on file.

  • 0% commission on recurring charges.

Some billing systems take a fee for every invoice paid. andcards’ invoicing takes no commissions on recurring subscriptions. We don't charge anything on top of your payment gateway provider’s fees.

  • Let members pay with personal and company cards.

andcards system can distinguish individual and company payment methods, so that a user can conveniently choose whether to pay with a company card or personal card, without having to switch accounts. That is, several payment accounts can be associated with a single user. For instance, if a company reimburses a desk in the coworking space for its employee but doesn't reimburse parking, a company manager can add both corporate and personal cards to pay for coworking space services with a preferred method.

This excellent upgrade to theandcards invoicing system is coming at no extra cost to all andcards customers next week. If you are not a customer yet,  book a demo call with our product expert to see how andcards works.

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