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Introducing the Notification Center

Igor Dzhebyan
Igor Dzhebyan
Introducing the Notification Center
  • Coworking and flexible office space administrators want to stay in the know of important member activity in real-time, such as a hot desk booking, an invoice payment, or a Shop purchase.
  • andcards is reinventing notifications for coworking space administrators by bringing together cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design so that even minor customer activity will not fly under the radar.

A coworking space manager must keep many things under control: bookings, finances, printers, coffee beans, and even members' moods. Multitasking is challenging, which is why wise businesses implement a management system from day one. Although automation helps reduce the need for administrative control, sometimes it’s still essential to be notified of important activities.

Old-school solutions for notifications are all email-based, which are easy to miss and not actionable. Today andcards reinvents notifications for coworking spaces by introducing a cutting-edge set of tools to help administrators of flex workspaces keep track of customers' activity in real-time.

Here’s how it works:

The dedicated new Notifications page consolidates all essential alerts on a single page. It provides a comprehensive overview and real-time updates on everything going on at the hub:

  • Meeting room and desk bookings
  • Event tickets
  • Shop orders
  • Benefit applications
  • Credit bundles purchases
  • Paid and failed invoices
Notifications center on andcards coworking space platform

Notifications sync across all platforms (left) and can be flexibly personalized by each administrator (right).

Every administrator can choose what to be notified about by choosing a specific service. Also, each notification type can be fine-tuned by selecting a role of a targeted user: administrator, location members, network members, or nonmembers. Through an easy-to-use interface, which became a hallmark of the andcards platform, administrators can configure notifications simply and flexibly, for instance:

  • Notify if nonmembers book meeting rooms.
  • Notify if network members buy shop products.
  • Notify if location members pay for an invoice.
Nicole Parks

“We are excited about the notification system. This new system will save a lot of time for our team. We will no longer have to go in and manually check when our external customers booked a room or desk or joined the event. This feature takes the stress off of feeling like you missed something. Any automation that helps improve our customer service is greatly appreciated."

Nicole Parks, Co-founder of Campfire CoWorks

The new notification tools come to andcards subscribers at no extra cost. If you also want to feel like you have a birthday every month, book your demo with our expert right now. No time for a personalized demo? Take a quick six-minute product tour to see if andcards is a fit for your space.

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