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Spacebring Is an Easy-To-Use and Powerful Alternative to Optix

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Spacebring Is an Easy-To-Use and Powerful Alternative to Optix

Optix is a website for coworking space admins and mobile apps for members. It prioritizes looks over functionality and restricts your members to mobile apps only.

Spacebring is an easy-to-use suite of branded web, Android, and iOS apps. It takes full advantage of these apps to make your customers self-reliant while empowering you with rich features and customization options to save time.

Why Spacebring is a great choice for coworking spaces:

  • Apps for everyone: Admins, members, and guests use web or mobile.
  • Packed with features: Manage visitors, sell event tickets, and more.
  • Global support: Multilingual with 24/7 help around the world.

Spacebring Unlocks Your Web and Mobile Apps for Everyone

Optix restricts admins to the web and members to the mobile app only. Members can’t book meeting rooms or participate in your community without having to download a mobile app.

Spacebring takes a modern approach with a full suite of apps:

  • Mobile app for iPhones, iPads, and macOS with M1/2 chips
  • Mobile app for Androids and Chromebooks
  • Progressive web app with push notifications

With Spacebring, admins, members, and nonmembers have the freedom to choose the platform. You’re empowered to manage your coworking space on the web and on the go. Your customers are free to sign up, book, and connect on the web and mobile.

Mobile/web app featuresSpacebringOptix

On top of that, Spacebring white-label apps are a generation ahead for a number of reasons: full branding, native code, modular design, and accessibility features for people with visual impairments to build an inclusive community.

You can't get more user friendly than Spacebring for both administrators and members. We love that as an administrator you can run everything from your app on your phone, you don't have to have your laptop making it super easy to run the business on the go, respond or do administrative tasks anytime anywhere.
Meisha Strykowski, Cocolux Australia
Meisha Strykowski
Spacebring coworking space management software vs Optix - what's better for your business

Optix’s mobile app is limited to members only and requires a login. In contrast, Spacebring’ mobile apps allow to explore your products and services, join events, chat, become a member, and even manage the space on the go.

Spacebring Is More Functional: Visitor Management, Room Display, Credits, Benefits, Events, External Bookings, and More

Optix focuses more on the design and less on customizability and functionality.

“The platform has multiple inconsistencies which affect business revenue. The onboarding process took four months instead of one + a significant additional investment into development was needed from our side.”

Optix review on G2

Of course, Spacebring has a great design that’s easy to use. For example, over 95% of users book meeting rooms by themselves without requiring any assistance, which is a testament to user-friendliness.

Universal credit system✔️— 
Room/desk booking✔️✔️
External booking✔️
Event management✔️As an integration
Member support✔️✔️
Visitor management✔️As an integration
Benefit catalog✔️✔️
Landing page✔️✔️
Web app✔️For admins
Mobile app✔️For members
Meeting room display✔️— 

But on top of that, Spacebring is a powerhouse. Spacebring offers a full suite of tools empowering you to:

  • Auto-invoice and auto-pay for invoices in under 8 seconds
  • Register and check-in visitors
  • Sell credits and enable spending all around the app (not only meeting rooms)
  • Organize events and sell tickets without Eventbrite
  • Build a benefit catalog
  • Use meeting room display
  • Accept external bookings for rooms, desks, and even plan sign-up

What's more, unlike Optix, Spacebring offers flexibility. For instance, making billing changes is hassle-free with a simple 'Edit' click, saving you time, unlike the need to cancel and recreate plans on Optix.

It seems that Spacebring has definitely more options for accommodating what we offer. For example, on Spacebring, it's a lot easier to have people book rooms either using their card or with credits. It basically just centralizes everything that we offer from memberships to day passes to meeting rooms.
Jazz David, Foundr Space
Jazz David
Spacebring coworking space management software vs Optix - what's better for your business

Unlike Optix, Spacebring is packed with value, offering rich features like meeting room display, visitor management, events, and much more.

Spacebring Supports Multiple Languages and Multiple Locations

Optix apps support English only.

If you’re based outside the English-speaking world or plan to welcome foreign customers, Spacebring got your back with full multilingual support. We already support English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Korean, and allow you to add your own languages. What’s particularly impressive — administrators enjoy full localization as well.

Supported languagesSpacebringOptix

Multiplied by Spacebring’ powerful multi-location support (multi-currency, multi-time zone), you’re setting yourself up for global success.

Spacebring helped us to expand from one location in Quito to multiple locations in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and the United States. Our Spanish-speaking customers in Latin America enjoy the same great user experience as our English-speaking customers in the US.
Bryan Burgos, WorQ
Bryan Burgos
Spacebring coworking space management software vs Optix - what's better for your business

Unlike Optix, Spacebring supports multiple languages and offers 24/7 chat support the world over.

Spacebring’ Support Is 24/7 the World Over

Optix’s support is mostly limited to Canada’s working hours.

Support optionsSpacebringOptix
Phone✔️ (add-on)
Help Center✔️✔️
Coworking GPT✔️
Support Hours7:00-21:00 (GMT)Canada Hours

Spacebring’ support is 24/7 across the entire world. This is what our customers say:

🇦🇺 From Australia (GMT+11)

The customer support they provide is unlike anything I’ve experienced and I cannot rate them highly enough in this regard.
Kate Moras, HUSTLE
Kate Moras

🇸🇪 From Sweden (GMT+1)

Best customer support ever!
Lindsay Hedenskog, LAMB
Lindsay Hedenskog

🇺🇸 From United States (GMT-6)

Everyone at Spacebring is extremely helpful and the response time is one of the reasons we love the customer service.
Haley Garcia, WRKWith
Haley Garcia

What Are Customers Saying?

Spacebring is the #1 top-rated coworking space platform:

4.8/5 Spacebring rating on Capterra4.8/5 Spacebring rating on Software Advice4.8/5 Spacebring rating on GetApp4.8/5 Spacebring rating on Trustpilot
Best SupportLeaderEasiest To Do Business WithHigh PerformerUsers Love Us
FoundrSpace: Subscriptions SimplifiedBy introducing plan sign-ups in our app, the entire process of selling memberships is automated. This makes it easier and more efficient for us to offer membership plans without any hassle.
bookings are done by customers

of subscriptions are automated

of invoices are automatically paid

Spacebring Is Trusted by Over 500 Coworking Spaces in More Than 50 Countries

City Space
Creative States
Spacebring Customers Map

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