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Top 8 Coworking Spaces in Australia

Alina B.
Top 8 Coworking Spaces in Australia

As many people invest their time in newer ideas and business plans, coworking spaces have turned into the first places to work in. Among the many reasons to love Australia, the development in these spaces has turned into a major one. Providing a service where people can focus on their business is like giving the liberation that people will find nowhere else. If you are interested in getting inspiration and learning about other amazing coworking spaces in Australia, you have come to the right place.

Here are Australia's best 7 co-working spaces:

1. Stone & Chalk

Stone & Chalk coworking space

Stone & Chalk in Sydney is a co-working space that will give you the best kind of inspiration to build on your co-working business! This space focuses on systematically selecting their members so that they get to serve startups that focus on cybersecurity, capital markets, crypto-currencies, IoT, and more. Following this, the managers have provided people with the Full-Time Flexible plan in a collaborative environment or the Full Time Dedicated plan in a personalized setting.

The operators of this coworking space do the perfect job of providing a semi-private are and private offices which is something they boast about.

The operators have made sure to provide the members with some other additional services, that are:

  • Meeting rooms: Reserving room has never been easier. One can reserve meeting rooms on an hourly basis, or whenever needed.
  • Kitchen: The operators have provided with a kitchen where workers can prepare or heat meals.
  • Internet: Members get high-speed internet connections.
  • Yoga and Meditation: There is a 24/7 access to a yoga and meditation studio where the space members can relax after a long day.
  • Printing Facilities: One can get access to a printer, scanner, and photocopier for free.
  • Bike Racks: Members can get free parking services on the bike racks.


  • Innovate with Startups (4 weeks): This program is provided for members to understand the process of establishing their business/startup.
  • Accelerated Programs: The program offers services with design and testing to deal with a business problem, which can especially be solved with workspace management software.
  • Multi-Partner Program (12 weeks): Members are expected to solve a challenge with their teammates' help.
  • Hackathons: This competitive program will give a chance to better work on the skills of the members with the execution of an idea.

2. YBF Ventures

YBF Ventures coworking space

This community-based coworking space in Melbourne and Sydney has been made into the most innovative places to help serve tech-focussed members with networking, mentorship, meeting new people, and more. The managers have created spaces for over 500 members and have dedicated event spaces that hold over 450 events annually. YBF has balanced out a mixture of contemporary and heritage designs with premium interiors to make its members feel both welcomed and productive.

By keeping its members as the top priority, the managers have provided some additional facilities of this space as well.

  • Internet: Australia’s fastest (gigabit) internet along with free printing and scanning facilities.
  • Kitchens and pantries: Kitchens and pantries where members can make, order and store food.
  • Relaxing zones: The lounge areas at YBF allows people personal zones where they can relax and conduct informal meetings.
  • Free and helpful facilities: Members and visiting guests get a free parking space, have access to free Fairtrade coffee and luxury tea, helpful staff, and a warm reception.
  • Private yoga classes: Weekly community yoga classes, exclusive to members, led by a professional yoga instructor.
  • Secure bike storage: Free and secure bike storage.
  • End-of-trip facilities: Complete with premium products and fresh towel service.
  • 24/7 access: Secure and flexible working for any time zone.
  • Weekly breakfasts: Free breakfasts for all members for networking and nourishment.
  • Perks and discounts: Over $45,000 worth of discounts on tech and software for members.

Types of coworking spaces at YBF:

  • Private offices: Spacious and secure private offices for teams of all sizes.
  • Dedicated desks: To maximize community connections and collaboration.
  • Meeting rooms: Fully-equipped meeting rooms with connected TVs, whiteboards, conference phones, and all free to use for members.

Programs, hubs, and awards platforms:

  • YBF Fintech Hub: Victoria’s largest fintech-focused hub, integrated into YBF Melbourne – the perfect place for fintech startups and scaleups.
  • YBF Mesh: The world’s first, dedicated Web 3.0 hub, based within YBF Melbourne.
  • LawTech Hub: Australia’s first legal tech space, based at YBF Melbourne and YBF Sydney, in partnership with Lander & Rogers.
  • PropTech Hub: Dedicated prop-tech space nested within YBF YBF Sydney, in partnership with building automation giant Honeywell.
  • SquareGrape: An innovation collaboration between YBF Melbourne and one of the world’s largest wine companies, Treasury Wine Estates.
  • Lift Off Awards: Annually celebrate gender and cultural diversity in fintech.
  • Online Startup & Innovation Awards: Celebrating ingenuity, innovation, and leadership in the startup and scaleup space.
  • Startupbootcamp: Renowned accelerator program, headquartered at YBF Melbourne.
  • Workshops, panel talks, pitch nights, hackathons, and masterclasses regularly take place at YBF.

3. InterOffice

InterOffice coworking space

InterOffice has established itself as the next-generation co-working space. Managers have made this place by keeping commercial property solutions and business collaborations in mind and ultimately helping their member’s business grow. If a business is as customer/member-oriented as InterOffice, it is sure to satisfy people by keeping them wanting more.

To make sure that its members get the professional touch, the managers have made highly equipped and flexible meeting rooms available for tenants and client interactions. Not just this, as an operator one can learn to build their space member-friendly, just like the InterOffice managers. They have focused on day-to-day management sites such as Site IT & Software solutions, concierge and member management, event management, marketing, advertising, and more.

An interesting observation from this space is to create a collaborative space of “Flexispace by Charter Hall + InterOffice” done with the Charter hall group.

The meeting rooms can accommodate up to 30 people, and the event space can hold about 70 guests in total.

Members get access to:

  • High-speed internet
  • Relax zones
  • Kitchen, shower, lockers, etc.
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Printer, Scanner, Projector, Photocopier, etc.
  • Bike parking

4. Hub Australia

Hub Australia coworking space

One thing an operator or newly-appointed manager can work on is to use space as a strong feature to inspire people to come and join their business. Hub Australia has used the same concept of using space to provide people with useful resources and equipment.

With its flexible options, Hub Australia has been designed to give a premium experience for any growing business. The coworking space provides a choice between a temporary space, individual access for some time, or a new headquarters for their business. This well-planned space is known as one of the largest privately-owned coworking spaces. With over 3000 members, Hub Australia is open in 7 different locations.

Flexible membership options provided by Hub Australia like Flexible (8 days per month), Frequent (24/7 access), and Connect (occasional access) is its strong point. They have also prioritized virtual offices made for people working from home and can be very beneficial with the changing situations. One can choose a location from the seven others to register for a website, business cards, or web listings. They also have the freedom to collect their mail from the same branch for free.

Revolutionize your coworking space with an easy-to-use software solution designed for both members and staff

5. Worksmith

Worksmith coworking space

Worksmith does a wonderful job of reminding new business owners how important it is to be unique in a business that might seem mainstream. Worksmith, coworking space, located in Melbourne believes in collaboration and innovation. It is a working space especially focused on empowering the Aussie food and Bev industry. Worksmith aims to help benefit the wine, beer, and spirit distributors, sale operators, marketers, graphic designers, and restaurant owners.

Managers have provided its members with 24/7 access to social events, unlimited internet, access to meeting rooms, and more. Under the same cost, they will also get parking, tea & coffee facilities, printing, kitchen, cleaning facilities, video conferencing facilities, meeting rooms, wheelchair accessibility, security, a podcast room, and a receptionist.

A helpful tip to give members in such situations is to have coworking software integrations to make their work and your service more efficient. Worksmith reminds every operator to be resourceful. With many projects at hand, such as the Melbourne Cocktail Festival, Mercedes me, BYDRI, Blackhearts & Sparrows, and more, Worksmith does a great job of integrating anything that the industry demands to make your business a success. Offering such services can help attract a myriad number of members to make a coworking space a success.

6. Creative Cubes

Creative Cubes coworking space

CreativeCube.Co was founded by a great team of entrepreneurs that understand the trials and tribulations of business. CreativeCubes.Co has developed a center for energetic working individuals in Melbourne. With a bunch of locations open and a dozen more under construction.

CreativeCubes.Co offers multiple membership plans making it super easy for members to buy day passes all the way up to housing their team and organization in private offices on a full-time basis. There is also a Dedicated Desk membership that gives a desk in a shared space. The Private Office option offers a private space with better facilities and a fully furnished area. The Virtual Office from the CreativeCubes.Co provides a space for professionals who operate from remote locations.

The many facilities from Creative Cubes are:

  • 24/7 access: Members have facilities provided 24/7 in a regularly cleaned and air-conditioned & covid safe environment.
  • Receptionist and Concierge Services: Everyone with a membership other than the day pass will be welcomed.
  • Event Space: Available at all locations and are equipped with natural light for seminars, workshops, and business launch.
  • Mails: They are handled at the office for the dedicated, private office and virtual office members.
  • Lockers: With essential things in the locker, your members will no longer have to worry about leaving something at home.

7. Fishburners

Fishburners coworking space and members

Fishburners considers itself to be one of the best startup facilities in all of Australia. They aim to provide all materials, resources, education, mentoring, and community. They accept members who maintain a community of people with similar thoughts, making them thrive.

Fishburners has been named Australia’s best startup resource and is behind many of Australia's startup success stories, including Koala, Jayride, Homecare Heroes and V2 Foods

The way they help is very organized, making it a big reason behind their success. The Idea stage is the first stage in which the members present their business idea, followed by the second stage or the Startup Stage, where members launch their startup by holding meetings, growing, and connecting with the industry. The last step, also known as the Scale-up stage, will help them run and grow bigger to make a larger team.

Since they make it a priority to service their members, they provide multiple resources to support entrepreneurs and startups with:

  • Physical and digital hubs with everything you need to start and grow a business
  • Experts/Mentors and Interns Marketplace: receive help as a Mentee/Seeker and, build your network, or contribute to the community and generate income as an Expert/Mentor and Students can develop an entrepreneurial skillset along with the necessary concepts to understand business.
  • Life-Long Learning: Free weekly online and face-to-face courses to help upskill and accelerate success
  • Fishburners Fempowered: This program for female founders is in collaboration with Google For Startups.
  • Hosted Incubator or Accelerator: Fishburners works with Corporates and Government to host and facilitate sponsored incubator and accelerator programs.

8. Workit Spaces

Workit Spaces - coworking space in Austaria

Workit Spaces is a coworking eCommerce hub with 3 different locations in Alexandria, near the Sydney CBD. It provides a variety of private offices, serviced offices and shared office space in a unique dedicated workspace environment. They offer competitive office spaces as a flexible alternative to paying costly rent in Sydney.

Workit launched Sydney’s first eCommerce Hub – a purposefully designed space for eCommerce businesses requiring offices, showrooms, storage facilities, warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment.

Workit pride themselves on having created an inclusive environment where diversity is the key strength. They’re also a pet-friendly coworking space, meaning members can bring their dog or any other well-behaved furry friend.

On top of physical spaces, Workit offers virtual office solutions for those wanting a Sydney address. This means you can start an Australian business from home, or from anywhere you want, and be able to register with ASIC, Google Maps etc.

Workit Spaces gives businesses complete flexibility to scale, from starting off with single dedicated desks to providing showroom offices with warehousing fulfillment. Whether you are a growing startup or a large enterprise, Workit offers a range of office spaces to meet your business needs.

This article was written by Alina B., an accomplished reviewer who provides you with unbiased and clear tips on making your business a success. You can access her Live Plan reviews to understand her ways of work better. With her approach to the current trends, you will get access to highly researched work that aims to serve you in the best manner.

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