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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Coworking Spaces That Will Surprise You

Caitlin Morton
Top 5 Eco-Friendly Coworking Spaces That Will Surprise You

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the unmistakable rise of freelancing and remote work. Businesses from all over the world are now looking to improve the working conditions of their freelance and remote workers.

This is when the coworking spaces come in. Most companies and individuals are looking for a space that would resonate with their world outlook and inner motives. This means coworking brands must thoroughly pick their unique positioning on the market.

For instance:

What's more, an awesome coworking space must help members contribute to some higher mission, to making a city/country/world a better place. Eco-friendly coworking spaces reveal one of the multiple possibilities for residents to get involved in something big and meaningful, which will ensure that the experience they get is exceptional. Here are the top five eco-friendly coworking spaces from all over the world that will surprise you.

#1 Sustainable Valley (Australia)

Sustainable Valley coworking space

Sustainable Valley might not be very well-known in the United States, but it is extremely popular in Australia. In fact, it might be the most famous coworking space in the country. It provides workers with numerous opportunities and sustainable resources along with giving them regular coworking space benefits.

First of all, Sustainable Valley also works as a business incubator and facilitator. It offers in-house advertising services for various ethical and eco-friendly startups. Their services include such things as:

  • brand management,
  • social media strategy and campaigns,
  • PR and copywriting,
  • digital marketing services,
  • design (web and graphic),
  • and videography among other things.

In addition to that, you can also get the services of a mindfulness coach who is available at the facility. Members can even attend free mindfulness sessions every week! There are yoga and meditation sessions held every week that members can attend when they need to get some rest during the working day.

Moreover, you can get different healthy meals at the place. For instance, you can buy a vegan latte and enjoy it while you work. The view there is also fantastic, so you will be able to get both the pleasure from your food and the pleasure from your environment. In other words, it’s a win-win situation.

Sustainable Valley is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with the prices ranging from $29 upwards depending on the type of access you want to get. For example, it can be a fulltime access pass or a one-time visit. It is the perfect choice for everyone who lives in Australia or plans to move to the country.

#2 CoCoon (Hong Kong)

Based in Hong Kong, CoCoon is well-known in many ways. Starting from networking events and ending with the numerous opportunities CoCoon provides, it is undeniable that there will be something for everyone no matter what industry your company is in and what values and goals it has.

So, firstly, there are networking and idea-sharing events that let professionals come together and find like-minded people. Members are encouraged to start integrating new developments into their businesses. This leads to more innovations and eventual upgrades and improvements in performance.

Another interesting aspect of CoCoon is that it is enormous. With 14 thousand square feet, it has a café, a library, a photo studio, conference rooms, and a comfy lounge room along with the interior coworking space. The location is also great as it is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and a beautiful park.

What makes CoCoon special is its design. The floors are made of natural bamboo and use non-toxic paint. You will also notice LED lights that use less energy. The drought-resistant plants are a part of the design making it sustainable and pleasing to the eye while also giving the space a unique and personal look.

CoCoon is open every day except for Sunday and has affordable prices. However, keep in mind that memberships are by invitation only. The application process is quite rigorous which means that only the best of the best get accepted into the community. The applicants are tested on their skills and talents.

Because Hong Kong has been a favorite destination for many people in all industries, your freelance and remote workers living in the area could benefit a lot from using CoCoon’s facilities on a regular basis to improve their work culture.

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#3 Green Spaces (Denver, USA)

Located in Denver, Green Spaces is a coworking space that partners with many local communities around the area. Each member can also be certified green by the special Certifiably Green Denver Program which makes Green Spaces even more unique because of the services and opportunities it offers.

One of the reasons why Green Spaces is so sustainable is that they use over 160 solar panels on the roofs of the office buildings which supply energy-saving LED lights with enough power. Electricity sources are also solar-powered which allows the coworking space to save a lot of money and save the environment at the same time.

In addition to that, the water available at Green Spaces if filtered which supports this zero-waster lifestyle promoted by the coworking space. Members can also enjoy car sharing from one of the partners, Zipcar. The management also provides visitors with composting and recycling services.

All of these factors have contributed to the popularity of Green Spaces. In fact, it was even featured in such outlets as Forbes, Inc., BBC, Entrepreneur, and HuffPost. The prices differ based on the space you want to use and the kind of access you want to get. There are private offices, team pods, part-time and full-time lounges, and so on.

#4 Eco-Systm (San Francisco, USA)

If you are looking for something truly unique and innovative, then Eco-Systm in San Francisco is the place for you. It is a place for all creative entrepreneurs who are inspired by business and entertainment. With such a vibrant community, the coworking space has already partnered with numerous nightclubs and art galleries.

Based in the Soma district, Eco-Systm encourages its members to lead a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. The tools and opportunities provided by this coworking space help members to start the social change on a global level. The purpose is to implement ideas that will make an impact on the bigger picture.

There is a shared kitchen with coffee, tea, and snacks as well as lockers and bike parking. In the office, you will find that there are all the things you might need for productive and efficient work such as scanners, printers, and fax.

Because Eco-Systm partners with Mirus Gallery, there are artworks from this art gallery being displayed throughout the coworking space. Such modern artists as Scott Anderson, Joshua Dildane, Damon Soule, Casey Cripe, Oliver Vernon, and Sandra Chevrier all have their creations present as Eco-Systm which gives the artists exposure and the visitors aesthetic pleasure.

Eco-Systm offers a variety of different coworking spaces including:

  • virtual offices,
  • open desks,
  • and private suites.

The prices, of course, depend on which of these you want to use and what kind of access you want to get. There are also conference rooms you can book for your meetings. Nevertheless, it is still quite affordable.

#5 Icecairo (Cairo, Egypt)

Last but not least, Icecairo is a coworking space located in downtown Cairo, Egypt. It is a part of an international network of icehubs coworking spaces with two more located in Germany and Ethiopia. Of course, “ice” in its name has a meaning and stands for “Innovation”, “Cooperation”, and “Entrepreneurship”.

The interior design if Icecairo is quite unique specifically thanks to the furniture. You can practically create your own comfortable working environment. This is because the furniture is modular and flexible which allows for a lot of room to experiment with how you want your workplace to look like.

The café at Icecairo is also quite suitable for those who lead a healthy lifestyle. Coffee, tea, hot and cold drinks are all available for visitors while the equipment in offices is in abundance (including printers, copiers, iMacs, and other things).

Moreover, when it comes to equipment, there are very many high-tech tools that can help you in unordinary situations. For instance, there are

  • 3D printers,
  • laser cutters,
  • CNC machines,
  • various power tools (grinder, fixed drill, circular saw, etc.),
  • and basic hand tools (hammers, chisels, etc.)

Icecairo is also known for hosting regular events such as entrepreneurship training, technical training in green building, graphic facilitation, and so much more. In other words, it is a great place both for regular employees and entrepreneurs.

The working space is located near Talaat Harb Square, so it is fairly easy to find (their website also has a map that shows you how to reach the place). The prices aren’t disclosed, but you can either call them or send them an email with an inquiry. Everyone is quite friendly, so you will definitely get a quick answer.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, each of these eco-friendly coworking spaces is unique in their own way. Though, all workplaces are united by a single idea of environment protection, which makes them perfect for businesses and individuals concerned about the matter.

Is the idea of a green flexible workspace resonates with you? Read how to save paper with cloud printing: Top 5 Eco-Friendly Coworking Spaces That Will Surprise You.

The article was written by Caitlin Morton, a young and creative blogger who is keen on becoming a professional journalist. Articles written by her are interesting, captivating and inspiring. Currently, she works as a writer at The Word Point company, which is a translation service on a freelance basis. The main topics she analyses are blogging, digital marketing and business issues.

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