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The Operator's Manual for Women-Forward Coworking Spaces

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
The Operator's Manual for Women-Forward Coworking Spaces

Let's kickstart our journey with a fascinating stat: according to the 2020 Deskmag survey, female membership in coworking spaces worldwide has surged past the 50% mark for the first time! It's a sign of the times, but it also reveals an important truth: many women feel the typical coworking space might not quite hit the mark.

Welcome to the operator's manual, where we dive into crafting spaces that speak directly to our female counterparts' needs. If you're a forward-thinking operator itching to create a coworking haven where women feel empowered, you've landed in the right spot. From design hacks to community-building secrets, we're here to equip you with the tools you need to revolutionize the coworking game.

Ready to carve out a space where women can thrive, connect, and conquer? Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Elevating Coworking Spaces for Women: Crafting Irresistible Amenities

So, you're diving headfirst into the vibrant realm of women-centric coworking spaces? Awesome! Now, let's talk amenities—the secret sauce that transforms a workspace into a community hub. To truly cater to the needs of female entrepreneurs, we're not just walking in their shoes; we're strutting down the runway of innovation and inclusivity. Ready for the ultimate sales pitch tailored to charm today's ambitious, diverse, and dynamic women entrepreneurs?

Member at a women-focused coworking space

Let's take a deep dive into the playbook of top-rated women's coworking spaces. These are the places where creativity, collaboration, and self-care converge. So, what's on the menu of amenities that make these spaces absolutely irresistible?

1. Private Offices:

  • Because every entrepreneur deserves her own kingdom.

2. Large Classrooms:

  • Where knowledge flows freely, sparking growth and innovation.

3. Conference Rooms:

  • Spaces where big ideas are born, and collaborations thrive.

4. Flexible Workstations:

  • Versatility is the key to a dynamic work environment.

5. Lactation Rooms for New Mothers:

  • Supporting the journey of motherhood with comfort and privacy.

6. Complimentary Coffee and Tea:

  • Fueling creativity one cup at a time.

7. Free Parking:

  • A stress-free start to the workday.

8. Complimentary Yoga, Meditation, and Barre Classes:

  • Balancing the hustle with a dash of zen.

9. Access to a Sprawling Library:

  • Knowledge is power, and books are our allies.

10. Showers and Spacious Bathrooms:

  • Freshening up the mind and body for peak performance.

11. Hair Blowouts:

  • Confidence starts with looking and feeling fabulous.

12. Room to Nap In:

  • Recharging stations for those power naps that fuel productivity.

13. Beauty Salon:

  • A little pampering to celebrate achievements.

14. Networking Events for Members:

  • Connecting like-minded trailblazers for endless possibilities.

15. Mobile Apps for Remote Booking:

  • Convenience is queen in the digital age.

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Let's also incorporate some extra gems from the insightful mind of Ivanne Poussier, feminist entrepreneur and author of "Sisters in Arms: Women in Search of Inclusive Coworking Spaces":

1. Phonebooths:

  • Crucial for those private conversations.

2. Big Lockers:

  • Organization is the key to a clutter-free mind.

3. Emergency Room for Mothers:

  • A thoughtful touch for unexpected challenges.

Crafting Inspirational Spaces: Designing the Ultimate Coworking Haven for Women

Let's delve into the world of design—the very essence of any coworking sanctuary. When it comes to crafting spaces specifically tailored for women, we're not just talking about aesthetics; we're sculpting environments that inspire, empower, and resonate deeply with the unique needs of female entrepreneurs. So, how do we elevate our design game to cater to the incredible women shaping the future? 

Inspirational environment at a women-centric coworking space

Comfort Reigns Supreme

Picture plush seating, ergonomic workstations, and inviting communal areas. Women-centric spaces prioritize comfort without compromising on style. Soft textures, warm hues, and abundant natural light create an inviting ambiance where women not only thrive but also feel utterly at ease.

Flexibility and Flow

Unlike traditional office layouts, women-centric coworking spaces embrace fluidity and adaptability. Open floor plans encourage collaboration, while flexible seating arrangements and modular furniture cater to diverse work styles. Think multifunctional spaces that seamlessly transition from brainstorming sessions to quiet contemplation zones.

Privacy as a Priority

While collaboration is key, privacy remains paramount. Dedicated quiet zones, soundproof pods, and secluded work nooks offer respite from distractions. Privacy-enhancing elements like dividers, curtains, and acoustic panels strike the perfect balance between connectivity and solitude.

Inclusive Amenities Galore

From lactation rooms and wellness corners to meditation pods and beauty bars, women-centric coworking spaces prioritize holistic well-being. Consider integrating amenities that cater to diverse needs, such as childcare facilities, nursing rooms, and accessible spaces for individuals with disabilities.

Community-Centric Design

Beyond aesthetics, design should foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Interactive communal areas, collaborative work zones, and engaging art installations cultivate a vibrant community spirit. Think cozy lounges, inspiring murals, and communal kitchens that serve as hubs for connection and collaboration.

Tech-Savvy Solutions

Embrace technology as a catalyst for connectivity and efficiency. High-speed Wi-Fi, digital booking systems, and smart office solutions streamline operations and enhance the coworking experience. Empower women with seamless access to resources, events, and networking opportunities through intuitive digital platforms.

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Safety and Security Measures

Prioritize the well-being of your community with robust safety protocols and secure infrastructure. Well-lit spaces, secure entry systems, and emergency response plans ensure peace of mind for all members. Implement safety measures that promote inclusivity and accessibility, fostering a culture of trust and support.

Remember, exceptional design is rooted in empathy and understanding. Listen to feedback, observe user behavior, and continuously refine your approach to create spaces that inspire, empower, and uplift women from all walks of life.

Building Vibrant Communities: Fostering Engagement in Women-Centric Coworking Spaces

Let's dive into the heart of coworking magic: community building and engagement. In women-centric coworking spaces, it's not just about providing a desk and Wi-Fi; it's about creating a dynamic ecosystem where connections flourish, ideas collide, and collaboration thrives. So, how do we cultivate vibrant communities that inspire and empower our members? Let's break it down!

Workshop at a female-focused coworking space

Host Regular Networking Events

Spice up your calendar with a variety of networking events tailored to women entrepreneurs. From speed networking sessions to themed mixers and panel discussions, provide opportunities for members to connect, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful relationships.

Facilitate Workshops and Skill-Sharing Sessions

Empower your community with knowledge and skills through interactive workshops and skill-sharing sessions. Cover topics ranging from business development and marketing strategies to wellness and personal growth. Encourage members to share their expertise and learn from one another.

Create Collaborative Projects and Challenges

Ignite creativity and collaboration by organizing collaborative projects and challenges within the community. Whether it's a hackathon, design sprint, or entrepreneurial challenge, spark innovation and teamwork while fostering a spirit of camaraderie and mutual support.

Establish Mentorship Programs

Foster mentorship opportunities by pairing experienced members with those seeking guidance and support. Encourage mentorship circles, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and peer-to-peer coaching programs to facilitate knowledge exchange and professional growth.

Cultivate Online Communities and Forums

Extend the sense of community beyond the physical workspace by cultivating vibrant online communities and forums. Create dedicated channels for networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing where members can connect, seek advice, and celebrate achievements.

Celebrate Member Milestones and Achievements

Recognize and celebrate member milestones, achievements, and successes. Host member spotlights, feature success stories on your website and social media channels, and organize celebratory events to acknowledge and applaud members' accomplishments.

Encourage Cross-Pollination and Serendipitous Encounters

Design your space to encourage serendipitous encounters and cross-pollination of ideas. Create inviting common areas, breakout zones, and collaboration spaces where members can mingle, brainstorm, and exchange insights organically.

Seek Feedback and Foster Community-Led Initiatives

Actively seek feedback from your community to understand their needs, preferences, and suggestions for improvement. Encourage community-led initiatives, interest groups, and special interest clubs to empower members to shape the culture and direction of the space.

By implementing these practical tips and strategies, you can cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community where women entrepreneurs thrive, collaborate, and support one another on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Fostering Work-Life Harmony in Women-Centric Coworking Spaces

Let's delve into the world of wellness and work-life harmony tailored specifically for women-centric coworking spaces. In these dynamic environments, it's crucial to foster holistic well-being while championing the unique needs and aspirations of women entrepreneurs. So, how do we curate spaces that empower and uplift?

Wellness session at a women-centric coworking space

Design Thoughtful Spaces for Self-Care

Craft inviting spaces within the coworking area that prioritize self-care and rejuvenation. Consider cozy corners for meditation, relaxation pods, and lush greenery to inspire serenity and calmness, aligning with women's preferences for nurturing environments.

Curate Wellness Workshops and Women-Centric Activities

Elevate the member experience by curating wellness workshops and activities tailored to women's needs. From mindfulness circles and stress-relief seminars to workshops on women's health and empowerment, offer opportunities for growth, connection, and empowerment.

Promote Physical and Mental Health

Advocate for physical and mental well-being by promoting regular exercise, mindfulness practices, and mental health support. Organize fitness classes, yoga sessions, and discussions on topics like imposter syndrome and work-life integration, fostering a supportive community environment.

Provide Nutritious Options and Health Resources

Ensure access to nutritious snacks, herbal teas, and wellness resources that cater to women's health and dietary preferences. Stock communal kitchens with nourishing options and collaborate with nutritionists or health professionals to offer guidance and support.

Create Safe Spaces for Vulnerable Conversations

Foster an inclusive culture where women feel safe to discuss personal and professional challenges openly. Host support groups, mentorship circles, and wellness circles where women can share experiences, seek advice, and offer support in a compassionate and understanding environment.

Empower Women to Set Boundaries and Prioritize Self-Care

Encourage women to establish boundaries around work, technology use, and personal time. Provide resources and tools for time management, boundary-setting, and stress reduction, empowering women to prioritize self-care and well-being amidst their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Celebrate Female Resilience and Achievements

Spotlight the resilience and achievements of women within the coworking community. Host events, panel discussions, and recognition ceremonies that honor female entrepreneurs' accomplishments, contributions, and milestones, fostering a culture of celebration and empowerment.

By integrating these strategies, coworking operators can cultivate spaces that nurture women's holistic well-being, foster meaningful connections, and empower women to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

Opening Doors: Ensuring Accessibility and Inclusivity in Coworking Spaces for Women

Let's embark on a journey to explore accessibility and inclusivity within coworking spaces tailored specifically for women. In these vibrant hubs of creativity and collaboration, it's paramount to create environments that welcome all women, regardless of background, abilities, or identities. So, how do we ensure every woman feels seen, heard, and valued?

Accessibility at femate-focused coworking spaces

Physical Accessibility for All

Start by ensuring your coworking space is physically accessible to women of all abilities. Install ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. Designate parking spaces for individuals with disabilities, fostering an inclusive environment from the moment they arrive.

Cultural Sensitivity and Representation

Celebrate diversity and honor cultural sensitivities within your coworking community. Create spaces that reflect the rich tapestry of women's experiences, backgrounds, and identities. Incorporate diverse artwork, literature, and decor that resonates with women from various cultural backgrounds, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Lactation Rooms and Parent-Friendly Spaces

Prioritize the needs of working mothers by providing dedicated lactation rooms and parent-friendly spaces within the coworking facility. Equip these spaces with comfortable seating, nursing supplies, and privacy features to support breastfeeding mothers and ensure they can navigate work and parenthood with ease.

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms and Facilities

Foster a gender-inclusive environment by offering restrooms and facilities that accommodate individuals of all gender identities. Implement signage and policies that affirm gender diversity and promote inclusivity, ensuring every woman feels respected and valued within the coworking community.

Affordable and Flexible Membership Options

Make coworking accessible to women from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds by offering affordable and flexible membership options. Provide discounted rates for students, entrepreneurs from marginalized communities, and individuals facing financial barriers, ensuring no woman is excluded due to financial constraints.

Language Accessibility and Communication

Ensure your communication materials, signage, and online platforms are accessible to women with diverse linguistic backgrounds and communication needs. Offer multilingual support, provide translations for important documents and announcements, and prioritize clear and inclusive communication practices that resonate with women from all walks of life.

Diverse Programming and Events

Curate a calendar of events and programming that reflects the diverse interests, talents, and aspirations of women within the coworking community. Offer workshops, seminars, and networking events that cater to women from various industries, backgrounds, and career stages, fostering connections and collaboration across diverse communities.

By embracing accessibility and inclusivity, coworking operators can create spaces where every woman feels empowered to thrive, connect, and succeed on her own terms.

Empowering Women: Fueling Professional Growth in Coworking Spaces

Let's turbocharge professional growth in our coworking spaces, specifically tailored for our women trailblazers. We're not just offering desks and Wi-Fi; we're igniting aspirations and fueling journeys. So, how do we create an environment that propels continuous growth and upward trajectories?

Members at women-focused coworking space

Workshops for Women Warriors

Craft workshops designed explicitly for our women warriors. From negotiation mastery to digital marketing domination, let's equip women with the skills they need to conquer professional battles.

Forge Mentorship Bonds and Sisterhood Circles

Let's foster mentorship programs and sisterhood circles where seasoned pros uplift those starting out. When one woman rises, she carries others along.

Bringing Top Guns to the Table

Invite industry mavens and entrepreneurial powerhouses to share stories, wisdom, and a sprinkle of inspiration. Let's turn our spaces into hotbeds of innovation and wisdom-sharing.

Stacking Up the Knowledge Arsenal

Arm our women entrepreneurs with tools for success. From curated libraries to online learning platforms, let's stack our knowledge arsenal with resources covering everything from business strategies to personal growth hacks.

Collaborative Ventures and Dream Teams

Encourage collaborative ventures and dream teams where women pool talents and vision. From group projects to hackathons, let's create spaces where the magic happens and dreams take flight.

Dollars and Sense

Connect women entrepreneurs with the financial fuel they need to soar. Grants, funding opportunities, or investor connections—ensure lack of funding never holds back a woman with a vision.

By prioritizing women's professional growth, we're not just building coworking spaces; we're crafting launchpads for success, innovation, and female empowerment.

Green Growth: Sustainability Initiatives for Women-Centric Coworking Spaces

Let's talk about green growth and sustainability initiatives tailored for women-centric coworking spaces. As we pave the way for professional progress, let's also lead the charge in environmental responsibility. Here's how we can infuse sustainability into the DNA of our spaces!

Healthy snacks at women-centric coworking space

Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

Start from the ground up with eco-friendly infrastructure. Opt for energy-efficient lighting, sustainable building materials, and water-saving fixtures. Let's create spaces that not only nurture creativity but also respect Mother Earth.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Embrace the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle. Implement recycling bins, encourage digital documentation over paper, and repurpose materials wherever possible. Let's turn trash into treasure and minimize our ecological footprint.

Green Energy Solutions

Power up with green energy solutions. Invest in solar panels, explore wind energy options, and prioritize renewable energy sources. Let's harness the power of nature to fuel our spaces sustainably.

Biophilic Design Elements

Embrace biophilic design to bring the outdoors in. Integrate indoor plants, living walls, and natural light to enhance productivity and well-being. Let's create spaces that inspire, rejuvenate, and connect with nature.

Waste Reduction Strategies

Implement waste reduction strategies at every turn. From offering reusable cups and utensils to promoting composting initiatives, let's minimize waste generation and maximize resource efficiency.

Education and Awareness

Educate members about sustainability practices and their impact. Host workshops, seminars, and green-themed events to raise awareness and inspire eco-conscious behaviors. Let's empower our community to be stewards of sustainability.

Collaborate for Change

Join forces with local green initiatives and environmental organizations. Collaborate on eco-friendly projects, participate in community clean-ups, and advocate for sustainable policies. Let's be catalysts for positive change in our neighborhoods.

Bonus resource: Amy King on How to Start a Sustainability Journey as a Coworking Business Owner

By integrating sustainability into the fabric of our coworking spaces, we're not just building workplaces; we're nurturing a greener, healthier planet for generations to come.

Exemplary Women-centric Coworking Spaces

Members at a women-centric coworking space

In the realm of coworking, spaces tailored for women are pioneering new standards of inclusivity and support. Here are a few standout examples that exemplify the essence of empowering women in coworking environments:

1. The Coven

With multiple locations across cities like St. Paul, Minneapolis, and beyond, The Coven stands as a testament to fostering women-centric communities within coworking spaces. Its emphasis on inclusivity and diverse programming sets a benchmark for creating dynamic and supportive environments where women entrepreneurs can thrive.

2. AllBright

AllBright represents more than just physical spaces; it embodies a global movement dedicated to empowering women in business. Through its innovative programs and events, AllBright cultivates networks of support and opportunities for women to lead, collaborate, and succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

3. The Hivery

Founded on the principles of creativity and community, The Hivery offers a unique blend of coworking and inspiration labs for women entrepreneurs. Its focus on mentorship, training, and resources creates an environment where women can explore their passions, develop their businesses, and find solidarity among like-minded individuals.

4. One Roof

One Roof serves as a beacon for women-led businesses, providing a supportive ecosystem where entrepreneurs can access resources, network, and grow their ventures. Its commitment to closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship underscores its role as a catalyst for women's empowerment and business success.

5. Hera Hub

Hera Hub redefines the coworking experience by offering spa-inspired spaces designed specifically for female entrepreneurs. Through its focus on business support, networking opportunities, and personalized experiences, Hera Hub creates environments where women can thrive professionally and personally.

By learning from the innovative approaches of these women-centric coworking spaces, operators can glean insights into fostering inclusive and supportive communities within their own environments.

Take Your Women-Centric Coworking Space to the Next Level

You've got the vision, the passion, and the commitment to creating a haven where women entrepreneurs thrive. Now, let's talk about the tools to make that vision a seamless reality. That's where Spacebring comes in.

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