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7 Virtual Event Ideas to Bring Your Coworking Community Together

Jessica Smith
7 Virtual Event Ideas to Bring Your Coworking Community Together

Today, youngsters find gigs more attractive than traditional nine-five offices. Initially, they get small roles without experience and carve their career in the desired way. Also, with freelancing, one learns to manage time and money well, laying the groundwork for entrepreneurship. Employers can hire people temporarily based on project requirements. It is especially beneficial for start-ups working on a shoe-string budget.

As a freelancer, one does not have to work from 9-5 on weekdays, and there is no need to waste time in traffic bottlenecks. Many of them work on multiple projects and have a steep learning curve. Often a laptop and a fast WiFi connection are the only requirements. But at times, people can feel lonely, miss the chit-chats, cafeteria breaks, etc. So to strike a balance between the independent nature of work and community feeling at the job, the concept of coworking evolved. In coworking spaces, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners with different skill sets and projects are working together. Here the traditional work competition is missing, and one can network freely.

Now, people working from home can also reap the benefits of coworking by connecting virtually or buying a virtual membership at a coworking space. It has also become necessary as many people are staying at home due to the pandemic or other reasons. Below we look into the various virtual events ideas coworking space managers can host at their hubs to provide their virtual members with the biggest workspace benefit, which is an active and supportive community.

1. Virtual Good Mornings

Isn't it best to start the work along with your favorite peers? It is nice to log in at the same time and have a pep talk with the buddies. There is no need for a lengthy banter, but a brief gesture would do. A group chat or a short virtual meeting gives community vibes and happiness. And, when you begin the day well, you are likely to be enthusiastic throughout. Thus, even such small virtual team building activities as virtual greetings in the mornings can enhance members’ productivity.

2. Involve Children in the Virtual Group

coworking space members' kids participating in the virtual community event

It is likely that in the present covid times, children are at home too. Children require attention, and at times, parents can be too tired. It is advisable to give space to children as part of work. For example, they can have virtual story sessions, fancy dress competitions, etc. You can use an extension cord to plug in additional devices like a mic, piano, etc. They get a chance to bond with children outside their school.

If feasible, the children can meet in a park during weekends. Also, when you have elderly parents, you can engage them with the near and dear ones of the flexible workspace communities.

3. Take up Learning Activities

If you want to pick up a new skill, acquiring it together is often a quick process. Community members can attend related online workshops while sitting on their couches. And, more than the traditional work atmosphere, it is easier to find learning partners in a virtual coworking group. Learning together gives coworking space members different perspectives of the subject. It is feasible to bring in a mentor or an expert to guide them further. You can have discussion hours so that it doesn't affect the working hours. Therefore, consider the comfortable timing of fellow attendants.

4. Take Breaks Together

coworking space member with a laptop and a cup of coffee at a virtual coffee-break

In an office environment, coffee and lunch breaks are moments that staff look forward to. People de-stress and relax during these recesses. And, for most, it is the route to foster some great workspace friendships. Why not recreate the same virtually? Schedule the timings, and you can show and discuss the menu on the plate. Try to replicate another person's dishes and have the usual gossip during the break meetings.

Enable members and non-members of a coworking space to join events with a few taps

5. Wellness Lessons

While working from home, most people do not take up enough physical activities. Moreover, they do not schedule their mealtimes and tend to binge on junk food. Such practices are harmful to the body and increase mental stress too. This kind of lifestyle is detrimental to both health and career. Thus, it is advisable to include wellness programs as part of the virtual coworking community, such as online Yoga sessions, stretch breaks, and workout challenges. Also, it is advisable to keep a record of calorie intake, nutrition levels on a common portal.

6. Set Aside Time for Celebrations

Mini parties and celebrations at the office are always fun. The coworkers can decide on a theme and decorate their place accordingly. You can send virtual gifts, share videos, and make photo collages. It is possible to play games like bingo, dumb charades, Pictionary, etc., via Zoom calls. Include talent shows, concerts, and dance parties in the virtual celebrations. During festivals, you can have day-long events. Go for game nights and watch movies along with coworkers or play a game of hearts with your friends.

7. Discuss Trending Topics

One of the simplest ways to pick up a conversation with a coworker is to talk about trending issues. You can find people with similar interests, share memes, etc. It is advisable to have time slots for such discussions.

Final Thoughts

Coworking is an excellent opportunity for freelancers, remote workers, artists, and budding entrepreneurs. They can network freely, and at times can collaborate professionally. It is also a place where one can practice market-ready skills like public speaking, pitching, hosting events, etc. Moreover, when the group gets bigger, the community can invite industry leaders and venture capitalists for expert sessions.

Want more ideas to engage with your coworking community both online and offline? Get them here: Best Coworking Events to Build Community at Your Workspace.

The article was written by Jessica Smith. Jessica has been writing articles for e-business and elance sites for more than 4 years. Her educational background is Masters in English and journalism which gives her a broad platform to write on a variety of topics with ease and efficiency. She is an independent writer especially enjoys writing on fashion, lifestyle, health, and medical niche.

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