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How to Brand Videos: 8 Tips for Coworking Business

Cristian Stanciu
How to Brand Videos: 8 Tips for Coworking Business

The pandemic crippled the world economy. The prolonged lockdown came as a devastating blow to every industry, no exceptions here.

Some suffered more than others. The coworking business is one such industry. With everyone confined in their homes, the once-promising coworking business came to a standstill.

The worst is behind us but it’ll take some time for coworking businesses to tread the path of growth again.

Like the phoenix, the coworking business will rise again. And, this time, its progress is fueled by video marketing.

Today, we shall discuss why coworking businesses should use brand videos and tips to use these videos to boost the industry’s popularity, reach, and everything.

Why Should Coworking Businesses Use Brand Videos?

Not too long ago, the coworking businesses were in just thousands. Despite the challenges we’re facing today, the number is set to reach new heights with the experts estimating more than 5 million coworking spaces by 2022.

Marketing becomes even more important in this highly competitive market. Plus, video marketing is one powerful communication tool that’s guaranteed to succeed.

There is no doubt about the potential benefits of using video content. Nowadays, almost every business uses video marketing.

The availability of filming devices, Premiere Pro transitions, video editing software, and editing services have made video creation a cinch.

With video content available dime a dozen, why should coworking businesses use brand videos in their marketing strategy?

Video content is like no other marketing medium. Videos succeed because of three basic principles.

  • Our decisions, not every one of them but most, are the result of emotions. Logic plays only a small part in our decision-making process.

You are more likely to appeal to a person’s emotions with video content than any other medium. Most people won’t deny the fact when two equal options are available we use the heart to make the decision and then use logic to rationalize it.

  • Brand videos are a better option because it involves storytelling. It’s easier to remember when information is delivered as a story than in the form of hard facts.

When coworking businesses engage with their audience through a story, sharing information like who they are and what they offer, people are more likely to remember the brand.

  • All major search engines and social media platforms love video content. They favor videos compared to other content because the users linger longer on the page with videos.

The incredible reach of video content and its ability to hold the attention of the viewers make it the ideal tool to increase brand awareness.

Text content or even images won’t do justice to coworking spaces. It’s only through brand videos that a business can give a realistic picture of what they offer and what the audience can expect.

Plus, in this highly competitive market, only videos can help brands engage with the audience at a personal level.

Tips To Advertise a Coworking Business With Brand Videos

coworking space manager showing workspace interior

Facts don’t lie. Nearly 90% of consumers rely on video content to decide on a product or service.

Businesses understand the importance of videos too as 71% of them plan to invest more in video content.

With so much video content around, your content needs to be creative and special to achieve success. Here are tips to create brand videos that stand out.

1. Highlight Cleanliness of the Coworking Space

When it comes to marketing, coworking business presentation is everything. Make sure the place is spick and span because the tenants value tidiness. You need to highlight the cleanliness part of your business.

Litter and poorly maintained working spaces reflect badly on the business. It also raises questions on other elements of the coworking business such as connectivity, privacy, etc.

In addition, untidy spaces will distract the freelancers from their work. Your brand video must focus on the cleanliness aspect of your coworking business to attract freelancers to your coworking space.

Assure the potential customers their working space will be clean and tidy so they can focus on the work at hand.

2. Present a Real Picture of the Coworking Space

Businesses can easily get carried away while creating brand videos using the best film editor software. Instead of presenting a realistic picture of the coworking space, a distorted version is presented.

Sometimes artificial lighting and graphics are used to make the brand videos more attractive.

While there is nothing wrong with creating beautiful videos, you have a better chance of converting if a true picture of the coworking space is shown to them.

You can achieve this by reducing the use of artificial light. Use the natural light to give the viewers an idea of the space where they’ll be working for the foreseeable future.

If done right, the natural elements will be more welcoming and capable of convincing the audience.

3. Highlight the Small Details to Convert

It so happens that businesses are highly focused on showcasing the big picture, they fail to include the minor details.

In most cases, it’s the minor details that convince the potential customer to choose you instead of your competition.

Often the location, amenities, privacy, internet connectivity, food, and security are showcased in the video.

But, other details such as noise level, community feel, hidden costs, separate phone booths, dimension of the working desk, self-service members’ apps, and support staff are normally not adequately explained in the brand videos.

These often overlooked points will make the so-so video into an outstanding one that attracts more tenants.

Here is a relevant example: for a graphic designer the dimension of the desk is important. It should be spacious enough to allow the person to conveniently use a drawing pad.

Generate recurring revenue and offer exceptional customer experience at your shared or coworking space

4. Keep the Brand Videos Short and Engaging

To keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of most people, make the videos short and engaging. One or just a couple of videos won’t do justice to your coworking business.

Create multiple videos, each dealing with one key point of your business. This strategy is much better than stuffing too much information in a single video.

Also bear in mind we’re witnessing a gradual decrease in the attention span of the viewers.

What’s the ideal length of your brand videos depends on many factors. But to start with, you can develop coworking business brand videos that are less than 3 minutes long.

5. Let the Brand Video Express Your Identity

A big-budget, high-end video equipment, and top-class editing service don’t guarantee better brand awareness or a wider reach.

Resources alone won’t help improve your coworking business. Bear in mind the videos must clearly express your brand identity in order to be able to boost your brand awareness for the long term.

Coworking businesses must accept part of the blame; the content creators make videos that are too neutral.

Although the video is about coworking spaces, even you can’t differentiate your content from that of your competition.

Your brand has certain unique traits that need to be included and highlighted in your brand videos.

One of the best marketing tactics to stand out is including the unique experience that you and no other coworking business offer.

6. Use Compelling Stories to Convey Your Message

Video marketing is an old concept; at least 60 years old. That said there is a marked difference between the marketing field of today and what it was even 20 years ago.

The consumers of the 21st Century don’t want to be told what to do. This means businesses need alternative methods to persuade customers to buy.

A very successful method adopted by businesses nowadays is to use storytelling to market their brand. The method works because people can remember a story better than hard facts and information.

When a marketing message is seamlessly combined with a story the marketing pitch is subtle. The viewers will feel they are not forced into buying something.

Using the storytelling method also helps attract the attention of the target audience and get them involved with your brand.

One way coworking brands can use storytelling is by producing brand videos that show how their service changes the lives of their customers.

7. Build a Digital Home to Market Your Brand Videos

A website is quintessential for a coworking business. The website must serve as a starting point for potential customers to gather information about your business.

It isn’t enough to use brand videos only in social media and YouTube marketing. Publish brand videos on your website to promote coworking spaces.

Give the potential customers a tour of the area, talk about the amenities, and showcase elements of the business that makes you unique.

Then again, if you don’t want to miss the huge traffic that YouTube generates, then publish the brand videos on the video-sharing platform and embed the content on your web page.

8. Improve Your Online Presence With Social Media and Email Marketing

Instead of waiting for your audience to find you, take the content to them using social media and email marketing.

Not all social media platforms are the same. Develop a video marketing strategy for each platform.

You must keep in mind that videos are usually large files, something that brings a bit of difficulty in sharing them. You might need to be careful in figuring out how to send large video files to suit every platform that you decide to use.

Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to create brand awareness. Include videos in Facebook ads to reach a wider audience.

Your coworking business could also benefit from user-generated content. Hire influencers to promote your brand using blogs and social media videos.

Once the audience shows interest in your coworking business, find ways to move them along the sales funnel. The ideal strategy here would be investing in email marketing.

The potential customers in this stage are looking to gather more information about your business to make up their minds. Convince the audience with brand videos.

The videos must contain all the information needed to make an informed decision. And, use newsletter software to take the content to the audience.

Final Thoughts

Now is the time to act. With countries lifting lockdown in a phased manner, freelancers, solopreneurs, and small businesses are aggressively looking for desks, offices, and meeting halls to make up for the lost time.

The tips on brand videos for coworking businesses will help you achieve multiple objectives. The business could certainly benefit from wider exposure.

You’ll manage to showcase coworking spaces as a better alternative to work-at-home. Most importantly, these brand video tips will help you entice freelancers to seek more coworking spaces in the future.

The article was written by Cristian Stanciu. Cristian is a freelance video editor, owner and post-production coordinator of Veedyou Media – a company offering video editing services to videographers, marketing agencies, video production studios or brands all over the globe. I can catch up with him on his blog or on LinkedIn.

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