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Instagram Marketing: 5 Ways to Promote Your Coworking Space + Beautiful Examples

Ashley Halsey
Instagram Marketing: 5 Ways to Promote Your Coworking Space + Beautiful Examples

Coworking in a workspace sounds more fun than working all by yourself. As people are increasingly opting for coworking spaces, it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s to cut office rent costs or to reduce the boredom of solitude, coworking spaces allow people to not only work among friends but also easily share and conjure new ideas.

And, with coworking space as the increasingly preferable work setting, more and more businesses are promoting their office/workspaces on social media platforms like Instagram. So, it’s not surprising that more than a billion people are taking to Instagram to post pictures, videos, etc. about their work environment, and how fun it is to be in said space, especially with other coworkers.

In this article, we’ll explore the five ways that marketing via Instagram, using coworking spaces as the visuals that bring people (members, staff, and customers) together.

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1. Follow and Interact with Others in the Community

“As you promote your coworking space on Instagram, remember to interact with other members in the coworking community,” says Marsha Henderson, Social Media Marketer at Writinity and Lastminutewriting. “When you like and comment on the content posted by other people in the group, it gives you that feeling of community. So, don’t be afraid to interact with other people online, especially with competitors in the coworking space. Just keep in mind that this experience is meant to be positive, and should also help boost your industry; so, be cordial and respectful when posting content and comments on Instagram.”

Networking is even essential for small local businesses since it has new business owners and entrepreneurs get to know their profession and connect with more experienced business people.

Besides being a teaching tool for new people, Instagram can also bring them into the spotlight and be recognized more in the community, whether they’re dev shops, photographers, designers, etc., making it more likely for them to attract potential clients. And, community members can even share the content that these up-and-coming businesses have to offer, thus increasing their audience reach.

2. Evoke the Right Emotions

Do your Instagram posts evoke genuine emotions among your users? If not, consider establishing the right mood in your posts. Here’s how you can establish a mood in your Instagram posts:

  • Use the right filters and colors on your photo to convey a fun and stable work environment.
  • Use targeted messaging to make viewers feel welcome when viewing the post.
  • Have photos and videos of people interacting and laughing with each other in the coworking space as a means to capture that sense of community, fun, and laughter.

3. Have Various Content

Having varying content helps you build your presence in the community. Therefore, your content has to be on par with your coworking space. Here’s how you can have varying posts:

  • Mix up the post every so often. The ideal mixture is having more community and inspirational posts on your page than promotional ones.

In fact, here’s a pro tip: Limit your promotional messages to 1 post for every 10 that you upload on the page. This lets the audience know that you value them very much and that they’re more than just shoppers and buyers.

  • Try categorizing your posts, and post them in random orders. They can be community posts, brand posts, team posts, member-spotlight posts, workspace-related posts, event posts, etc. Moreover, you can reach out to potential users through Instagram hashtags, relevant images, etc.
  • Use photos and videos to describe your coworking space. Visuals tend to be better than text when describing a place, because most of the time, it is left to the eye of the beholder to interpret what is going on in the imagery. Though, make sure that the visuals are appealing to viewers. For instance, you can use a graphic design service like Penji to get engaging and compelling visuals for your Instagram feed within 24 to 48 hours.

Keep a schedule of when to upload community-based posts and brand posts. Again, don’t overwhelm the Feed with promotional posts.

4. Keep Track of What You’re Doing

In many industries, it’s easy to throw everything you’ve got at your marketing strategy all at once, only to leave potential users with a confusing and disjointed message, as well as having no idea which marketing effort was the one that worked.

So, when you’re boosting your marketing, be sure to try just one new thing at a time, noting its effect on your engagement and accordingly.

Even when you aren’t particularly working on your marketing, graphing statistics like your follower count or likes over time makes it easy for you to go back and notice any spikes or surges. You can then try to remember what caused this.

5. Audience Engagement

In social media, people and companies tend to engage with the community; and most often, this can lead to collaborations between people and brands. In other words, being social is key, when creating and sharing posts. Remember, Instagram growth starts with your audience.

To engage with followers and, possibly, other brands, don’t be afraid to mention and tag people or companies when they are relevant to your posts. This practice of mentioning and tagging can aid in building engagement and increasing your followers. As you do this, make sure that you’re also liking and commenting on their content in return, and be sure to always respond to their comments on your own posts if they like what they see.

This can be as simple as allowing individuals or companies to book a few desks at your space through publicly commenting on a photo you put up or tagging your competitors in casual, banter posts like Nintendo and Xbox famously do. Showing this friendly side to both your potential users and your competitors means that both groups will feel more relaxed about approaching you, to place bookings to use your facilities, and even to collaborate with you. Like Nintendo and Xbox, engaging with your audience frequently in this way could lead to big future relationships.

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Beautiful Instagram Accounts of Coworking Spaces for Your Inspiration

Would you like to see some real-life examples of nice coworking business accounts? Here they go.

creative.states - 1128 followers, 234 posts

Creative States Instagram account

kooperativkyiv - 4213 followers, 130 posts

Kooperativ coworking space Instagram account

coworking_platforma - 4928 followers, 1217 posts

Platforma coworking space Instagram account - 5507 followers, 255 posts

Ourspace Work coworking space Instagram account

cboxcoworking_ - 6974 followers, 201 posts

Cboxcoworking coworking space Instagram account

labs_tlv - 3922 followers, 259 posts

labs tlv coworking space Instagram account

eureka.coworking - 2153 followers, 332 posts

Eureka coworking space Instagram account

lavacacoworking - 1848 followers, 398 posts

lavacacoworking coworking space Instagram account

whalecoworking - 1797 followers, 391 posts

whalecoworking coworking space Instagram account

cwgramado - 2925 followers, 398 posts

cwgramado coworking space Instagram account

WARNING: Avoid These Mistakes at All Costs!

As you read through these great ways, don’t forget about avoiding the following downfalls that can hinder your success on Instagram:

  • Promotion isn’t everything; therefore, don’t overpromote or have the same promotion on repeat. Even though it may be tempting to post a lot of promotional content on your page for the sole purpose of landing new customers, it can come off as spammy. And if something seems spammy, people will most likely ignore it and move on to the next post in their Instagram Feed.
  • Don’t post a dull, boring picture of a flyer or printed announcement on Instagram. (In fact, don’t even post flyers or printed ads through Stories.) A flyer or printed announcement is from the yesteryears of advertising, and they should stay that way. Instead, create a graphic for your post or Stories. Make your advertisements stand out so that viewers can be more enticed and interact with the post.
  • Don’t post pictures of an empty office/workspace. A space without people isn’t as fascinating as a space with people in it.
  • Don’t use the same pictures over and over. People will eventually get tired of seeing the same pictures all the time. Give them something new to look at.


Instagram is your go-to platform if you’re looking to reach a new audience and show what services and capabilities you can provide and offer. Telling your brand story through stunning images and compelling videos is essential when being on Instagram because it’s a great platform for coworking operators to promote their workspaces.

However, the promotional campaign is only effective when there’s a striking balance between art and strategy, and when you follow these guidelines. With these few tips, it should be easy for you to have your users get to know your coworking space.

Ashley Halsey writes for Dissertation writing services and As a professional writer, she has been involved in many reputable writing projects throughout the country. In her spare time, she loves to travel, read books, attend business training courses, and spend time with her two children.

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