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5 Essential Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Coworking Space and Get More Customers

Jimmy Rodela
5 Essential Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Coworking Space and Get More Customers

Are you struggling with getting people to visit your coworking space?

If you answered “yes,” then you’re not alone.

Because of the pandemic, business owners who run coworking spaces are struggling with getting people to visit their establishments.

To turn things around, you need reliable, proven marketing strategies.

The good news is, that’s what I’ll cover in this guide.

I’ll share five tried and tested marketing strategies that will help you get more customers.

1. Establish a Quality Website

One of the best ways to market your coworking space and get your business on more people’s radar is through a well-built website. To ensure that you have a quality website that attracts customers you'll probably need thebest website builderan unlimited graphic design service that specializes in web design to produce that for you.

Your website is a perfect space to showcase your coworking space, implement your marketing efforts, process client transactions, and everything else—from content marketing to booking reservations.

Create an easy-to-use website containing all the necessary information potential customers need to know about your coworking space (you may use the cheapest essay writing services to order content. This includes your available amenities, pricing, location, and business hours (among others). Additionally, you can search for write my essay keyword and find other services for content creation.

You can add a 3D walkthrough or short video clip on your website showing a tour of your coworking space and the featured amenities to attract your prospective customers.

Implement other website features and functionalities to improve your prospects’ and customers’ experience with your business. This includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots for customer service to streamline delivering your customer support services.

For instance, Zoho’s AI-powered assistant Zia can help customers perform basic actions such as answering queries through an intelligent chatbot that takes answers from your knowledge base.

You can also train Zia to perform tasks without human intervention, including editing reservations based on client instructions, automating your customer service.

2. Deliver Complimentary Offers and Discounts

A great way to draw more customers to your coworking space is to provide complimentary offers to a few clients.

It’s a great tactic to give potential customers a sneak peek into what your coworking space has to offer, including amenities such as high-speed wifi, a computerized cash register, and others, to encourage more business.

Complimentary offers can also help you establish trust with your customers since they have first-hand experience with your business, establish your credibility, and boost your word-of-mouth marketing initiatives.

You can also offer free trials and discounts for first-time customers to encourage them to return and become loyal to your business.

Additionally, consider hosting free events such as pop-up shops for local businesses, mixer events for multiple companies, and other networking events. This allows more people to check out your space while enjoying a positive experience.

3. Leverage Social Media

Widen your reach by connecting with potential customers on multiple social media platforms.

Below are a few social media marketing tips to help you promote your coworking space while engaging your followers and audiences.

  • Create a Facebook page to help your people know more about your coworking space and services. Post high-quality photos, promote events, offer photos, and run FB ads to your target audiences.

Facebook lets you create ads from scratch or through its Automated Ads feature to help you build compelling social media ads quickly.

Facebook ads for coworking space promotion
  • Use Instagram to increase your coworking space’s visibility among your target audience by sharing IG stories of your amenities. You can also feature your customers, share snaps of previous events showcasing your space, and use relevant hashtags on Instagram.
  • Tap into an and connect with the existing network of professionals and businesses on LinkedIn. Share your relevant blog posts and content to grow your audience and increase your business opportunities.

Stay on top of your social media content by leveraging content marketing software to streamline your workflows. This also helps ensure you don’t miss opportunities to engage and convert your audiences into customers.

Carve out a place online for your business by establishing a solid social media presence, connecting with your audiences, and increasing your chances of getting more customers.

4. Identify Your Target Market

While you might have a good idea about the type of communities you identify as your ideal customers, it’s critical to determine a specific target market to focus your marketing efforts and resources.

Depending on your coworking space’s location, determine the companies, groups, and individuals most likely to use or be interested in your business. This can include startup companies in your local area or students in the nearby university.

Consider these factors to help you determine and specify your target market.

  • What do your ideal customers do? What are the common motivations behind their careers, business, or studies?
  • What are your potential customers’ usual daily inconveniences and challenges with their current workspaces?
  • What are your prospects’ preferences and lifestyles?

Use these questions to guide your marketing efforts and message. This can help you tailor your content and present your coworking space as a solution to your target market’s needs.

Knowing where your business fits in your ideal customers’ lives can help you determine your key message across your marketing initiatives, including the amenities and features you should highlight to get more customers.

5. Offer Unique Experiences

Like any market, your business must stand out from your competitors to attract more customers.

Differentiate your coworking space by providing memorable experiences unique to your business. For instance, you may provide complimentary training programs for sales professionals when they first join your coworking space.

Go beyond promoting your space where companies, groups, and individuals can work because you offer the basic amenities.

Highlight your coworking space’s unique features and functionalities in your marketing content and campaigns.

For instance, you could leverage an app that provides a digital access pass or key. This should allow your customers to easily unlock doors and other entryways through the app based on their membership plan.

Spacebring coworking space app with in-app door unlock functionality

Emphasize these convenient, unique experiences in your service pages and marketing content to help draw in more customers and, in turn, increase your coworking space’s profitability.

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Wrapping up the Tips on Promoting Your Coworking Space

While there might not be a perfect set of marketing tactics to promote your coworking space and guarantee hordes of customers, the tips in this guide can be excellent approaches to include in your efforts.

Try out these marketing tactics and see which ones work best for your efforts and help address your unique business needs.

Marketing your coworking space to draw in more customers and boost your revenue doesn’t have to be rocket science with the right strategies, tools, and attitude.

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