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The 2023 Year in Review

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
The 2023 Year in Review

Welcome to our unfiltered journey through the twists and turns of the past year. No flashy promotions, just straight talk about the stuff that mattered. Dive deep into the real deal: customer stats that blew our minds, solutions that actually made a difference, integrations that made work smoother, and the accolades that made us puff our chests a little. 

So, grab a seat, because we're about to spill the beans on the highlights that made 2023 a standout year for andcards. Buckle up for the real talk! 

Our Top 10 Moments of Triumph

1. Numbers That Speak

In the buzzing world of andcards, 2023 was a headline-making year! Here's the news flash on the exciting numbers that defined our journey:

andcards 2023 year in review

andcards Welcomes 30K+ New Users

In a surge of growth, andcards expanded its community, bringing in 30,255 new users. The doors were wide open for fresh faces!

Room Bookings Skyrocket by 50% to 255K

Inside the virtual realm, a booking boom unfolded. Room bookings made through your apps soared by an impressive 50%, totaling a staggering 255,358. Talk about a space in demand!

andcards Breaks Ground with 22 New Countries

The andcards map got a major update! We ventured into 22 new countries, including Indonesia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and more. A global expansion story in the making!

andcards Introduces Seamless Payment Solutions for 65+ countries

In the financial district, andcards introduced game-changing payment solutions. From pre-authorized bank debits in Canada and Brazil to Paystack in Africa, Tap in the Middle East, Stripe's iDEAL in the Netherlands, Fondy across Europe, and PayPal globally. Our payment makeover now spans 65+ countries!

67K Payments Processed – a Record Year

The grand finale: andcards users sealed the year with 67,561 payments made through the apps. Each transaction adding up to a record-breaking year of seamless transactions.

Top features added to andcards coworking space software in 2023

2. Top G2 Accolades Two Seasons Running

andcards proudly secures four G2 awards for 'Highest User Adoption,' 'Best Support,' 'Easiest To Do Business With,' and 'Users Most Likely to Recommend' – for the second season in a row. These accolades spotlight our unwavering commitment to excellence and the authentic satisfaction of our vibrant coworking community.

3. Interactive Floor Plans

In 2023, we seamlessly integrated Archilogic's advanced floor plan technology, bringing a transformative shift to coworking space efficiency. This collaboration offers operators a hassle-free way to visualize and manage desk and office availability. With a quick setup, real-time insights, and an interactive booking experience, this integration provides unparalleled convenience to shared space managers and users, all without additional fees on andcards side.

4. Sign-Up for Plans

Around 10 months ago we launched a groundbreaking 'Sign-Up for Plans' feature that revolutionized the coworking landscape. This innovative tool allows effortless online sign-ups for memberships, automating recurring subscriptions like hot desks and fixed desks. Not only does it save administrators valuable time, but it also maximizes convenience for members, fostering a seamless and efficient coworking experience.

5. Landing Page

Create a professional landing page for your business with our 2023 solution. Now, your custom domain visitors are greeted with a visually appealing landing page showcasing your coworking space, locations, and mobile apps. Users can effortlessly sign up and book rooms or desks with just a few taps, eliminating the need for a separate marketing website. Enjoy the benefits of this update, including beautiful design, simple sign-up processes, and effortless customization—all available on all plans at no extra cost.

6. Offices

Meet 'Offices' – a 2023 solution simplifying shared space management. This tool offers a hybrid office setup, letting operators optimize seat booking and gain insights into office occupancy. It's all about flexibility – offering on-demand booking options and allowing your coworking space to attract a broader audience. The feature also provides efficient tools for monitoring workspace usage and streamlining leasing processes, making you more effective and adaptable.

7. Mailroom Management

Another solution introduced in 2023 is a streamlined mailroom management. It lets you stay organized and keep members satisfied with push notifications for incoming mail. Effortlessly scan and attach images through your web and mobile apps, allowing customers to respond on how to handle their mail—whether to open and scan, forward, or discard. It's a user-friendly approach enhancing mailroom efficiency and customer satisfaction.

8. Xero and QuickBooks Online Integrations

In 2023, we built integrations with Xero and QuickBooks Online, revolutionizing accounting processes at coworking spaces. With seamless synchronization of financial records, you can effortlessly manage invoices, save time, and minimize errors. The Xero integration ensures meticulous review and uniformity in data, simplifying your revenue tracking and facilitating audits. Similarly, the QuickBooks Online integration streamlines your workflows, enhances revenue tracking, and ensures regulatory compliance, providing you with a hassle-free and efficient accounting solution tailored to the unique needs of your coworking space.

9. Nonmembers

The Nonmembers Page also launched in 2023 allows you to access valuable information on users and companies previously removed from the community. This means you can now view past customers' profile details, such as invoices, payments, bookings, notes, and credits. The real magic lies in the ability to effortlessly restore past members to the Community page with a single tap. This not only saves precious time but also provides you with the opportunity to download nonmembers' data for targeted outreach. By encouraging past customers to return, the Nonmembers Page becomes a strategic tool for community growth and customer reengagement.

10. Invoice Proration

Released in December 2023, one of our latest additions brings you invoice proration. Now, administrators can effortlessly set subscription renewals to the first day of the month, automating proration for streamlined payment tracking. This simplifies billing cycles, ensuring members receive accurately calculated invoices and all subsequent renewals align with the first day of the month. An insightful feature to enhance your coworking space management.

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Other Worthy Platform Enhancements

But wait, there's more! Our commitment to innovation knows no bounds. 

  1. Select Location Closed Days: Close your space effortlessly on public holidays or special occasions, automatically blocking all rooms and desks on the calendar.
  2. Drag-and-drop for Images and Videos: Effortlessly upload multiple photos or videos by a simple drag-and-drop, and switch cover photos for Rooms, Desks, Shop, and Events with ease.
  3. Meta Pixel & Enhanced Google Analytics: Supercharge advertising and analytics with Meta Pixel for ad audience creation and real-time event tracking, and enhanced Google Analytics for comprehensive user behavior insights.
  4. Improved Analytics: Enjoy flexible data visualization, track payment volume, and experience faster loading times on the Analytics dashboard.
  5. Custom Address for Transactional Emails: Enhance email deliverability and brand visibility by applying a custom email address to transactional emails.
  6. Access Control for Rooms and Desks: Effortlessly provide physical access to meeting rooms or desks with improved SALTO KS and Kisi integrations.
  7. App Rating: Collect valuable user feedback with a new feature prompting users to rate their app experience on a 5-star scale.
  8. Refined Mass Invite: Quickly invite multiple users with a new interactive table, streamlined company assignment, and error detection for accurate data upload.
  9. New Desk Types & Office Solutions: Introducing Desks 2.0 with new desk types, improved office solutions, and enhanced occupancy monitoring.
  10. Duplicate Events: Easily recreate recurring events for future dates, streamlining event management.
  11. Invoice Due Date: Set due dates for invoices effortlessly to notify customers about payment deadlines.
  12. Collect Contacts: Gather contact information from walk-ins using the visitor display, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.
  13. Get Payment Confirmation Emails: Users now receive confirmation emails with downloadable tax receipts after completing online payments in your app.
  14. Download Reports on Mobile Apps: Access real-time and cross-platform custom reports effortlessly on mobile devices.
  15. Invite Users to Room Bookings: Foster collaboration by inviting any location user to room bookings, enhancing the sense of community.
  16. Order & Update Mobile Apps: A new system for ordering and updating branded mobile apps, allowing convenient customization on the go.
  17. Blocking and Reporting Users: Empower users to block and report offensive behavior, ensuring a safer and more secure community environment.
  18. Custom Tax Rates: Define separate tax rates for custom invoice items and products in the Shop, offering flexibility to comply with local laws.

Over to You

In a nutshell, the highlights we've shared in our review are just the tip of the iceberg. We're constantly rolling out new features to make coworking space management a breeze. For the latest updates, check out our Release Notes.

If you're not part of the andcards family yet, now's the time! Schedule a personalized demo call with our product expert and see how we can make your coworking journey smoother. 

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