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The Best Email Newsletter Ideas for Your Coworking Space

Téa Liarokapi
The Best Email Newsletter Ideas for Your Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have been among the industries hit the most during the pandemic. However, it's no secret that a coworking space might be just what professionals need in terms of flexibility and the ability to change their location while working remotely.

However, coworking spaces need some simple marketing tips to be successful and top-of-mind to professionals. Now, we can go on and on about digital marketing and social media marketing, but you should invest in channels that are cost-effective with personalized campaigns.

And what better way is there than email marketing and email newsletters that can promote your coworking space online?

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing, in general, is a powerful digital marketing tool meant to boost engagement and awareness, improve lead generation and lead nurturing and, eventually, make a brand's ROI better.

The reasons behind this ROI are plenty, and it is possible if done right. Email marketing campaigns allow marketers to communicate with their target audience directly. After all, email campaigns are not subject to complicated algorithms - like social media marketing campaigns are - and are more trustworthy.

Email marketing is all about remaining in touch with each lead, using personal and personalized campaigns. But the most critical element is that leads need to consent to that. This gives added value to email newsletter campaigns, making email marketing a more personal channel that can be used as a more human form of communication.

Of course, none of your newsletter campaigns for your coworking space is going to work without a solid strategy in place. Your email newsletter campaigns need to be informative, personalized, and beautiful. Not using email personalization can result in you creating something that looks a little too much like the email blasts of the past - and users are quite weary of that. In order to write effectively, it's imperative that you understand who you're writing for. This is why, when using an email finderideally together with an email checker, you should later separate your list into different categories and groups of people.

But email marketing is a lot more than a communication tool. Email newsletters can be educational as well. After all, picking out a coworking space could be a huge deal in terms of productivity. So, ensure your content can enlighten users. Try to answer the following questions first:

  • What is a coworking space?
  • Why should your prospects pick one instead of just working from home?
  • What are the pros and cons of visiting a coworking space?

Of course, your newsletters can answer many questions, which could be different for each user.

Now, let's see how you can achieve perfect scores for your email newsletter campaigns that can nurture your leads and keep your coworking space top of mind.

What Makes You Special?

coworking space manager creating email newsletter

This is probably the first question you'll be called to answer. What makes your coworking space the one to remember? How are you different from your competitors?

Your welcome email newsletter campaign could be answering these questions. Focus on being informative and friendly, specify where your coworking space is located, and segment accordingly - if, for example, a lead signed up for a newsletter and their location is quite far, make sure not to spam them with emails. They probably signed up because they liked your website or because they're about to relocate.

Of course, to do that, you will need to invest in CRM software that will be able to track the leads you generate, their habits, and the data they've shared with you. That way, you'll create email newsletters that will be directly tied to your users' customer journey, making the cycle smaller, lessening the friction, and, eventually, managing to retain prospects.

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Email Newsletters With Empathy

Everything begins when your customer mapping allows you to know your audience and understand their actions on and off your coworking space's website. Knowing your audience and understanding their needs will help you create relevant and consistent content.

Email newsletters allow you to promote your services. Still, there's much more to an email marketing campaign for your coworking space. Sharing valuable information like statistics and factoids, news and projects that your users would love to know about, and even events held at your coworking space could be useful for your audience. Eventually, this will boost your authority, conversion and ROI, and will bring in more leads.

Just make sure to be consistent and follow your brand's tone. A solid brand tone enhances trust and makes your brand easily recognizable. A solid brand tone will help you avoid the spam folder - easily recognizable brands are trustworthy and trustworthy is not spam. Your email newsletter's design should reflect your website.

Of course, consistency includes frequency as well. Make sure to be transparent about the frequency of your newsletters. That way, your audience will know what to expect and when to expect it. If you're going to send an email newsletter for your coworking space once a week, always be on schedule. Your subscribers will eventually learn to expect that. Don't disappoint them.

Design, Segment, and Personalize

Your email newsletter's design counts; the more on-brand it is, the better. After all, as we said before, it's a reflection of your brand, it can build trust, and it will help users remember you instead of one of your competitors. Another way to gain brand awareness and increase interactions could be incorporating gamification elements in the email and using marketing gamification software.

To pinpoint the perfect email design, you will need to study your audience and understand what makes users pay attention to coworking spaces. Your email newsletter campaigns for your coworking space should be attractive and attention-grabbing. To determine that, study the way your audience reacts to your competitors' content. For example, if competitors use explainer videos in their email newsletter, but the conversion rate is low, don't invest in that type of content. A great example of this are HIM’S ED Medications landing pages, email marketing campaigns and website as a whole. They understand the need of conveying professionalism to their customers as well as a sense of safety, this in turn helps them convert.

If, on the other hand, including blog posts in their email newsletters gives them a better Click-Through Rate (CTR), then you should probably try that.

Also, you should keep an essential fact in mind:

Optimize coworking email newsletter for mobile


As evident in the statistic above, most email opens now happen on smartphones or other mobile devices. This means that designing for desktop and not optimizing for mobile could be the death of your coworking space's email newsletter campaigns. When you design, always make sure you optimize for mobile, as users will rarely - if ever - encounter broken elements and go back to open the email in another, more fitting device.

Regarding your content, some users will have questions that could be more complicated than others. Try to answer those to the best of your abilities by using segments. Email segmentation will help you differentiate the users who want to know about prices from those who are more interested in your location and those who need to know both.

Invest in an email marketing platform to help you deliver personalized experiences to your leads. Use email automation and triggered email newsletter campaigns that will be set off due to a specific user action. That way, users will receive a specific, targeted message that will be made to meet their needs.

Of course, to know what to anticipate, you need data first. You can either create forms or questionnaires that will gather all of the information you need to understand your audience. Your coworking space's welcome email sounds like a great place to do that - and it's a great way to create engagement and a brand that cares.

Segmenting and personalizing will help your users notice your email in a full inbox. Personalize everything, from a "Hello [First Name]" on your subject line to a "We saw you looking at X dates". Your email marketing platform should enable you to segment and personalize your email newsletters for your coworking space in a way that no user will doubt that your campaign was created with them in mind.

Avoid Spammy Anything

As mentioned before, users are wary of email marketing looking like spam campaigns, and it's almost too easy for them to lead your campaign straight to the junk folder and file a spam complaint.

The first step towards avoiding that for your coworking space's email newsletters would be to have interested people on your list. Ensure they've signed up through your subscription form voluntarily, and use double opt-in to ensure your users have given you the correct email address and are actually expecting you to contact them.

Also, never buy email lists. This is not only a direct GDPR violation; it can also affect your deliverability through an increasing number of spam complaints and harm your customers' satisfaction down the line.

Of course, scoring legitimate leads is not the only thing that will save your email newsletter from the spam folder. Additionally, you must maintain the health of your database by performing timely validation of your email list. Running your email list through an email verifier tool will help you avoid invalid and bad contacts. You should also be aware of specific words that trigger spam filters, like "Cash", "Make $$$", "Free".

Also, make sure to avoid using a lot of exclamation points and capital letters. This is a common spammer practice. Even if you go past the spam filters, the recipients could always get your coworking space's email newsletter flagged.

The Takeaway

Email marketing can boost your coworking space's marketing efforts, and email newsletter campaigns will keep you top of mind and relevant.

But the most important thing is to preserve a sense of community through all email newsletter ideas for your coworking space. Your coworking space should be a place buzzing with activity. Don't forget to share testimonials and support local professionals. That way, your prospects will invest in you as well, knowing you're a brand that cares.

The article was written by Téa Liarokapi, a Senior Content Writer for Moosend, an email marketing and marketing automation platform, and an obsessive writer in general. In her free time, she tries to find new ways to stuff more books in her bookcase and content ideas - and cats - to play with.

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