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How to Market Your Coworking Space Using Email Marketing

Nick Garry
How to Market Your Coworking Space Using Email Marketing

The only positive aspect we can draw from COVID-19 is the change in the work culture, people have now become more coworking space receptive. With this, the coworking space owners have a dire need to market out their spaces and stand out of their competition, obviously to attract the highest paying tenants.

Whether your goals are to increase the visibility of your coworking space or finding the highest paying tenant for your space. The odds are, you will have to match your commitment to content marketing with a solid email marketing strategy. There are no hidden corners, when you combine your content strategy with an effective personalized email marketing campaign you create a formidable beast. An attention-grabbing salutation and opening sentence are crucial for a successful campaign start.

What plans and steps can you adopt to efficiently market your space? Almost everyone must be relying on email marketing or content marketing for their coworking space, but if you want to stand out, it is important that you make a bold entrance. Highly segmented automated campaigns with informative/problem-solving content, ought to do it.

In this article you will learn how to effectively market your coworking space, achieve the desired numbers that you are aiming for, and a bunch of creative ways to advertise your coworking space, using email marketing strategies. You also get a detailed insight on how to get direct access to your individual markets, or potential leads, with information to help you hit those repeat sales.

Poorly strategized and targeted email marketing campaigns will not only affect your brand reputation but also your sender’s reputation in the eyes of ESP. Many marketers don’t understand its importance and once they do it takes a huge time to reverse it.

Now imagine that you send your emails and most of them land up in spam. I talked to people from different domains to make this content more interesting and include their personal experiences.

So let's get started.

Personal Experiences, Quotes

I reached out to many people but included only the aptest ones in this content. One experience that stood out was by Aabhas, founder who also owns a coworking space in the heart of New Delhi spread over 8400 sq feet. He in fact lightened up with a very interesting personal experience he once had 5 years ago.

“When we started with a co-working space I had no idea how to reach out to my prospects, so I bought a list of all the founders, persons of relevant designation in the New Delhi area and did an email marketing campaign telling about the available rental space. But the list came out to be bogus and it severely affected the domain’s sender reputation. I didn’t have any idea about the importance of the sender’s reputation back then and then when I finally got tenants, in the first month when I mailed them the electricity bill it landed in their spam and due to miscommunication it was not paid on time leading to a penalty from the electricity board :-(“

And that was the reason he entered the DM space and is currently an email marketing and automation expert.

Enough of personal stuff, now let’s move forward with how to use email marketing to properly market your coworking space.

Ways to Market Your Coworking Space

1. Start with Differentiation

Why you may ask? The truth is email marketing and co-working is a hot topic and it has continued to gain the recognition it deserves, what this implies is that the numbers are always on the rise. This is confirmed by Google trends report as well as you can see below.

Google trends graph showing "coworking" topic popularity

Now to stand out from your competition you need to differentiate your space from others. Imagine having a white mouse in a field of 200 black mice, what happens? You are going to recognize the white mouse in an instance, his color sets him apart from the crowd.

When it comes to marketing your coworking space using email marketing, you have got to be the white mouse, because of the increasing competition. In such cases, you should focus on the right SaaS email templates, an engaging subject line, and relevant messaging.

This is not about being odd, it is about bringing innovations to the industry that no one has yet thought of and you know the thing with being authentic? You get recognition for the work you put in.

Begin by identifying why people should consider using your coworking space over others. The difference here shouldn’t just hover around aesthetics, get features that cannot be easily replicated. Like Aabhas uses his digital marketing knowledge to help the startups using his space, you can do something similar. Perhaps hire an in-house digital marketer.

If it is something people can easily copy, then you will lose your identity. Whether you provide networking opportunities or whatever your uniqueness is ensure it adds value to your leads. People always pay the extra fees for the value they get.

2. Personalize Your Emails

There’s a difference between having your emails land up in the spam folder by default or having your emails marked as spam. I recommend you avoid spam trigger words just to play it safe.

In the first case, your sender’s reputation might be the reason but in the second case, the subscriber is telling you that either they are not the right person to receive your emails, your content is boring or you haven’t personalized the emails well enough.

And one of the easiest ways of getting your emails spam listed is by sending general emails to all of your leads. It will end up in the spam folder!

You should send personalized emails by effectively segmenting your email list. Suppose a person has a SaaS company, showcase your coworking space by telling why it is better than others particularly for SaaS company owners. Maybe they can leverage their contacts in the SaaS industry or get in touch with other people from the industry in your coworking space, where they can discuss their issues etc. Get creative mates!

Now another person can be in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) segment so make your email personalized according to each individual’s needs.

Furthermore, there’s a good thing about receiving personalized emails. The experience is much better than generalized emails and it’s well thought after. This extra centimeter effort will give you results you can always bank on. Show that you know your lead, and connect on that merit.

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3. Convey Your Message Clearly

Your leads will judge your competence by the standard of your emails. Remember this is your first communication with your lead, so make an awesome impression. As the old saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. If your first interaction doesn’t stand out, 80% of the time, the communication will die just there.

A corporate email has to be great, not just the aesthetics you are putting in your designs and everything else, the quality of the content must be ready to close the deal at the first instant. And just like grammatical blunders, verbosity is another off, you don’t need to appear unnecessarily technical, just convey your message in the most simple and clear way.

Grammarly, Hemingway, or Trustmypaper editors, will give you the extra eye you require for your contents and ensure you check each mail thoroughly before sending it out.

4. Be Consistent

When you send out your first email, you will have to follow it up and then keep on sending your mails to create your brand presence in the mind of your subscribers. But please don’t bombard your receiver, your emails will get a place in the spam folder if you eventually become a burden to be dealt with. So don’t overdo it and don’t underdo it as well, find the balance.

According to my experience, around four emails per month is the optimum amount to create brand value.

It is important that you add a purpose to each email and schedule it at the right time to create an impact. If you are sending an email every Monday, ensure it lands each Monday, and remember to provide value to your readers with each email. It must not be promotional all the time, allow your emails to show that you genuinely care for your leads, outside the business relationship you seek. And trust me, they will love you for this!

E.g. You can tell them the quirkiest news that occurred in the coworking space in the past week, send them a newsletter showing them studies about why going for a coworking space is such a good idea.

5. Send Emails Your Leads Will Pay for

It is not payment for your emails, but content your leads will want to pay for or they are paying for already. How did you know what they are paying for, or will want to pay for?

Udemy, Amazon, and Reddit will give you a perfect understanding of what your leads are willing to pay for. Start by searching for keywords on Amazon in the coworking space and see the books, furniture, or accessories your leads are spending the cash on, offer these services for free if you can, or tell them about the best deals, etc.

6. Add Mobile Optimization

With over three billion mobile phone users in the world, there is no doubt that a vast majority of your leads check your emails on their mobile screens. This is where mobile optimization is important. Your emails should open on small screens in a well-formatted layout, as they will do on a computer screen. You stand to lose an enormous fortune if you ignore this feature.

You will need to add a touch of creativity here. With your image sizes, videos, gif as other multi-media you will attach to your emails, make sure they are not affected by your screen size.

7. Add Social Proofs to Your Emails

Add social proof to your email marketing campaigns for your coworking space. People are usually skeptical about trying out new offerings for the first time. It is important you put them to ease by sharing what others have to say about your space.

Let your leads know how your coworking space has added value to the other tenants. It should not be just bold statements, add the before and after results, this is more convincing. Add what your tenants have to say about your workspace.

People will be more likely to start looking at your coworking space in a good light because it has worked for people like them.

8. Add FOMO to Your Emails

Fear of missing out (FOMO), this proven marketing strategy creates a sense of urgency in the minds of your leads and this makes them pay for your services on the go. It works like magic, and while this is a tool you can use to get your spaces filled, ensure you add credibility to it.

Let’s say you make an offer to your leads that the first three persons to sign up will have a 20% discount on the rent for the first month, and it expires by Monday. You gain trust by taking this offer off that Monday rather than pushing the dates.


So here it is, eight ways to market your coworking space with email marketing. Of course, marketing tools like email marketing bring the best results when combined with other strategies. You can find more ideas on how to promote your flexible workspace here: The Best 7 Ways To Promote Your Coworking Space Online.

The article was written by Nick Garry. Nick is the outreach specialist at, when he is not networking he loves to play with his dog and go trekking. :-D

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