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8 Creative Ways to Make Your Coworking Space More Fun

Waqas Raza
8 Creative Ways to Make Your Coworking Space More Fun

The modern-day workplace has evolved from typewriters, angry bosses, rigid office culture to more fun, luxurious, and flexible space.

The advancement of digital technology-enabled employees to work from anywhere, particularly outside of their residences and traditional offices. This latter potential can be aided by third places, notably coworking spaces, designed to foster information exchange and sharing.

There are several ways to boost your coworking space and make it more fun for members. But, before you start thinking, consider this: shared office space management is about more than simply having a great design or lowering expenses; it is also about creativity, environment, flexibility, and, most significantly, the well-being and enjoyment of the users.

In-house content or dissertation writers who work for online platforms are an important example of people working in a coworking space. They are always brainstorming their minds for exceptional and efficient content, thus needing spaces that allow them to roam their thoughts for better outcomes.

Here are some creative ways to make your coworking space more effective and fun.

1. Free Managers’ Hands for Fun Activities

Lesser the administrative work you have to do, the more time you'll have to focus on your members and building your business. Administrative duties like billing, meeting room bookings, and membership pans may be managed using a coworking management system, which centralizes all aspects of running a business. It also integrates with all essential technologies including access control, Wi-Fi, printing, and accounting.

Furthermore, such coworking software helps you keep a record of critical business data like profits, occupancy, and usage to make smarter business decisions, cut costs, and increase revenue. It also provides a bunch of community solutions, such as cool members’ apps, newsfeed, and events showcase that will leverage member experience at your coworking space.

Generate recurring revenue and offer exceptional customer experience at your shared or coworking space

2. Integrate Leadership Workshops

Effective team leadership is critical to the success of any business. A competent, professional, and engaged team leader might differ between inspired staff and frustrated ones. Every group leader should understand the value of delegating and the importance of developing a good team.

Furthermore, interpersonal skills are an essential component of good team leadership. A well-executed team leadership workshop can help to develop skillsets for leadership effectiveness. Collaborate with a local leadership expert to offer leadership workshops.

3. Incorporate Game Rooms into the Floor Plan

Lengthy workdays and huge workloads can often tire the workforce. Long working hours take a toll on productivity too. Appropriate breaks are necessary to make sure that one is not straining his/her body.

Coworking spaces can ensure that breaks are fun for everyone working in the space. It can be achieved by incorporating PlayStations, pool games, table tennis, and other indoor games.

gaming room at a coworking space

To make the days even more fun one-day tournaments can be arranged every week in which different teams take part to win a free lunch or free movie passes. Such events can provide good networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and fun breaks for the teams. Other fun breaks can include online games like a jigsaw puzzle (play online at I'm a Puzzle), card games, trivia games etc.

4. Have Different Zones in Your Space Designing

Zoning is a crucial idea in space planning. You should focus on giving as many places for various uses as feasible, such as:

  • Open space
  • Study and private booths
  • Rooms for refreshment and brainstorming
  • Meeting rooms
  • Team rooms

You must give different zones for your residents if you want to harness their creativity. Even if you only move your working location for a short time, it might spark some exciting ideas.

5. Incorporate IoT in Your Coworking Space

You can improve your workplaces by using technology, notably IoT (Internet of Things). IoT in coworking spaces offers flexibility and options for workplace optimization, allowing the building to match the requirements while also alerting users to possible challenges and issues.

The data acquired by IoT technology provides coworking space owners with a greater knowledge of their operational productivity, which is vital in the competitive coworking space business.

6. Lunch and Learns, Make the Work Fun

So, learning shouldn’t stop but how it can be incorporated in the hectic work routines that even prevail in the coworking spaces. One of the coolest ways to incorporate learning modules while keeping things light are lunch and learns. These activities can be arranged on topics of general interest.

The usual flow of lunch and learn is a learning session on an engaging session followed by a lunch. Many forward-thinking organizations organize lunch and learns on weekly basis. It enables them to increase employee engagement and propagate a lifelong learning mindset in the team.

A coworking space is also a networking hub for aspiring entrepreneurs, lunch and learn can increase the networking opportunities in the entrepreneurs and teams.

7. Giving Back to Community Is Rewarding

We all work for ourselves and to build something meaningful that makes our lives better and improves our lifestyle but it is important to give back to the community as well. It’s not only an activity but a means to connect with the people who can benefit from the help.

  • Coworking space can organize blood donation drives for thalassemia patients along with a lunch and learn session.
  • Book donation drives in impoverished societies allow to connect with children and entrepreneurs usually find these activities amusing and engaging.
  • Introduce gift drives for local hospitals serving cancer patients etc.
  • Ask members to share the ideas to serve communities and choose the most liked idea for service day. This can be a monthly activity.

8. Guest Speaker Sessions to Motivate and Innovate the Mindsets

Cultivating growth mindsets and making the environment competitive are of utmost importance. Everybody is fighting their own battle and needs a pinch of motivation every now and then. So, it is important for coworking spaces to keep their tenants motivated.

Invite prominent speakers from various fields to deliver a lecture or presentation to the entrepreneurs. It will keep the people associated hyped up and excited about the workspace.

To spice things up a bit you can invite a popular celebrity it will add a cool fun factor to your workplace.

Summing Up

Coworking spaces are well-known for housing many self-employed professionals. It's no surprise that they are becoming increasingly popular. They provide freelancers, virtual teams, and independent employees opportunities to network, cooperate and form alliances or business cooperation.

It's all about building a community that can pull together a diverse range of people. If you own or operate a coworking space, one of the most significant ways to draw people in is to arrange events that promote a feeling of community, provide a safe, secure, engaging ambiance.

The major takeaway is that the coworking spaces that have produced highly successful startups are the ones that focused on the skill developments of the entrepreneurs that they sheltered. So, keep things breezy for the talents that you house and make sure that they have ample opportunities to learn, earn, network, and grow.

The article was written by Waqas Raza. Waqas is a professional writer at his prestigious organization with an immense passion for social media and marketing. He believes in delivering value and kindness to clients and colleagues alike. Waqas has worked with brands of all sizes, helping them harness the power of social media and content marketing to reach new heights.

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