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Top 30+ Coworking Conferences to Attend in 2024

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Top 30+ Coworking Conferences to Attend in 2024

Coworking conferences provide one of the best ways to stay sharp and ‘in the know’—from networking with peers to learning about the most current market trends, these events have something for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just learning your way around coworking, these incredible conferences can be a source of inspiration and practical advice. Here are some great benefits of attending a coworking conference:

  • Get up-to-date on the latest market news and trends.
  • Connect with potential partners and investors.
  • Discover new strategies to finance spaces, attract new members, and achieve sustainable business growth.
  • Hear real-life success stories and learn best practices to incorporate into your business.

Don't miss out—check out this list of top conferences in 2024!

Top Coworking Conferences 2024

1. Coworking Convos 

January 26 • Online

Coworking Convos™ is your monthly invitation to join a global community of workspace operators. Since October 2019, over 6,300 coworking professionals have connected in these free, informal sessions. Hosted by Cat Johnson, each event features conversations with 225+ industry guests. It's an invaluable opportunity to learn, share, and be part of the vibrant coworking movement. Don't miss the next conversation – your gateway to insights and connections in coworking.

2. Workspace Design Show 

February 27 - 28 • London, UK

The upcoming Workspace Design Show, scheduled for February 27-28, 2024, at the Business Design Centre in London, is a significant event on the city's design calendar. This exhibition draws in top professionals, including architects, designers, developers, consultants, and representatives from coworking and fit-out companies. With a diverse program featuring 120+ speakers, 300+ workplace products, and various installations, the event provides a unique platform to explore the latest trends and innovations in workspace design. Attendance is free, offering an excellent opportunity to stay informed about the industry's evolving landscape.

3. London Coworking Assembly

February 27 - 28 • London, UK

If you're at the Workspace Design Show, make sure to catch the London Coworking Assembly events, including two cozy Breakfast Shows on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 09:30 a.m. It's a fantastic chance to connect, learn, and explore the latest in coworking space trends. These special events happen during the Workspace Design Show and every other month in London, too! RSVP will only be via their weekly email newsletter – so if you want to join in two London Coworking Breakfast Shows at the Workspace Design Show, sign up here.

4. Coworking Alliance Summit

March 6 • Online

The Coworking Alliance Summit is an annual gathering that assembles leaders, members, and professionals from global coworking alliances. This event serves as a platform for collectively addressing pertinent issues within the coworking landscape and working collaboratively towards shared goals. Focused on fostering meaningful conversations, the summit is a space where industry stakeholders can navigate challenges and contribute to the cooperative growth of the coworking community worldwide.

5. Coworking Switzerland Annual Meetup

March 19 • Basel, CH                                                                

The Swiss coworking community is set to convene at Westhive Basel Rosental on March 19th, 2024, for the National Meetup & General Assembly. This event provides a platform for professionals across Switzerland to connect, share ideas, and participate in the Coworking Switzerland Association General Assembly. Stay tuned for the detailed program, promising a day of meaningful discussions and collaborative insights shaping the future of coworking in the region.

6. Business Innovation Summit

March 21 • London, UK

Explore the impact of generative AI and emerging technologies on business strategies and growth opportunities at the upcoming Business Innovation Summit. This event brings together senior executives from various industries and focuses on practical insights and case studies. With over 70 influential speakers, including experts in strategy, technology, operations, and marketing, the conference provides a platform for in-depth discussions and debates on C-suite executives' challenges and opportunities in leveraging generative AI for productivity and sustainable growth.

7. Workspace Design Expo

March 26 - 28 • Paris, FR

Explore the latest trends and innovations in workspace design at the upcoming Workspace Design Expo from March 26th to 28th, 2024, hosted at Pavilion 1 – Parc des Expositions – Porte de Versailles, Paris. This event serves as a platform for industry leaders and professionals to discuss the evolving landscape of workspace design. For those interested, there are opportunities to participate as exhibitors or explore tailored partnership offers to become a partner in this annual gathering.

8. GCUC 

April 9 - 11 • Salt Lake City, US

GCUC is not just a conference; it's a pivotal gathering of decision-makers and influencers in the coworking and flexible workspace industry. This event offers a unique experience featuring expert insights, visionary discussions, educational programs, strategic breakouts, and ample opportunities for valuable connections. It serves as a platform for actively shaping the future of work through collaboration and innovation within the coworking community.

9. Japan Coworking Space & Community Manager Conference Zero

April 20 • Miyagi, Sendai, JP

JCCC Zero is an opportunity for leading coworking space operators and community managers in Japan to gather and exchange insights on the latest trends in coworking spaces. The event focuses on the scientific approach to community, a key emphasis by the organizer JCCO. This marks the inaugural session, featuring experimental initiatives. The majority of sessions are structured as unconferences, creating a conference experience co-created with participants. Plans are underway to expand this into an international conference in the fiscal year 2025.

10. Running Remote 

April 22 - 24 • Lisbon, PT

Explore the forefront of distributed work at the premier conference designed for enterprises and SMEs. Over three days, companies worldwide convene to delve into essential topics such as flexible work strategies, company culture, scaling, transitioning, and the implications of AI. This event provides a platform for learning and networking with C-Level Executives, Founders, VPs, and HR leaders. Whether attending Running Remote in person or virtually, it offers a substantive exploration of the evolving landscape of remote-first and hybrid teams, providing valuable insights to shape the future of work.

11. Cowork2024

April 26 - 28 • Karlsruhe, DE

Explore the future of work at COWORK2024, a conference centered on the cultural shift and key skills shaping the coworking movement. Designed for German-speaking individuals engaged or interested in coworking, the event is inclusive, welcoming coworkers, space operators, prospective space owners, community managers, those considering coworking in their communities, professionals in coworking-related industries, and anyone curious about the coworking scene. COWORK2024 offers a diverse space for knowledge exchange and collaboration across various roles and experience levels within the coworking ecosystem.

12. The Workplace Event 

April 30 - May 2 • Birmingham, UK

The Workplace Event stands out as a unique conference with a distinct focus on the evolving dynamics of the modern workplace. In response to shifting employee expectations and changing work behaviors, this event provides a platform to delve into the latest insights and innovations in workplace and facilities products and services. The emphasis is on understanding and enhancing the employee experience while optimizing workplace performance. As the first of its kind, The Workplace Event aims to foster discussions and explorations beyond traditional conference boundaries, offering a valuable resource for those seeking to stay informed about the evolving landscape of work environments.

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13. Future Workplaces Summit 

May 2 - 3 • Amsterdam, NL

Explore the future of work at the Global Future Workplaces Summit by Evnoia Group on May 2nd–3rd, 2024. This hybrid event is a dynamic forum for professionals to discuss key topics such as effective workspaces, technology and AI, remote working, workforce skills, organizational engagement, and workplace culture. Tailored for CEOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, and industry leaders, the summit offers insights through case studies, panel discussions, and workshops. Don't miss this opportunity for practical learning, knowledge exchange, and networking in the evolving landscape of workplaces.

14. GWA's Immersive 2024

May 8 - 9 • Nashville, TN

GWA's Immersive event is your behind-the-scenes opportunity to experience and engage with key players offering best-in-class hospitality in the flex space industry. Over the course of one and a half days, attendees will have the opportunity to hear thought-provoking panel discussions, get an inside look at unique flex spaces through private guided tours, and connect with speakers and fellow attendees through multiple networking opportunities. The event will be hosted at the thoughtfully designed and vibrant Ampersand Studios on Music Row.

Early Bird tickets are on sale now for GWA Members and will launch publicly on February 9th. Tickets are limited for this event.

15. BCO Annual Conference

May 22 - 24 • Birmingham, UK

The BCO Annual Conference in Birmingham, themed "Creating and Curating Vibrant Cities," marks a return to the city after over a decade. Explore Birmingham's transformation from being the 'workshop of the world' to recent developments like 103 Colmore Row and the Paradise regeneration project. The conference program includes insightful panels on development partnerships, the impact of social value on lending, and the evolving life science occupier landscape. With expanded NextGen activities and networking events at iconic venues such as the Library of Birmingham and Luna Springs, this conference offers a valuable platform for discussing the workplace's future against Birmingham's vibrant backdrop. Save the date for this engaging event in May.

16. Flexwork Academy 

May 27 • Madrid, ES

Flexwork Academy, organized by Marc Navarro, is a one-day masterclass scheduled for May 27, 2024, in Madrid. Tailored specifically for professionals in the coworking industry, this event provides an opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge, skills, and practical experience. Attendees can expect a focused and insightful session to enhance their understanding of key aspects of the coworking sector.

17. Coworking Spain Conference

May 28 - 29 • Madrid, ES

Set against the backdrop of Madrid on May 28th and 29th, 2024, CWSC at the El Beatriz Auditorium offers a platform for industry leaders and professionals to delve into the dynamics of coworking, coliving, and flexible office spaces. This two-day event facilitates discussions, networking, and insights into the future of work. Notable speakers from the coworking industry and flex offices will contribute to the dialogue, providing a valuable opportunity for those interested in the evolving landscape of workspaces. 

18. Future of Work Conference

May 28 - 29 • Dublin, IE

The Future of Work conference, taking place on May 28th-29th, 2024, at RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin, provides a platform for leaders in HR, recruitment, education, and training to delve into the transformative impact of technology on the workplace. With a focus on trends like automation, AI, and remote working, the event explores the challenges and opportunities arising in the evolving job market. Discussions encompass the role of flexible workplace design in attracting talent, improving productivity, and fostering collaboration. Topics span from automation, AI, and IoT to diversity, mobility, and future careers, offering insights into navigating the rapidly changing work landscape.

19. Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

June 10 - 11 • London, UK

The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2024 is a gathering designed for digital workplace professionals aiming to advance their digital maturity, improve employee experiences, and drive adoption. With a thematic focus on preparing for the digital evolution, the conference highlights the transformative potential of Generative AI. Recognizing the current challenges of low digital dexterity among employees, the summit aims to address these issues and evolve digital workplace programs for the future. Attendees will explore strategies to maximize current investments and prepare for upcoming advancements in technology and practices. The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2024 offers a platform to proactively shape the future of work in the evolving digital landscape.

20. Virtual Workplace Evolution 

June 19 - 21 • Berlin, DE

The Virtual Workplace Evolution is a significant gathering in the DACH region, bringing together decision-makers across industries. This event is a forum for in-depth discussions and exchanging experiences regarding IT workplace transformations, project strategies, technologies, and integration approaches. Attendees can expect valuable insights into navigating the complexities of virtual workplaces, fostering collaboration and innovation in the ever-evolving digital workplace landscape.

21. Coworking London Conference

June 20 - 21 • London, UK

The Coworking London Conference spans two days, bringing together global experts, operators, landlords, facility managers, and influencers in architecture, interior design, and technology. The event unfolds across various dynamic and flexible spaces, fostering discussions on current and future trends in coworking and the flexible office market. Day 1 comprises morning and afternoon sessions at two different venues, covering a range of pertinent topics. On Day 2, attendees can opt for one of three workplace tours exploring distinct areas of London: East London, Central London, or Hammersmith. The conference offers a unique platform for meaningful dialogue and exploration within the coworking industry.

22. Flexible Workspace Australia Conference24

August 2 • Melbourne, AU

The Flexible Workspace Australia (FWA) Conference24 is a one-day immersive experience tailored for operators, emerging leaders, and forward-thinkers in the flexible workspace industry. Get ready for a program bursting with excitement, featuring a diverse array of hot topics, expert speakers, and deep dives into the pressing issues shaping the future of flex workspaces.

Join FWA as they explore the latest trends, share invaluable insights, and engage in dynamic discussions that will propel your understanding of the industry to new heights. This is your opportunity to connect, learn, and innovate alongside industry visionaries. The program wraps up with exclusive tours of Melbourne’s inspiring coworking spaces, followed by an inaugural FWA awards cocktail party catered by the iconic restaurant Movida, where they celebrate industry excellence and innovation.

23. GWA's 2024 Flex Forward Conference

September 10 - 13 • Phoenix, AZ

Attend Global Workspace Association's 2024 Conference, an exhilarating 3.5-day event that brings together the brightest minds in the flexible office industry. With a lineup of visionary speakers, each session is brimming with actionable content designed to equip you with practical, innovative strategies to elevate your business! With various opportunities to forge unparalleled connections with a vibrant network of operators, landlords, occupiers, and service providers, all passionately committed to driving the industry forward. The GWA 2024 Conference isn't just an event; it's a melting pot of inspiration, action, and connection!

Tickets will go on sale soon! Be sure you are on GWA's mailing list to get the latest updates and special offers.

24. Coworking Festival

September 23 - 27 • Germany

Have you heard about the Coworking Festival? It's this awesome event that travels around Germany, highlighting the dynamic and innovative world of coworking. It's a fantastic opportunity to connect with other operators, exchange ideas, attend insightful talks and workshops, and even discover new trends and tools to enhance your own space. If you're looking to expand your network, gain inspiration, and stay ahead of the curve, be sure to check it out. The 2024 edition is happening from September 23rd to 27th, and it's not to be missed!

25. Wellbeing at Work Summit UK 2024

September 24 - 26 • London, UK

Established in 2014, Wellbeing at Work is a reputable resource led by a purpose-driven group committed to making wellbeing a global strategic priority. The initiative operates through three key avenues: annual Wellbeing at Work Summits held worldwide, an inclusive community hub (Wellbeing at Work Hub), and intimate leadership discussions and masterclasses under Wellbeing at Work Bespoke. Rooted in strong values, this initiative fosters a global dialogue on well-being in organizations and facilitates actionable change through collaborative efforts and insightful discussions.

26. Coworking Canada

October 8 - 10 • Coming soon, CA

Originally established in 2012 to support local coworking operators, Coworking Canada has expanded its mission to serve the broader coworking movement. Functioning as a non-profit organization, it provides guidance, programming, resources, and support for collaborative organizations and cooperative communities, all working towards improving work and the world. The annual Coworking Canada Unconference, organized by Ashley Proctor and the Creative Blueprint team, is a unique gathering that welcomes participants globally to explore coworking ideas and resources across Canada. Beyond being a platform for collaborative discussions, it serves as a meeting point for coworking professionals, partners, and community organizers. Rooted in values of community, collaboration, and a commitment to Just Recovery for All, Coworking Canada actively contributes to shaping the future of work in Canada.

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27. Workspace Design Show 

November 5 - 6 • Amsterdam, NL

The Workspace Design Show, scheduled for November 5-6, 2025, at the RAI Amsterdam, is a pivotal event steering conversations on the future of workplace interiors. Building on the success of its inaugural edition, this gathering serves as a hub for the Benelux workplace interiors community to delve collectively into the evolving dynamics of tomorrow's workspaces. With a focus on fostering creativity, innovation, and adaptability to flexible working models, the event aims to shape the future of work environments. Attendees can anticipate insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and a firsthand look at the latest products to transform offices.

28. Future of Work Europe 

November 13 - 14 • London, UK

The Future of Work Europe Event, established in 2019, is a pivotal gathering focusing on the latest trends and strategies within the Future of Work landscape. Tailored for senior executives in Human Resources, Internal Communication, Change Management, Digital Workplace, Employee Experience & Engagement, and Business Transformation, the event addresses critical aspects such as Frontline Workers, Workplace Transformation, HR Technology, Culture, Digital Workplace, Learning & Development, and Office Space & Design. Attendees can anticipate a knowledge-rich environment, fostering discussions and insights that contribute to shaping the future of work in Europe.

29. Coworking Europe 

November 13 - 14 • Sofia, BG

The Coworking Europe conference, established in 2010 by, has evolved into the largest community of coworking and flexible office stakeholders worldwide. With over 3,500 attendees from various European cities, the conference explores the multi-dimensional nature of coworking as both a thriving industry and a cultural movement reshaping the workplace concept. Coworking Europe brings together experts and practitioners to share insights and ideas as a unique networking event, fostering discussions that envision a future marked by happier individuals, better city management, and peer-to-peer learning., the umbrella company behind the conference, is dedicated to providing valuable content and services supporting the transformation of the traditional office market. The conference serves as a key platform for understanding and embracing shifts in the coworking landscape, offering a vision for a more flexible, hospitality-driven workplace model.

30. Smart Workspace Design Summit 

Coming soon • Berlin, DE

Explore the forefront of workspace innovation at the Smart Workspace Design Summit, a distinguished three-day conference gathering industry experts and professionals. This event is designed to provide valuable insights into cutting-edge trends and innovations in smart workspace design. Attendees will gain practical strategies and best practices for creating inspiring, efficient, and future-proof workspaces. The summit aims to empower organizations and individuals to successfully navigate the dynamic and evolving work environment. Join this unique experience to stay ahead in the rapidly changing landscape of workspace design.

31. Workspace Design Conference 

Coming soon

WDC23 focused on the foundational aspects of workplace change, emphasizing the crucial research and planning stages. The event brought together participants to glean insights from experts and delve into best-practice case studies, shedding light on the pivotal role of data in successful corporate real estate and workplace transformation projects. This collaborative gathering served as a platform for professionals to exchange ideas and contribute to the broader conversation surrounding the evolving landscape of workplace innovation. Looking ahead, WDC24 promises to continue fostering knowledge-sharing and exploration within the dynamic realm of workplace transformation.

To Take Away

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Whether you want to network with industry professionals or have a great time with your friends, plenty of opportunities are available in 2024! So start planning today and get excited about the coming coworking adventure!

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