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Fondy is an online payment gateway available in 39 countries, including the EU states, the UK, Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova. It supports a wide range of payment methods, including payment cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. With Fondy integrated into Spacebring, members can easily make one-time and recurring payments for coworking space or flexible office fees. This eliminates the need for administrators to chase members for payment reminders. In addition, members and non-members can pay for meeting room bookings, desk bookings, invoices, shop products, credit packages, and event tickets hassle-free.

Spacebring - Fondy integration

Organize Payments

  • Improve your service standards and simplify revenue collection.
  • Offer your customers a familiar and straightforward way to pay through your branded web and mobile apps.
  • Allow users to conveniently add, remove, and set default payment methods.
  • View members' payment methods and process direct charges to the default payment method on file.
  • Download receipts for successful payments directly from the Spacebring platform.
  • Access any member's transaction history without navigating to Fondy's Dashboard.

Accept One-off Purchases

  • Receive payments for various services including meeting room bookings, desk bookings, event tickets, shop products, credit packages, and one-off invoices.
  • Accept multiple currencies and dozens of payment methods from hundreds of issuing countries, including various card brands, electronic wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, and more.
  • Allow users to save payment details at any time for quicker future purchases.
  • Fondy securely stores payment details in an encrypted format for added security.

Automate Invoicing & Payment Collection

  • Save time for both you and your customers with a fully automated invoicing and payment collection. Invoices are auto-issued, and the money is charged directly to the default payment method on file.
  • Collect payments automatically using credit and debit cards.
  • Save on recurring invoicing fees as Spacebring does not charge any commissions on top of Fondy's default payment processing fees. The Fondy integration is completely free on the Spacebring side, including one-off payments and recurring subscriptions.
  • Get a convenient overview of your members on the Community page, with easily glanceable information on the active plan and the default payment method.

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