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5 Most Unusual Coworking Spaces in Portugal

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
5 Most Unusual Coworking Spaces in Portugal

Today's coworking spaces pursue the goal of being unique and fundamentally different from the rest. And if earlier it was possible to attract people to your coworking space by telling them that you have several conference rooms and free Wi-Fi, today this is unlikely to be enough to satisfy the minimum needs of a visitor to coworking spaces.

Among the abundance of a wide variety of proposals, people expect to see at least a multi-story mansion office with its pool, spa, and three meals a day. Not all, of course. Yes, many people are pretty satisfied with the standard office space. But if you offer them something original and exciting, even they are unlikely to resist the temptation to visit such a location. And in general, to keep up with the requirements of the current market, the owners of coworking spaces need to think outside the box.

Every year, tens of thousands of coworking spaces appear globally, which causes an increase in offers. Due to the inability to withstand competition, some projects are closed, and some operate at a loss. And the number of newly opened sites and does not think to decrease.

The ability to attract and retain as many users as possible is more important than ever today for owners of coworking spaces. And it seems that the following three Portuguese coworking spaces, which we will move on to in a few moments, have done a very fruitful job of becoming recognizable and famous not only within their own country.

It's no secret that Portugal is a country of stunning beauty, where every city and every location is unique in its way. Not only travelers flock here, but also digital nomads from all over the globe. And this is not surprising because such magnificent and unique coworking spaces as here, you still need to look for.

1. Village Underground, Lisboa

At first glance, this location is not like what we expect to see at the mention of a coworking space. All you can think about is that you are in a container warehouse. Yes, yes, containers. And that's the point of the Village Underground place.

Village Underground coworking space

It is an alternative location, which, according to the idea, is conducive to creating something unique and unusual. It is also one of the city's sights, the mention of which you will indeed find in guidebooks for tourists. If we turn to the origins of history, we will see that the first Village Underground object appeared in London, and in Portugal, the coworking space began its activities in 2014.

The coworking space Village Underground in Lisbon is considered an ideal corner for people whose professions are related to creativity. Even more than that: according to the rules established in the coworking space, only people with creative jobs can visit it.

If the activity of a person who has expressed a desire to become a member of the VU is not related to music, the film industry, or art, then it is likely that he will not be allowed to go there.

Since we already mentioned containers, it's time to dispel the veil of mystery and dot the i's. So, the coworking space occupies a particular territory, where the former double-decker buses and old shipping containers are located.

In general, the design includes fourteen ship containers and two buses. From all this, the project's creators made a restaurant, office space, a spacious conference room for events, and even a recording studio.

It is the natural capital of culture and creativity! Imagine how unusual it is to work on the second floor of the bus converted into an office!

For many years, the location has been hosting various events for young people, from underground music festivals to street dance and skateboarding competitions. The local restaurant invites members of the coworking space to gather in groups of like-minded people in the fresh air for a cup of coffee or a delicious hot lunch.

Village Underground coworking space with members

In addition to traditional street food, the restaurant also serves traditional vegan and vegetarian dishes. They also have amazing desserts. So the visitor is not in danger of staying hungry.

The infrastructure of the Village Underground provides everything you need to spend all your working and free time there, communicating with other members, working on your projects, and developing spiritually and professionally.

Village Underground is not a place you want to return to but a place you never want to leave.

2. Fusion Cowork, Aveiro

The creators of the Fusion Cowork project have created something more than a coworking space. The main feature is the all-consuming customer focus, which is manifested in every detail.

The team is aware that productive and mutually beneficial interaction with novice workers and professionals in their field is not limited to the generally accepted concept of coworking. It implies something more global and significant.

Fusion Cowork flexible workspace

The Fusion Cowork team sees its mission to provide such a range of services and amenities for a coworker to become the link between a member of their coworking space and his performance. In Fusion Cowork, they try in every way possible and impossible for them to help and benefit their participants. The team puts their whole soul into the project's development, which does not go unnoticed.

So what does Fusion Cowork offer to small businesses and freelancers?

  • Fusion Cowork is an excellent location for users passing through Aveiro who urgently need a flexible workspace.
  • Small companies can rent a compact home office for work. We are talking about a real house, which has all the amenities inherent in the house, but at the same time has the prominent features of office space. Imagine that every morning a person leaves home and goes... home. It's great, right?
Fusion Cowork shared workspace
  • The coworking space has developed an extensive system of subscriptions available for purchase, aimed at literally everyone. There is a system of discounts for companies that rent premises permanently.
  • If a person suddenly has an important work meeting, plans to hold a master class or some training, or urgently needs a room for a few hours to solve work issues, Fusion Cowork can provide it to him. The coworking space has three equipped conference rooms designed to host all of the above events. There is even an opportunity to organize a full-fledged coffee break.
  • Fusion Cowork is a neat coworking space with a modern design and a work-friendly environment. According to one of the inspirers and creators of the project, Hugo Cavalheiro, it is filled with ambitious and creative people in whose society one wants to become better oneself. You will want to return to a place where you are treated with soul.
Fusion Cowork coworking space interior

Fusion Cowork is a location where the most secret dreams come true, and the work process turns into an exciting and unforgettable adventure.

Generate recurring revenue and offer exceptional customer experience at your shared or coworking space

3. SCAPE, Lisbon

SCAPE is another original coworking space in Lisbon. But this time we are not talking about transport containers and buses, but about a magnificent sea view. Sounds too good to be true, but luckily for the locals, it's true.

SCAPE coworking space with sea view

The concept of the SCAPE coworking space is to provide a luxurious environment for work and a healthy and exciting lifestyle. SCAPE has a comfortable working atmosphere where desks sell like hotcakes. The coworking space is based on the Lisbon Marina and offers visitors a wide range of services:

  • ergonomic chairs that reduce pain in the back and promote proper healthy posture;
  • the opportunity to work in the fresh sea air;
  • a lounge area where you can rest and recharge after a session of hard work;
  • refrigerators for shared use, where the visitor can store food brought from home, and microwaves to warm it up;
  • individual lockers for storing clothes and personal belongings;
  • free water;
  • the opportunity to buy delicious coffee and fresh snacks, as well as a complete meal in the restaurant;
  • car parking.

Holiday parties, live music evenings, movie nights, and hackathons are regularly organized on the territory of SCAPE.

At first glance at this abundance of luxury, service, and gorgeous sea view, the question may arise: "Is this a coworking space and not a waterfront vacation club?"

SCAPE coworking space exterior

Anyone can call SCAPE whatever they want. But the fact remains: the flow of people to the location is only growing, and during peak hours, there is nowhere for an apple to fall.

And according to visitors, productivity, motivation, and the desire to work in such luxurious conditions are only growing. Such is the reality.

4. HOOD, Lisbon

Located in the heart of marvila in Lisbon, HOOD is a coworking and events space, with a neighborhood atmosphere, where creative and digital minds come together in the pursuit of great work and a balanced lifestyle. They believe that those who seek creativity and innovation are all neighbors. And as good neighbors, they should collaborate, share and help each other more in pursuit of great work.

HOOD coworking space

Here are some of the benefits HOOD offers its residents:

  • Equipped kitchen
  • Conference rooms
  • Fresh water
  • Communal Library
  • Large desk space
  • Mail Service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Multifunction Printer
  • Showers
  • Personal Lockers
  • Indoor parking
  • Food kart
HOOD coworking space

This creative hub is based in Lisbon pretty close to Tejo river in Marvila. A place in Lisbon that is increasingly growing in terms of cultural and business interest. This was an old industrial area that is being rebuilt. In HOOD entrepreneurs will find amazing spaces to host events, take a break from the usual workplace, or to plan an important meeting. Besides being the headquarters of five companies and the workplace for more than 100 people, HOOD is also a pet-friendly spot, an equipped and functional bar, and an auditorium with a capacity for 150 people where events, sports activities, lectures, and gatherings take place. There is a library among its other features!

5. Kübe, Lisbon

Enter Kübe: a creative haven for freelancers and teams seeking flexible, game-changing spaces to rally around shared goals.

Kube coworking space Lisbon

In Kübe's world, the sharing economy isn't just a concept. It's a lifestyle that's reshaping work dynamics. This unique spot believes in crafting a work-life equilibrium that's both invigorating and sustainable. It's all about giving the office's outdated past a makeover and ushering in a fresh model.

At the heart of Kübe's charm is its innovative space rotation. This approach fuels a vibrant, tight-knit community of diverse minds constantly brewing up new projects and groundbreaking ideas. How? By embracing a tech-forward, versatile, and cozy environment.

Kübe isn't just a place to work—it's a home away from home. Beyond work, it's where members store personal treasures, socialize with friends, dive into events, make their brands pop, or simply savor top-notch coffee. Kübe stands as the embodiment of comfort, camaraderie, and creative innovation.

Summing up

Coworking spaces in Portugal show by their example that there is no limit to perfection, and a creative approach to arranging coworking spaces works wonders. Places like SCAPE, Village Underground, and Fusion Cowork make you want to come back again and again.

Such coworking spaces give rise to thoughts about what can be implemented in your own coworking space. So if your goal as a coworking space owner is to expand and attract more members, then it's worth coming up with something that will encourage people to join your work corner.

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