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andcards Joins Lviv IT Cluster for Innovation & Impact

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards Joins Lviv IT Cluster for Innovation & Impact
  • On October 26, 2023, andcards officially joined the Lviv IT Cluster, solidifying a strategic alliance with Ukraine's largest IT community of 270+ companies.
  • Aligned with the Lviv IT Cluster's mission, andcards shares a commitment to transform Lviv into a global innovation and investment hub, emphasizing a collective dedication that transcends individual interests.
  • Recognizing the pivotal role of the Lviv IT Cluster in the development of the Ukrainian and Eastern European IT industry, andcards eagerly anticipates the manifold opportunities this partnership will unlock for both local teams and the broader IT sector.

andcards is thrilled to announce its official membership in the Lviv IT Cluster, marking a significant step towards fostering innovation and impact in Ukraine's tech landscape. On October 26, 2023, the collaboration was solidified, creating a strategic alliance between andcards, a global leader in the coworking space software industry operating in over 50 countries, and Lviv IT Cluster, the largest IT community in Ukraine comprising over 270 companies.

Notably, andcards powers many coworking spaces in Ukraine and, in particular, in Lviv, including Startup Depot, NAT Coworking, IT Shuttle, and more, contributing to the vibrant and dynamic coworking ecosystem in the region.

The decision to join the Lviv IT Cluster underscores andcards' commitment to contributing to local communities globally. With a track record of actively supporting communities in Europe, Australia, Canada, and Latin America, andcards recognizes the pivotal role that communities and collaboration play in shaping prosperity. As a key player in the Eastern European IT scene, Lviv IT Cluster aligns seamlessly with andcards' mission to catalyze progress and innovation on both local and global scales.

Ross Khanas, Co-founder and CTO of andcards expressed the team's excitement about the partnership, stating,

Ross Khanas, Co-founder and CTO of andcards

"andcards is excited to join the Lviv IT Cluster, bringing our global coworking expertise to this dynamic community. We understand the power of collaboration in driving prosperity. Committed to supporting local communities globally, today, we extend our support to Lviv IT Cluster, a key player in Eastern European IT. Together, we'll propel progress, forging a stronger and more vibrant future for all."

Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of the Lviv IT Cluster shared their enthusiasm for the collaboration, adding,

Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of the Lviv IT Cluster

"Welcome, andcards to Lviv IT Cluster. The company's unique experience in working with communities will help us actively advance our community. We are delighted to engage new community members in collaboration and the implementation of current and significant projects for the development of our city, country, and the tech industry. Hope for effective and productive collaboration."

The collaboration between andcards and Lviv IT Cluster is rooted in a shared vision—a commitment to transform Lviv into a global tech hub. This partnership aims to elevate the city's infrastructure to European standards, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for highly skilled professionals, innovative products, startups, and investments.

As a new member of the Lviv IT Cluster, andcards looks forward to contributing its expertise and collaborative spirit to the cluster's ongoing success story. Together, andcards and the Lviv IT Cluster are set to catalyze progress, ultimately creating a stronger and more vibrant future for the Ukrainian IT sector. This collaboration holds particular significance in contributing to the economic rebuild of the country in the post-war era.

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