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andcards: New Patron of Coworking Switzerland

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards: New Patron of Coworking Switzerland
  • andcards, a global leader in coworking space software, collaborates with Coworking Switzerland.
  • The partnership fosters reciprocal knowledge exchange, empowering coworking communities worldwide.
  • As a Patron Member, andcards contributes to Coworking Switzerland's network and initiatives, supporting coworking associations globally.

Backed by a track record of supporting coworking associations spanning Europe, the USA, and Australia, andcards remains dedicated to empowering coworking communities globally. In a noteworthy development for the coworking sector, andcards, a leading provider of coworking space software trusted by over 500 spaces across 50 countries worldwide, has embarked on a strategic partnership with Coworking Switzerland. This collaboration is poised to elevate coworking experiences and foster innovation across borders.

Introducing Coworking Switzerland

Founded in 2015, Coworking Switzerland stands as a vibrant hub for 150 coworking spaces in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Anchored in the principles of the Coworking Switzerland manifesto, the association advocates for collaboration, learning, and community empowerment within the dynamic coworking landscape.

Celebrating Mutual Growth

As a Patron Member, andcards plays an active role in bolstering Coworking Switzerland's network and initiatives, reaffirming its commitment to fostering coworking associations worldwide. This collaboration underscores the symbiotic relationship between andcards and coworking communities, where mutual support and growth take precedence.

Welcoming andcards as a Patron Member is a piece of good news for Coworking Switzerland. This partnership embodies our shared commitment to advancing coworking globally, centered on collaboration, learning, and innovation.

Looking Ahead

The partnership between andcards and Coworking Switzerland ushers in a new era of collaboration and innovation within the coworking landscape. Facilitating reciprocal knowledge exchange, it empowers coworking spaces to flourish and innovate within an ever-evolving landscape. Together, we aspire to shape a future where coworking spaces flourish, fueled by a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and community empowerment.

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