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Understand Your Business Performance in Context of Industry and Market Trends

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Understand Your Business Performance in Context of Industry and Market Trends
  • andcards partners with CoworkIntel data platform to empower shared workspace operators with gross industry data & analytics.
  • The integration allows coworking spaces to compare key performance indicators to competitors’, which gives a broader picture of business health and growth opportunities.
  • With comprehensive market feedback, operators can adequately assess and refine their provision and operations, optimize rates, maximize occupancy, and invest effectively.

Nowadays, coworking business owners don’t need to rely on guts to make successful business decisions. Right in workspace management apps like andcards, they can always find a trove of data about flexible workspaces, including bookings, payments, and even member engagements. Though, knowing everything about your location performance is only one piece of the puzzle…

Today, the scope of analytical insights available to andcards customers grows more extensive. With CoworkIntel-andcards integration, they can compare business performance to one of the competitors utilizing a similar business model.

“Flexible workspace operators benefit from using statistical data. However, looking at the data for one space does not tell the whole story. For instance, if occupancy is increasing, how would you know whether it is due to an initiative from the space or a general increase in the neighborhood's popularity? The real advantage is understanding how your space is performing against other similar properties, and CoworkIntel-andcards integration gives such insights.”

Ben Tannenbaum, the founder of CoworkIntel

Ben Tannenbaum, the founder of CoworkIntel

Here’s how it works:

The integration pulls data points, including bookings, occupancy, subscriptions, and revenue from andcards, into the CoworkIntel dashboard and aggregates them anonymously with groups of five or more comparable operators tailored to your spaces.

CoworkIntel-andcards integration

This allows gauging your performance data against tailored, competitive sets in your market. Monitor rates, occupancy, desk types, tenant mix, and social and web performance.

Benefits of CoworkIntel-andcards Integration for Coworking Spaces

Save hours of time. Instead of manually exporting, formatting, and preparing data for comparison, the integration does all that automatically. It just magically pulls necessary data from andcards in a comparable format acceptable by CoworkIntel. All that’s required from you is to connect andcards as a data source on the CoworkIntel dashboard.

Take full advantage of the CoworkIntel data intelligence platform benefits to:

  • Know how your business performs against the competitors and see how far or close you are to the maximum capacity.
  • Identify ascending and descending performance trends over the last months to prepare for the slow seasons and detect the issues in your operations ahead of time.
  • Get snapshots into your and competitors’ year-over-year performance to figure out the reasons for slowdowns and make necessary changes.
  • Unlock new unexpected revenue drivers utilized on the market but not in your space.
  • Tweak your plans and marketing to your advantage to sell packages that bring you more money.

The new CoworkIntel-andcards integration is already available to all our customers. Not a customer yet? Schedule a demo call with andcards product expert to see how the platform can help you grow your business faster.

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