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Introducing Instant Credit Top Up for Members & Companies

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Introducing Instant Credit Top Up for Members & Companies
  • andcards now allows in-app credit bundles purchase for individual members and companies, which makes members even more self-sufficient and takes one more responsibility off administrators’ shoulders.
  • Members get additional credits on their accounts immediately upon the payment. No need to wait till the administrator handles the inquiry.
  • Managers effortlessly retain and upsell members with credit packages through the app without spending a minute on administering credits or relevant payments.

Coworking spaces are always on the lookout for additional revenue streams. Many businesses offer credits as a convenient payment method for booking conference rooms, desks, buying event passes or services.

💡 Credits are an advanced version of free hours to book meeting rooms at a coworking space. Learn more about credits.

However, buying credits often ends up being a clunky experience for members. First members inquire on available options, then pay and wait for some time till the administrator notices their order and refills the credit account manually. If someone wants to get credits outside the administrator’s working hours, they’re out of luck. This experience is disappointing for customers that want to get credits straight away without any delays.

From now on, the problem is completely solved for andcards customers. Individual members and company managers can buy credit packages right inside the andcards app, pay for them with the method of choice and get those credits immediately upon payment confirmation. No administrators involved in the entire process as everything is end-to-end automated.

“First and foremost, the possibility of buying credits is about user experience. We of course also appreciate the maintenance aspect and that it will save us managers’ time, but most importantly it´s the seamless UX we envisioned and why we went with andcards.”

Anders Nilsson, the founder of Embassy House coworking space

Anders Nilsson, the founder of Embassy House

buying credit bundles on andcards

Let’s quickly recap the main benefits the credit system upgrade brings both managers and members:

  • Admins effortlessly retain and upsell members with credit bundles.

Managers set up a member's account once and then the service sells itself. Members easily discover credit packages on the app, buy and spend credits. Perhaps the greatest advantage of credits is member retention as customers would surely stay with your space up until they spend all their credits. Making it easier to buy credits opens up a potential new revenue stream for your coworking space business.

  • Members become even more self-sufficient.

Any time an individual member or company needs extra credits for a meeting room or desk booking, they just go to Membership > Credits and pick up the credit amount package. The credits are instantly added to their account for immediate use. If a member decides to buy credits at 6am in the morning, you can be confident that they will be successful.

"Credits are the currency that all of our members use at LAMB – and it makes their experience here so much easier, more tailored and more frictionless. Now that they can buy extra credits themselves, the admin time for us is cut way down – and they get a better experience."

Lindsay Hedenskog CEO at LAMB coworking space

Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO at LAMB

  • Transparent credits information.

Members have full control over their credits. Full transparency contributes to trust with your customers. Individual members and company managers can review the current credit balance and full usage history at any moment.

  • Quick and simple payments for credit bundles.

Members pay for credit bundles in seconds—through the connected payment gateway or a monthly bill. The payments are also streamlined as members’ cards are saved for quick payments in the future. Buying additional credits has never been easier.

This incredible enhancement to andcards credit system is coming this week to all customers at no extra cost. If you are not a customer yet, book a demo call with our product expert to see how andcards helps delight members at your coworking space.

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