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andcards Partners with IronWiFi for the Next-Gen Coworking Wi-Fi Experience

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards Partners with IronWiFi for the Next-Gen Coworking Wi-Fi Experience
  • andcards is releasing an integration with IronWiFi cloud-based networking platform to streamline and automate Wi-Fi access at coworking spaces.
  • The solution delivers convenient and secure Wi-Fi access to administrators and customers.
  • It’s easy to set up and give temporary access to paying customers only, effortlessly tracking and recording online activity.

“What is the Wi-Fi password?” is probably one of the most frequently asked questions at any coworking space. From now on, andcards customers will hear it less often — we are introducing passwordless, secure, and time-based access to Wi-Fi in partnership with IronWiFi.

This is a breakthrough in Wi-Fi management automation and enhancing customer experience at a coworking space. Clients don’t have to use passwords, ask, or look around. Users authorize the browsing session using the same coworking space app account. The access is granted seamlessly according to the conditions configured by the administrator.

andcards-IronWiFi integration gives you full control over who has access to your network as well as the ability to limit specific users and manage access on many levels. Extensive scheduled reports that IronWiFi can automatically deliver to your mailbox help you understand who and how used your network at any time.

Peter Utekal from IronWiFi about andcards-IronWiFi integration

Peter Utekal, IronWiFi

What does next-generation Wi-Fi access at a coworking space look like?

  • Quick and secure access to wireless networks for customers. Members and customers log in to your Wi-Fi network with a single email and one-time password. No need to remember or ask for passwords. No worries about sharing Wi-Fi passwords with unauthorized users because there are no passwords in the first place.
  • Keep existing hardware and automate Wi-Fi management. To use the power of network access automation, you don’t have to spend additional money upgrading your routers. IronWiFi supports 50+ hardware options ranging from Cisco Meraki to Ubiquiti. Setting it up is very easy with the help of the IronWiFi platform.
  • Only paying customers get online. Give access to Wi-Fi only to paying customers across all locations of your coworking space network. Let members with active plans and external customers with valid room or desk bookings get online easily and stay connected until the end of their service.
  • Know who is online, how often, and how long. Track and record the details of how customers use Wi-Fi at your coworking space with IronWiFi’s embedded analytics tools. Gather the data for further reference, billing by the hour, enhancing security, and monitor the network in real-time by connecting Google Analytics with andcards and IronWiFi.

The importance of Wi-Fi automation feature on andcards and system's integration with IronWiFi is difficult to overestimate. The solution optimizes the work processes for coworking space managers and accelerates the onboarding of new members. Analytics, in its turn, lets us lean on data and manage our workspace better.

Aidana Djalilova from ololo about andcards-IronWiFi integration

Aidana Djalilova, Marketing & Business Development at ololo

The solution for seamless Wi-Fi connection, automation, and managementarrives at andcards-powered coworking spaces this week. If you are not a customer yet, book a demo call with our product expert to see how andcards empowers you to build a delightful tenant experience.

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