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Expand the Borders of Your Coworking Space: Let Anyone Book, Pay, Join

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Expand the Borders of Your Coworking Space: Let Anyone Book, Pay, Join
  • andcards coworking space platform now gives you the power to offer rooms, desks, events, benefits, and services externally, even to non-members.
  • People download your coworking space iOS, Android app, or use the web app to book and pay anytime, anywhere.
  • The feature drop unlocks multiple opportunities for coworking business owners to expand their reach, give more people a taste of their hospitality, and grow revenue.

Every coworking space business hopes to grow and increase income. The simplest way to do it is to pitch your workspace products and services to a wider audience. Today the dream of so many operators comes true — andcards dropped an update that allows coworking spaces to offer seamless on-demand access to anyone.

Coworking space managers can now make certain resources available to the public, which means a person doesn’t have to belong to your community to book a desk or a meeting room at your space, to buy a hot or fixed desk membership, event pass, or any other service you offer.

external meeting room booking for coworking spaces - andcards coworking space management software

Frictionless Booking and Payments for Anyone

A few taps to log in on the web or a mobile app, and people can access your products and services directly, without requesting to join. This takes away the friction from the user journey, giving them an opportunity to get your services without having to wait or talk to anyone. There are multiple use cases for the new benefit, as outlined below.

External Room or Desk Booking

Offering rooms or desks externally is a great channel to monetize your workspace. Now any person who downloaded and logged into your app will be able to discover, book, and pay using your connected payment gateway.

Sell Event Tickets to Public

Hosting events to help potential customers experience your space or support local communities? Now people can discover and buy event passes effortlessly, in just a few taps.

Sell Products and Services

Sell one month hot or fixed desk membership, cafe or bar items, face masks, or just about anything else, to anyone online.

andcards Customers are Ahead of the Curve

andcards customers around the world are taking advantage of the public access to reach even more customers across all platforms.

external rooms and desks booking systems for coworking spaces - andcards coworking space management software

The largest coworking space network in Poland CitySpace is letting anyone book rooms and desks across the country.

"We have already enabled public access for all of our products through the CitySpace apps. We're excited about this great new feature!"

Jakub Bawol CitySpace

~ Jakub Bawol, CitySpace

The fastest-growing network of premium flexible workspaces in Ukraine Creative States has opened up access to its meeting rooms and day offices in 4 of its locations.

“We think public access to our facilities is a huge plus. Now anyone can experience Creative States by simply downloading the mobile app.”

Valentyna Sokorenko

~ Valentyna Sokorenko, Creative States

New Opportunities for Your Coworking Space

  • New touchpoint with potential customers. Now anyone can download your mobile app, and start using it like they would use Airbnb or Booking to reserve a room or a desk. You get a chance to expose your great offers to a wider audience and let them get a taste of your hospitality before they convert into a full-time customer.
  • Increase revenue. By making specific desks, conference rooms, events, and services/products available to the general public, you create a chance for new income as any person who downloaded and logged into your app will be able to discover and buy them using your connected payment gateway.
  • Attract new members. By making your services and community events easily accessible to anyone without the need to sign an agreement, you demonstrate how open and flexible your space is. Thus, chances are that many of those who have experienced your warm welcome once will prefer you over competitors and join your community in the future.

The benefit is available to all customers immediately at no extra cost. We always put customers’ interests first, so many more updates like this are coming soon.

Not our customer yet? Book a one-on-one consultation with one of our product experts to learn more about how the software can help you grow your flexible workspace.

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