Ìpàdé: Automation for Member Independence

Ìpàdé faced the common challenges of time-consuming administrative tasks and wanted a more streamlined way to connect members. This led them to partner with Spacebring for a tech-powered solution.

Ìpàdé: Automation for Member Independence
Washington, DC
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Key Challenges

  1. Tedious Membership Management: Handling membership plans, invoicing, and bookings manually consumed valuable staff time.
  2. Room and Desk Booking Inefficiency: Members likely faced a less-than-ideal system for reserving the best workspaces.
  3. Lack of Self-Sufficiency: Members needed an easy way to pay invoices, report issues, and handle their own workspace needs.
  4. Disjointed Community: ìpàdé wanted to facilitate stronger connections between members and managers.
First of all, we wanted Spacebring to help us manage memberships and stay connected. We wanted to make it really easy for the members to use the app to pay their invoices, book space, and reach out if they have any issues or questions.
Elizabeth Gay, Founder and CEO at Ìpàdé
Elizabeth Gay
Founder and CEO at Ìpàdé

Spacebring Solutions

  1. Seamless Setup: Spacebring's intuitive design and dedicated onboarding support allowed Ìpàdé to set up their coworking management system within a day.
  2. Effortless Member Adoption: The app's familiar interface empowers Ìpàdé's members to handle bookings, payments, and community interactions independently.
  3. Streamlined Community Building: Spacebring provides ìpàdé with tools to promote events, showcase member benefits, foster discussions, and offer timely support, strengthening their community.
  4. Automated Administrative Tasks: Spacebring automates invoicing, membership plans, and bookings for ìpàdé, significantly reducing administrative workload.
Spacebring has been a huge help for Ìpàdé. The setup was a breeze, our members find the app incredibly intuitive, and it saves us a ton of time on admin tasks. It's made running our community-focused space so much smoother.
Elizabeth Gay, Founder and CEO at Ìpàdé
Elizabeth Gay
Founder and CEO at Ìpàdé

Key Achievements

ìpàdé's adoption of Spacebring brought impressive results, making management smoother and fueling their growth.

  • > 1 day to setup
  • 100% automated administration
  • 43% revenue growth
  • +118% member growth
  • +162.5% member engagement rate
  • 100% self-sufficient members

Spacebring simplified Ìpàdé's operations with automation and a user-friendly platform. This led to a more efficient workflow, a more engaged community, and impressive growth for the space.

Spacebring is incredibly easy to use, both for us and our members. The automation alone saves us so much time, letting us focus on building the best possible experience.
Elizabeth Gay, Founder and CEO at Ìpàdé
Elizabeth Gay
Founder and CEO at Ìpàdé

In conclusion, Spacebring’s focus on efficiency and member experience directly contributed to Ìpàdé's thriving community and impressive results.

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